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Best Montreal Restaurants That Serve Mac & Cheese

The ultimate comfort food.
Best Montreal Restaurants That Serve Mac & Cheese

Ah, mac and cheese. Is there any other dish that evokes quite the same feelings of nostalgia? Is there any other dish that's as creamy and delicious? Is there any other dish that can comfort you after a long day of activities? I don't think so. Macaroni and cheese is the food that connects us all, TBH. No matter where you come from, no matter where you're going - you've tried this cheesy, delicious dish, in some form; and the chances are very high that you're in love with it.

Growing up, mac and cheese came from a box and was pretty much a staple in my life. Today, mac and cheese is less of a staple for me (but only slightly), and doesn't come from a box anymore. Now it comes from a bunch of awesome restaurants. Not quite sure as to where to get the best mac and cheese in Montreal? Don't worry, friends. I got you. Read on for Best Montreal Mac n' Cheese 2016.

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1. Le Robin Square

520 Boul St-Laurent

Okay, I've given Robin Square a lot of love in the past. But trust me when I say that they totally deserve it. Any list about mac and cheese in Montreal would be incomplete without mentioning this family-run eatery, which serves up high-quality, fresh ingredients; and one of the most legit plates of macaroni and cheese in the city. Among other things, it features two different types of cheese, black truffle oil, and the ability to make you smile, no matter what.


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2. Dinette Triple Crown

6704 Rue Clark

Seriously, friends, I have no words to describe how awesome the macaroni and cheese is at Dinette Triple Crown. It's actually that good. First of all, the whole thing is cooked to absolute perfection, so that the macaroni are the perfect, tender consistency and the cheese is beautifully creamy. Served up steaming hot, one bite of this decadent and flavourful dish will have you in actual tears, my friends. Actual, legitimate, mac-and-cheese loving tears.


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3. Bobby Cafe

1980 Rue Wellington

Okay, honestly, where do I even start with this place? Bobby itself is an awesome gastropub, located right on Wellington. It's got some seriously awesome food, and a chill, fun vibe that really can't be beat. The best thing about it, though? Definitely the macaroni and cheese. They've got a couple of options - including one featuring sharp cheddar and bacon - but honestly, go for the delux version. It's got all the fixings of their regular one, plus maple syrup, a rhum-flambé cream, and just a dash of actual, concentrated happiness.


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4. Bistro Nolah

3669 Blvd St Jean

This West Island eatery serves up some seriously on point dishes; and their mac and cheese is no exception. Made with three deliciously melty, gooey cheeses, this dish is seriously rich, seriously creamy, and seriously delicious. Those of us who don't live in the West Island might find the trek a little discouraging - but trust me, you need to get yourselves there anyway. Oh, and those of us lucky enough to live within proximity of this awesome place? Yeah... I'm just slightly jealous, not going to lie.


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5. Mâche!

1655 Rue Saint-Denis

This Montreal spot pretty much changes the game for comfort food, mac n' cheese included. First of all, you should know one thing about me: I like my food drenched in all the cheeses. And if you're also a cheese fiend, then you need to trust me when I say that the mac and cheese at Mâche more than delivers. Smothered in six (!!!) different types of cheese, this dish is super creamy, super flavourful, hearty, and all-around delicious. Oh, and bonus points for their super huge portions. Sure, you'll still eat the whole thing and beg for more - but that's only because it's so good.


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6. Le Fumoir Rubs

699 Boulevard Curé-Labelle

The macaroni and cheese dish at Rubs comes as a side to whatever awesome, meaty dish you choose as your main; but honestly, it just might steal the show (or the dinner?) for you. This mac n' cheese features gouda and cheddar cheeses, which makes for one seriously awesome flavour combination. If that wasn't enough, though, it's smoked; meaning that the flavour you get is on a whole other level. Although Rubs is in Laval, one bite of their mac and cheese is more than worth the trek.


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7. Dirty Dogs

25 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Okay, this mac n' cheese dish wins a whole bunch of extra points - for being covered in bacon and slapped onto a legit poutine. Honestly, if you haven't tried Dirty Dogs' take on the traditional macaroni and cheese dish, you're kind of missing out. Creamy, cheesy, downright yummy mac and cheese is piled high on top of a delicious, piping hot poutine, and then covered in crispy chunks of bacon, to make for pretty much one of the most amazing mac and cheese experiences you'll ever have. Delicious? That's right.


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8. Griffintown Cafe

1378 Rue Notre-Dame O

I think at this stage in the game, you all pretty much know that I'm a huge fan of cheese. Cheese is bae, and the macaroni and cheese at Griffintown? Pretty much a testament to how amazing different cheeses can taste when combined in the right way. Their mac and cheese includes aged swiss and cheddar, making for a super nuanced, flavourful-yet-creamy sauce; they also add in a splash of Bierbrier ale, making for one seriously delicious mac and cheese dish. Oh, and to top it all off? Bacon. Just to take it to a whole other level of pure awesome.


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9. Brutus

1290 Rue Beaubien E

Friends, fair warning. Brutus is a bacon bar. Which means that they've come up with tons of creative ways to incorporate bacon into their drinks, and their dishes, and pretty much everything else. But Brutus doesn't get all the points just for their unique dishes, quirky drinks, and chill, mysterious vibe: Their take on macaroni and cheese is seriously awesome. Aptly named "KD Bacon Balls", these tiny treats are fried balls of mac n' cheese, with the added delicious factor of bacon. So, so good, friends. So, so good.


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10. Beautys

93 Avenue du Mont-Royal O

Friends, if I told you we were heading out to Beautys, what would be the first thing to come to mind? Most likely it would be their famous - and delicious - bagel and lox dish. But as amazing as their Beautys Special truly is, this Plateau eatery is so much more than bagels and salmon. Their mac n' cheese dish? Yeah, pretty much a showstopper. Managing to be creamy and delicious on the inside, and flavourful and crunchy on the outside, this Montreal mac n' cheese dish is a must try for anyone who's a fan of macaroni and cheese. So everyone, basically.


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11. Jukebox Burgers

11798 Boulevard de Salaberry

Fans of traditional mac n' cheese, rejoice. Jukebox Burgers offers one of the most delicious traditional macaroni and cheese dishes out there, with super creamy and flavourful cheese, and perfectly tender macaroni. Oh, and if you're down to spice it up? Don't worry. Jukebox has an extensive mac and cheese menu, including dishes like their "Buffalo Chicken" Mac (with chunks of buffalo chicken and hot sauce, naturally). And if you can't decide? No worries. No matter what you pick, you're in for a fresh, creamy, cheesy, amazing time.


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