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Best Montreal Lunch Spots Near Concordia University 2015

So good you'll forget it's finals.

Alright, raise your hand if finals are making you hungrier than you've ever been before. I don't know about you, but both my hands are raised proudly in the air right now. I digress, though. If you're around Concordia's Sir George Williams (SGW) campus, and it's lunch, and your poor, sleep-deprived body is craving something delicious - then don't worry, my friends. You don't have to waste any precious brain power thinking about where to go eat. I've got you. Read on for Best Montreal Lunch Spots Near Concordia University 2015.

1. Antep Kabab

1626 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O

Located right near JMSB, Antep will atually have you crying tears of shameless foodie joy. Antep's menu is pretty straightforward - they offer things like chicken, lamb, and filet mignon sandwiches, and a straight up plate version of each dish - but trust me when I say that the food here is to die for.

Their chicken in particular is amazing: moist, perfectly charred, and stuffed to the max into a fresh, homemade bun. Add this in with their super fair prices (one of their sandwiches will cost under $10), and you've got a place that will make all of your lunch dreams come true.

2. Brigade Pizzeria Napolitaine

1428 Rue Stanley

Okay, quick question: what's better than authentic Italian pizza? Authentic Italian pizza that you can customize yourself. Brigade is a hop, step, and a skip away from Concordia's SGW campus, and it's more than worth the very brief travel time.

All of their pizzas feature a delicious, fresh, authentic thin crust that's cooked in a wood-burning oven - and the best part? You can pick whatever toppings you want. And we're talking legit toppings here, friends: prosciutto, ricotta, shrimps, pretty much anything that actual dreams are made of. Basically, Brigade is all the #LunchGoals.


Photo cred - alicolantuono

3. Il Panino

1435 Rue Guy

In the mood for something hot, fresh, and grilled crispy? Il Panino's got your back. Although their panini seriously hit the spot when you're craving something melty and delicious (S/O to their Di Parma prosciutto and bocconcini panino, which is probably the only thing sustaining me nowadays), don't let that stop you from branching out.

Their salads? Super unique and tasty. Their soups? Decadent, steamy, and delicious. And if their awesome food isn't enough, Il Panino boasts a serious seat:outlet ratio, making it the perfect place to proofread that essay over lunch.


4. Ramen Misoya

2065 Rue Bishop

Friends, even though winter just might be cancelled this year, it doesn't mean that the temperature isn't dropping. And what's better to combat a frigid December than a warm, slurpy ramen soup? Nothing.

Except maybe a warm, slurpy ramen soup from Misoya. Not only is Misoya perfectly located for students at the SGW campus, but their ramen is seriously amazing: flavourful, rich broths, silky, firm noodles, and fresh toppings all come together to ensure that your lunch experience at Misoya is one of the best you'll ever get.


5. Boustan

2020 A Rue Crescent

Straight up, if you've never tried Boustan, it's time for you to step up your lunch game. Boustan is famous among Montrealers in general, and for one very good reason: their food is out of this world. If you're craving legit chicken shawarma, shish taouk, garlic potatoes, look no further than this Montreal institution. Also, S/O to their "Creation" dish. Order it now, thank me later. Just make sure you're nice and hungry, first.


Photo cred - foodiemontrealaise

6. Burritoville

2055 Rue Bishop

Not only is Burritoville one of the best vegetarian restaurants around, but it's also one of the best places to go for lunch near SGW. First of all - as I'm sure you guys guessed by the opening sentence over there - it's a vegetarian restaurant, which means that most people can enjoy in the delights that live just behind their doors.

Second of all - as I'm sure you guys guessed by their name - Burritoville serves up some delicious Mexican food. Vegetarian Mexican food. Which just might be the perfect lunch: not too heavy, super filling, and incredibly delicious. Rock on, Burritoville. Rock on.


7. Mandy's

2067 Rue Crescent

When I found out a Mandy's opened near SGW, I think I squealed so loud they actually heard me at their Sherbrooke location. No joke. As I'm sure we all know, Mandy's is possibly the best spot for delicious salads in Montreal, featuring fresh veggies and awesome toppings (a salad featuring smoked meat and potato chips? I'm totally there for that). If you're craving a salad, or anything remotely healthy, Mandy's is your go-to place.


8. Charcos

2005 Rue Bishop

Portuguese chicken, anyone? (The correct answer to this, of course, is: Portuguese chicken, everyone.) Charcos is definitely your best bet for moist, perfectly charred grilled Portuguese chicken on the SGW campus - but don't let that stop you from branching out and tasting pretty much everything on their menu. Because, trust, everything is amazing. Protip: if you're also in the mood for a hot dog, try theirs. It's so juicy that you just might weep real tears.


9. Thali

409 Rue Saint Marc

The quintessential Indian restaurant near Concordia's SGW campus, Thali offers legit and delicious Indian fare for super fair prices. If you're a Concordia student, you pretty much already know about their golden, crispy samosas, they're spicy and moist curries, and their fluffy, crispy, heavenly naan breads - but if you don't? Get there. Get there now. And enjoy.


Photo cred - Chef on Call

10. Chef On Call

2055 Rue Bishop

Straight up, the food at Chef On Call is on point. (There's a 'Chef On Point' pun I could make here, but I won't do that to you guys). Their burgers tend to steal the show a little bit: they're tender, juicy, and their monthly specials are always oh-so unique and delicious. But the rest of their food? It'll have you at a loss for words, that's how delicious it is. Special S/O to their chicken tenders: so juicy, so crispy, so yummy.


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