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Best Montreal Lattes 2016

Comfort in liquid form.

Praise be to the mighty latte, the espresso-based beverage adored by caffeine fiends (who might just call it "breakfast") and casual coffee drinkers alike.

Frothy, velvety, and (most importantly) filled with life-giving espresso, a latte is everything you need in the morning. Or afternoon. Or anytime you need a quick boost of energy and calcium.

Montreal, as we all know, has a world-class coffee scene, and that includes altogether amazing lattes. Of course, everyone has their preference when it comes to coffee and lattes, but below you'll find some of the city's best latte vendors that are sure to satiate your latte needs.

Hof Kelsten

4524 Saint-Laurent

Aside from being one of the best bakeries in all of Montreal, Hof Kelsten also reps a strong latte game. Paired with one of their freshly made sweets (or anything they bake, because it's all amazing) you're starting the day on a very good note.



1310 Maisonneuve E

Not only does Ma'tine serve truly amazing breakfast/brunch foods (with the menu constantly changing) but the eatery ensures their coffee is at the same level of quality. Using locally-produced milk with perfectly pulled espresso shots, Ma'tine's lattes are the secret star of the show.


Tunnel Espresso

McGill Metro (253 McGill College) + Peel Metro (1140 Maisonneuve W)

Taking convenience to new levels is Tunnel, the underground cafe that gives you the caffeine you need right as you get out of the metro. Located in Peel and McGill stations, Tunnel takes their espresso seriously, and same goes for their luscious lattes.



1432 Mackay + 251 Saint-Viateur W

Taking pride in their coffee, Myriade always changes up their selection of roasts depending on the season, which you can always check out on their website. Best of all, though, Myriade doesn't have that whole "I'm too hip for you" vibe that a lot of similar third-wave coffee shops have, letting you enjoy your latte without feeling out of place. And if you're ever in need of caffeine while on a shopping binge, remember there's a Myriade location in the Club Monaco on St. Cats, too.



3418b du Parc

Commitment to coffee is taken to new levels at Pikolo, easily one of Montreal's most popular and highest-rated cafes. It's easy to understand why once you step inside, because all things coffee can be found in the Parc avenue spot. But you'll be totally sold once you have their latte, as the espresso perfectly blends into the creamy milk.


Café Sfouf

1250 Ontario E

For those wondering, Café Sfouf gets their name from "sfouf," a Middle Eastern cake made with semolina and turmeric. And the café reps the cake real hard, offering you a piece with every drink you enjoy. Paired with one of their delectable lattes, you're set for the day.


Café Plume

123 Mont-Royal W

One of my favourite cafés in the city, Plume crafts velvety lattes with just the right amount of coffee flavour imbued into the beverage thanks to their primo espresso. Add in Plume's artsy-hip ambiance that promotes conversation rather than staring at your computer screen, and you can begin to understand why I'm such a fan of this Plateau café.



5612 Monkland

If you're on Monkland/NDG, and you ask anyone where to grab a great latte, there's almost a 100% chance they're going to say MELK. Monkland Village's premiere cafe deserves its reputation, as the cafe always ensures to meet your caffeine-needs with perfectly balanced lattes.


Bar Kabinet

92 Laurier W

No longer just a Russian-themed bar that creates amazing cocktails, Bar Kabinet has extended its service into the early morning by becoming a fairly legit café. Using 49th Parallel espresso, Bar Kabinet expertly extends its drink-making skills into the world of lattes, giving you the boost you need in the morning to get you back in the bar later in the eve for a drink.


Café Code Black

4095 Saint Laurent

"We are coffee" is the motto of this Saint Laurent street café, and Code Black lives up to that claim with their knowledgable staff who truly do seem to live, breath, and drink all things coffee. Code Black's coffee expertise definitely includes lattes, as the staff can steam velvety milk that is complimented by their choice of espresso. Oh, and be sure to try their freshly squeezed juice. Trust.


Café Olimpico

124 St-Viateur W

Excluding Café Olimpico, one of Montreal's most popular and loved coffee spots, on any coffee-related list would be a criminal act. Fortunately, Olimpico lives up to its fame, serving out amazing lattes to the Mile End community and anyone else who might be in the area.


Café Résonance

5175 du Parc

A jazz venue and vegan eatery combo, Résonance is something of an outlier on this list, namely because they craft vegan lattes. And it's kind of amazing. Using their own special blend of non-dairy milks, you wouldn't even know Résonance's latte is vegan, as it achieves a richness you'd think only possible with cow's milk.



19 Prince Arthur W

Charmingly hip in every sense, Kitsuné is always a calming respite. With their large shared tables and laid-back ambiance, Kitsuné ensures you can enjoy your latte in peace. And enjoy it you will, as their lattes are simply delicious, with their house espresso only bolstered by the addition of frothy milk.


Hoche Café

4299 Ontario E

A Hochelaga hidden gem, at least for those who don't live in the borough, Hoche Café keeps things simple in the best way. From their food menu to their list of beverages, nothing is over the top or too crazy, but it's all done right. Hoche Café's lattes are no exception.


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