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Best Montreal Lattes

Start your day off with a warm boost.
Best Montreal Lattes

Photo cred - Ed Hawco

Even though the weather’s finally starting to feel like summer in Montreal, it’s still a fine time to enjoy a hot beverage. There are lots of tasty warm drinks, but the delicious combination of espresso and steamed milk make the latte one of our favorites. Here are the best ones you’ll find in town.

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Café Plume

123 Avenue du Mont-Royal Ouest

This Plateau café serves up classic-but-delicious lattes. The yummy coffee comes from Verve, a roaster based out of Santa Cruz. The frothy steamed milk goes with it perfectly to send you into caffeine heaven. They add an extra bit of love into them by putting a milky heart at the top of the drink. The local artwork gives the place a funky, casual vibe.


Le Couteau

4627 Rue Saint-Denis

At over $5 dollars for a latté, they don’t come cheap here, but you get what you pay for. They serve up a rich, velvety latté which simply tastes of indulgence. Pair it with one of their buttery croissants for an extravagantly delicious breakfast experience. Treating yourself never tasted this good.


Pikolo Espresso Bar

3418 Avenue Du Parc

Come here for an artisanal coffee experience unlike any other. Their single origin coffees all come from two high-end roasters in Calgary and Portland, ensuring their consistently top-quality beans. They combine it with just the right amount of milk to let the taste of their coffee shine through while still giving it that delicious blast of dairy you look for in a latte.


Café Olimpico

124 Rue St-Viateur Ouest

This Italian-style coffee shop has long been renowned as one of Montreal’s best coffee shops, and their latte is a big reason why. You won’t find any of the soy or pumpkin spice bullshit that rule in trendier places, but you will get a damn good latte done right. At under $3 dollars, they won’t put too much of a dent in your wallet, either.


Tunnel Espresso Bar

1253 Avenue McGill College

Hidden between the Eaton Centre food court and Place Ville-Marie, this place is a bit hard to find, but once you try their lattes you’ll know that it’s well worth the effort. They serve delicious domestic coffee from the legendary Phil & Sebastian roasters in Calgary. They also have a tasty selection of homemade pastries which make the perfect complement to their liquid delights.


Café Myriade

1432 Rue Mackay

With no wifi or power outlets in this spot, it’s not the best spot to study, but it’s the perfect place to go if you’re just looking for a friendly atmosphere and a damn fine latte. The powerhouse independent roasters they buy their beans from make for the perfect drinks. If you want more coffee taste than your typical latte, their flat white is one of the best in the city.


Caffe Italia

6840 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

If you’re looking for the old-school Italian coffee shop experience, look no further. This place has been around since 1956, and neither the vibe nor the drinks have changed much since. The nutty flavor of their beans goes excellently with the rich steamed milk to deliver a deliciously authentic latte experience. The clientele from the surrounding Little Italy area give it a different feel from the hipster overload found at most Montreal coffee spots.

Flocon Espresso

781 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

There’s not much space to sit down here, but they more than make up for it with their coffee. They buy their beans from a variety of well-known North American roasters including Chicago’s Metropolis, Portland’s Stumptown, and Victoria’s Bows & Arrows. The selections all go well with the creamy helpings of milk they add for a tasty latte.


Café St-Henri

3632 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

If it’s freshness you crave from your coffee, give this micro-roaster a look. You’ll find a whole slew of freshly roasted coffees that you can’t get anywhere else. They’ll infuse them with foamy dairy or soy milk to make a delicious latte. If you’re looking for a more concentrated caffeine buzz, give their legendary Godshot a try.


Café Falco

5605 Avenue de Gaspé

This café serves up a rich and delicious coffee that makes for a bold-tasting latte. Their wide ranging menu features both coffee shop staples like croissants and Japanese options like rice balls. The industrial look of the decor make it a welcome change from the usual coffee shop vibe.


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