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Best Montreal Irish Pubs

Get ready for St. Paddy's.
Best Montreal Irish Pubs

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner (three days people!) you no doubt have pubs on the brain, because the only place to celebrate Irish Day (as it's referred to in the MTL Blog office) is at an amazing Irish pub.

As you're probably a St. Paddy's Day veteran, there are already a few spots written down on your pub-list. But in the spirit of discovering new spots and the adventurous spirit that overtakes everyone on St. Paddy's (it's called being drunk) we're going to offer you even more solid suggestions.

Get ready to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and jot down these locales, all of which can are among the Best Montreal Irish pubs.

Hurleys Irish Pub

1225 Crescent Street

Crescent street is home to several Irish pubs, but to be completely biased, we're naming Hurleys as the best of the bunch. Marketing itself as the bar to sell "the most Guinesss in North America," it's hard to resist Hurleys authentic charm. Even Obi-Wan Kenobi (aka Ewan McGregor) couldn't.


Le Vieux Dublin Pub & Restaurant

636 Cathcart

The oldest Irish pub in Montreal, Le Vieux Dublin lives up to its name. And given its long life, you can bet Le Vieux Dublin has the experience of many St. Paddy's days under its belt, all but guaranteeing you a great time.


McLean's Pub

1210 Peel

Home of the beer tower, McLean's is a solid pub to head to if you're in the downtown area. A mix of modern and traditional, McLean's gives you access to self-tap tables on the second floor, because you should never carry a beer tower up stairs anyways.


Irish Embassy

1234 Bishop

Always inviting and lively, Irish Embassy has all the elements of a great pub, which (obviously) include great beer options and delicious grub. You can also usually expect some live music being played by a local act, adding to the Irish Embassy's laid-back charm.



3515 St-Laurent + 1426 Bishop

Despite being a chain, McKibbin's still doesn't lose the warm feel of a good pub. Besides the long list of drinks and fairly extensive food menu, you can also enjoy a varied clientele at McKibbin's, as folks both young and old head there for a pint. Also don't forget about the West Island and Vaudreil locations if that's closer to home for you.


Ye Olde Orchard

20 Prince-Arthur + 5563 Monkland + 1189 de la Montagne

With locations in Châteauguay, Pointe-Claire, Saint-Saveur, and the Montreal spots listed above, Ye Olde Orchard is easily the most accesible Irish pub to celebrate St. Paddy's across the island. But while each Ye Olde Orchard has its own character, all emanate a classic pub atmosphere. Also don't forget about their food menu, which I think is arguably the best on this list.


Honey Martin

5916 Sherbrooke W

A classic and quaint NGD pub, Honey Martin is adored by locals. Despite its small size, Honey Martin always packs in a full house, with live music and good times all around, so it's easy to see why the pub is a popular mainstay of the neighbourhood.


The NextDoor Pub

5175 Sherbrooke West

Another NDG option, The NextDoor Pub keeps things simple, meeting your pub-needs of beer, grub, and friendly staff. Oh, and they have a deep-fried Mars bar on their dessert menu, should you feel a little peckish on St. Patrick's Day (don't worry, NextDoor Pub has great savoury dishes as well).


Pub Bishop & Bagg

52 Saint Viateur W

While this Mile End pub does have a solid selection of beer and whiskeys, the real showstopper is their wide variety of gins. Paired with Bishop & Bagg's homemade tonic, and you have more than a few drink options if you feel like switching up your alcoholic intake this St. Paddy's Day.



5400 Côte-des-neiges

For residents of CDN, McCarold's is an obvious choice for St. Patrick's Day. But folks from outside the borough should definitely visit this charming pub, as McCarold's keeps their drink and food menu pretty darn affordable. The pub is also no slouch in the poutine department, should you need some fuel throughout your day-long drinkfest.


Pub L'île noire

1649 St-Denis

You can find plenty of beers on tap and quality gins at Pub L'île noire, but what this spot does best is whisky and is equipped to serve you over 300 types. But don't think of Pub L'île noire as a staunch whisky lounge, as the bar definitely has the laid-back vibe of a pub that you know and love.


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