Best Montreal Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Now

The Montrealers that make Instagram a lot better.
Best Montreal Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Now

If you are not on Instagram already, you are definitely missing out on some awesomely fantastic works of photography.

A rapidly growing community for creatives from all walks of life to gather and showcase their more fleeting moments of life, Instagram allows you to see how others see the world around you.

As always, MTL Blog strives to expose the everyday beauty and colours Montreal has to offer, so we thought we'd share some of the Instagrammers who are currently holding it down for this city and providing us with some serious eye candy.

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User: @petitpetitgamin

Theme: Local Montreal pranskter and owner of the very funny and creative website He is an all-round cool dude snapping classic Montreal memories and his adventures in the city and work with Musique Plus.

Posts: 759

Followers: 5214

User: @capslockmanny

Theme: You name it he does it. Nightlife/aerial/portrait/urbex everything photography. A very skilled photogreapher that has quickly become one of the most talented artists in the city. Just wait till you see what he has coming up next.

Posts: 254

Followers: 924

User: @francisduval

Theme: Good, clean Montreal perspectives.

Posts: 1335

Followers: 24697

User: @jfsavaria

Theme: The Montreal you don't always see.

Posts: 3650

Followers: 1971

User: @mtl_crane

Theme: Montreal is crane city.

Posts: 267

Followers: 456

User: @naskademini

Theme: Cityscapes, landscapes, portraits and all.

Posts: 370

Followers: 31170

User: @inayali

Theme: Excellent eye for Montreal's many flavours and portholes.

Posts: 2128

Followers: 32109

User: @safesolvent

Theme: The stunning geometry and excellent use of light will definitely make you pause.

Posts: 352

Followers: 173

User: @hebdomania

Theme: Montreal daily life looking pretty fresh. A constant amount of great work.

Posts: 1104

Followers: 12449

User: @kafwin

Theme: Montreal symmetry and great vanishing points. All over balance done well!

Posts: 744

Followers: 594


Theme: Highly creative Montreal art and structure. Mind-bending stuff more often than not.

Posts: 124

Followers: 336


Theme: Montreal urban style for a damn mile.

Posts: 340

Followers: 8188

User: @mtlgangster

Theme: Simple and effective photo stagings. Her pics always brighten our day.

Posts: 151

Followers: 2681

User: @robotkin

Theme: Street art on a whole other level. No but for real he is out of this world creative.

Posts: 195

Followers: 3721

User: @yellowillow

Theme: Hard to deny her colourful and playful pics. Subtly beautiful work.

Posts: 550

Followers: 49198

User: @garbagebeauty

Theme: Collection of abandoned street furniture with whimsical messages. Very well done!

Posts: 470

Followers: 5278

User: @pascalassaleh

Theme: Solid architecture photography and Montreal views. Your eyes will be happy constantly.

Posts: 494

Followers: 23087

User: @elektrek

Theme: Edgy Montreal fashion and lifestyle. Clothes you want to wear everywhere.

Posts: 1290

Followers: 9019

User: @m_lloyd

Theme: By far one of the most visually pleasing Montreal Instagram galleries around. You gotta see it to believe it!

Posts: 108

Followers: 52975

User: @foodguymtl

Theme: Local Montreal foodie aficionado. You will get hungry looking at each one of his pictures.

Posts: 1259

Followers: 3094

User: @msavard12

Theme: Solid black & white snaps of Montreal culture.

Posts: 1153

Followers: 139


Theme: Sharp, sexy portraits.

Posts: 125

Followers: 1387

User: @jaclyn_t

Theme: The many moods of Montreal.

Posts: 2453

Followers: 4938

User: @laurenceval

Theme: Captivating Montreal-based sculpturist.

Posts: 162

Followers: 1918

User: @earth_crusher

Theme: Montreal street art/illustrator extraordinaire.

Posts: 509

Followers: 1434

User: @jp_miron

Theme: Inside look from homegrown local chef and bon vivant.

Posts: 204

Followers: 608

User: @capturemtl

Theme: Solid snapshots of Montreal views.

Posts: 132

Followers: 386

User: @constructiondestruction

Theme: A look at Montreal's infamous construction colour orange and other street art.

Posts: 258

Followers: 79

User: @jeffhenryalex

Theme: Cool shots and crisp frames.

Posts: 287

Followers: 310

User: @mtlshot

Theme: Highlighting Montreal's awesomeness.

Posts: 305

Followers: 3122

User: @kelseylitwin

Theme: Serious Montreal glows.

Posts: 112

Followers: 113

User: @montrealiste

Theme: Montrealer keeping it real. Great snaps made in MTL.

Posts: 1313

Followers: 1906

User: @johanyjutras

Theme: Montreal-based professional making our city look gorgeous!

Posts: 839

Followers: 1144

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