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Best Montreal Jamaican Patties

'Jamaica Jamaica'
Best Montreal Jamaican Patties

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Caribbean cuisine is fantastic and reminds us of sunshine and good times, but while you might automatically think of flavorful curries, mouthwatering jerk chicken and comforting goat rotis, don't forget about the humble Jamaican patty. So often overlooked, and imo, severely underrated, Jamaican patties are the perfect handheld snack,  and if you've only ever had one from your grocery's frozen isle, it's time to go to the source. Well, at least here in Montreal.

Caribbean Curry House (La Maison du Cari des Caraïbes)

6892 Avenue Victoria

Probably the best roti in the city, this authentic, counter-service restaurant open since 1980 also make some mean patties. Your choice of chicken, beef or vegy for $1.35 each, and if you check in or like on facebook, you get a free patty with your meal. For you chili-heads, ask for the "special" ketchup.


Mango Bay

1202 Rue Bishop

Open since 2001, Mango Bay is a little slice of paradise with beach-inspired decor and friendly service. You get 2 patties for $4.15 with homemade sauce, and show a valid student ID and %15 discount.


Boom J's Cuisine

2026 Rue Wellington

Boom J's serves authentic, mouthwatering dishes and laid back atmosphere, including delicious Jamaican patties. Either eat-in or get them delivered, you get 1 patty for $1.50 or a dozen for $15, and Boom J's offers daily specials.


Mr. Patty

5312 Patricia Ave.

Originally started in the basement of a duplex, Mr. Patty is a family-owned bakery that specializes in Jamaican patties. They make three different kinds of warm and flaky varieties - Chicken, beef, and vegetables - for $1.50 each, or $12/dozen, and Mr. Patty also do cocktail patties (mini) for $7.50/dozen. Just a heads up, cash only.


Photo cred - MidtownLunch

Boulangerie Spicee

6889 Avenue Victoria

Whether you know them as Boulangerie Spicee, Mister Spicee, or simply Spicee's, this place has been around for 40 years and is still one of Montreal's greatest hidden gems. Without even getting into their famous Trinidadian Doubles (because that's a whole other story), a Jamaican patty and a ginger beer from Spicee's always hits the spot.


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