Best Montreal Jerk Chicken 2016

Spicy delights ahead.
Best Montreal Jerk Chicken 2016

Straight up, friends: jerk chicken is amazing. Seriously, there's something about the juicy, spicy, slightly smoky dish that makes it probably the perfect comfort food. It's great for lunch or dinner; it's great after a long day of doing things in Montreal; it's great, period, no matter what time of day it is.

Thankfully, Montreal has some super awesome places to enjoy this magical dish. Craving jerk chicken in Montreal, but confused as to where to begin your jerk chicken search (jearch?)? Well, don't worry, friends. That's what I'm here for. Read on for Best Montreal Jerk Chicken 2016.

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1. Mango Bay

1236 Rue Mackay

Mango Bay is located right near Concordia University's SGW campus, so all of you students out there who are craving some seriously delicious jerk chicken? Yeah, I've got some great news for you. The jerk chicken at Mango Bay is game changing. Perfectly moist, tender, and flavourful - with a perfectly spicy kick to it - this dish will seriously blow your mind. Add that in with their super friendly service and awesome ambiance, and you've got a recipe for your new favourite spot, friends.


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2. Cuisine Caraïbe Delite

4816 Av du Parc

Perfectly spiced chicken? Check. Moist, juicy texture? Check. A little extra spicy kick? Check. Friends, the jerk chicken at Caraïbe Delite has all the hallmarks of a perfect jerk chicken dish; and trust me when I say that one bite will have you actually falling in love with it. Seriously, the jerk chicken here is so amazing that you'll forego all social convention and actually fall in love with a plate of food. Don't worry if you feel too bad about devouring the whole thing, though. You can order more; although it's so good that you'll definitely go beast on that, too. It's okay, though. #NoJudgements.


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3. Caribbean Paradise

8080 Boulevard Newman

Okay, honestly, we need to talk about the jerk chicken at Caribbean Paradise. It's unreal how good it is. First of all, the jerk chicken here is just the right amount of spicy, which lets the awesome jerk flavours shine through. Add that in with its tender, juicy, moist texture, and you've got your new favourite jerk chicken spot, friends. Just try not to cry from happiness the second you try it; although, no judgements if you do.


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4. Boom J

2026 Rue Wellington

Friends, one bite of the food at Boom J, and you'll be hooked. Literally, their perfectly spiced, tender, and super flavourful jerk chicken will become your next obsession - and although all the menu options at Boom J taste like a bit of happiness, the real star of the show is their jerk chicken roti. Imagine a soft, thick roti, filled to the brim with chunks of their super delicious jerk chicken. I'd call that a huge win, friends. A huge win.


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5. Jah B

9550 Rue Jean Milot

Located in LaSalle, Jah B is seriously one of the best spots for jerk chicken. Their fresh, authentic jerk chicken is consistently super juicy, cooked to perfection, spiced beautifully, and packs a serious flavour punch. Seriously, friends, this jerk chicken is a work of art, and if you haven't been yet, then maybe you should stop what you're doing and check it out. Actually, scratch that: Definitely stop what you're doing and check it out.

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6. Anancy

6587 Avenue Somerled

Imagine chunks of the most tender chicken you've ever tasted. Are you imagining? Good. Now, picture these moist little morsels covered with mouthwateringly spicy, smoky, delicious seasoning, all laid out on a bed of yummy rice. Friends, if this little exercise in imagining has got you hungry, then you're in luck. This dish is a reality at Anancy, where the jerk chicken is fresh, spicy, flavourful, and oh so delicious. If you're a lover of everything jerk, you need to get yourself to Anancy. ASAP.


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7. Carribean Tasty Treats

4410 Boulevard des Sources

Alright, who here loves fresh and legit food? Yeah, that was a rhetorical question. Everyone loves fresh and legit food. And rest assured that at Carribean Tasty Treats, you're getting some of the most authentic, juicy, flavourful, and fresh jerk chicken that you've ever tasted. Sidenote: Carribean Tasty Treats is in the West Island, which means that our West Island friends can rest easy knowing there's some seriously awesome Caribbean food right in their back yards. It might be a little trek for the rest of us, but it's more than worth the travel time.


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8. Caribbean Curry House

6892 Avenue Victoria

Fans of jerk chicken, if you've never tried your favourite dish at Caribbean Curry House, then I don't even know where your priorities are. Seriously. The jerk chicken here is Amazing (yes, that's amazing with a capital 'A', friends): moist, perfectly spicy, and an actual explosion of flavour for your mouth. Honestly, it doesn't matter what I say about the jerk chicken at Caribbean Curry House, because my words literally won't do this dish justice. You're just get yourself there ASAP and try it out for yourself.


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9. Tropical Paradise

5208 Boulevard Décarie

What comes to mind when you think of a tropical paradise, guys? Palm trees; crystal clear water; maybe coconuts? Well, that's all fine, I guess, but the real thing that should come to mind when you think of the words 'tropical paradise' is a delicious plate of awesome jerk chicken. Because the jerk chicken at Montreal's Tropical Paradise? Yeah. It's mind-blowing. Tropical Paradise's jerk chicken dish features juicy, tender, fresh morsels of flavourful and perfectly seasoned chicken; if you're a fan of jerk chicken (or food in general, honestly) then you need to get yourself here.


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10. Seasoned Dreams

5205 Rue Angers

Friends, who here likes poutine? I know, I know, this sounds like a little bit of a random question on a post about jerk chicken, but hear me out. Because if you do love poutine, and if you do love jerk chicken, then have I got some awesome news or you. Not only does Seasoned Dreams offer one of the most moist and flavourful jerk chicken dishes available, but they also slap it on a poutine. That's right, friends: A jerk chicken poutine. Of course, Seasoned Dreams' jerk chicken is just as dreamy sans the poutine, so no matter what you decide to eat, you can do no wrong.


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