Best Montreal Korean BBQ Restaurants

Your mouth, it will be watering.
Best Montreal Korean BBQ Restaurants

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So you’re tired of your usual nights out to normal restaurants and you’re looking for something new to try? Then Korean BBQ might just be the thing for you.

Known in Korean as Gogigui, which literally translates to “meat roasting”, Korean BBQ refers to their method of cooking various types of meat, including beef, chicken and pork. In traditional Korean restaurants, the meat is cooked directly on the diner’s table via gas or charcoal grills that can either be built into the table or made transportable.

If you’re looking to have a unique experience (that will also make for some awesome Instagram pictures) then be sure to check out any one of these nine Korean BBQ restaurants.

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177 Bernard O.

While it’s not specifically a BBQ restaurant, Omma’s menu does include quite a few BBQ options in amongst many other traditional Korean dishes. It’s a bit pricier than most other Korean restaurants, so be prepared to pay roughly $20 for a main dish. The BBQ beef lettuce wraps, however, are totally worth the splurge.


La Maison Bulgogi

2127 Sainte-Catherine O.

While La Maison Bulgogi may not seem like much upon a first glance (the decor could do with a serious upgrade), the food by far makes up for the lack of ambiance. With somewhat of a Chinese influence, they offer a huge menu with a variety of choices. If you’re looking to try as many BBQ options as possible, then order their meat special. It comes with marinated pork, chicken and beef, all to be cooked at your table. And if cooked meat isn’t your thing, then you can try their Korean beef tartare.


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1862 Maisonneuve

If you’re looking for a place to get delicious, really cheap Korean food, then GaNaDaRa is the place for you. With most main dishes ranging from $5-$10, you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth. While you’re there, be sure to try their Tukppoki Poutine, a Korean take on the Canadian classic.


Seoul Chako B.B.Q.

1824 Saint-Catherine O

A Korean restaurant with Japanese influences, Seoul Chako offers its customers an all you can eat menu. At a fairly reasonable price ($24.99 Mon-Thu, $26.99 Fri-Sun) you can get your fill of both BBQ’d meats and sushi. But if you're looking to save a little money, and possibly your waistline, then check out their lunchtime bento box for just $8.95.


Chez Hwang

5545 Chemin Upper Lachine

A tiny restaurant just west of Autoroute Décarie, Chez Hwang is a family run business with a cozy atmosphere that will be sure to leave you feeling like you just had the best home-cooked meal of your life. Their speciality is Gam Ja Tang, a stewed pork bone in hot tofu soup.



364 Sherbrooke O

Named after the “home planet” in the Korean kids cartoon Doolly, Kantapia’s colourful and animated design looks like something straight out of a comic book. The prices are reasonable and their open kitchen lets you see your food as it is being made. If you’re afraid about bringing your vegetarian friends to a BBQ restaurant, don’t be. They have plenty of veggie-friendly options available.



5908 Sherbrooke O

If you’re planning to visit Hwang-Kum, be prepared to wait in line for the popular NDG restaurant, as they don’t take reservations. The food, however, is totally worth the wait. Not only is their BBQ awesome, but they’re also known for their Bibimbap, a Korean rice dish. Bonus: every meal comes with 5 different complimentary side dishes for you to try.

La Maison de Seoul

5030 Sherbrooke O.

So, you want the deliciousness of Korean BBQ but don’t want to leave your house? Then let La Maison de Seoul deliver your meal to your door. And if your order is $35 or more, they’ll even do it for free. But, for those of you who still want to dine out, make sure to bring a bottle of wine with you as La Maison de Seoul is a BYOB restaurant.


Shabu Shabu

6180 Saint-Jacques

Located in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Shabu Shabu offers the authentic Korean BBQ experience. With four different types of meat available for you to fry right at your table, it will give you a great introduction to what Korean BBQ is all about. For those wanting to be a bit more adventurous, you can give their ox blood soup, or pan friend squid a try.


1421 Bishop

Opening in 1997, Manna was one of the first solely Korean restaurants in Montreal. If you’re looking to save a little money, but still get the full Korean-food experience, then you might want to check out their boxed lunch option. It comes with rice, salad, tempura, and your choice of bulgogi, chicken or pork, and it’ll be sure to leave you satisfied!


5000 Ans

5737 Monkland

Korean BBQ just isn’t the same without a few authentic Korean drinks, and that’s why Le Petit Tokebi/5000 Ans offers a wide selection. If you’ve ever wanted to try Korean beer, wine, or soju, then this is the place to go. If you’re planning on bringing a date, you may want to consider their BBQ for two - it’s tons of food for only $37.99.


Chez Bong

1021 St. Laurent

This tiny basement restaurant may not look like much from the outside, but their menu packs a serious punch. With plenty of different meat options to choose from, you’ll be sure to get the full BBQ experience. And if you’re looking for a great appetizer, then you have to try their Korean Pancake.


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