Best Montreal Macarons

Full of awesome.

I don't know what exactly it is about macarons, but they're legit the best. Is it the variety of awesome flavours? Is it the flaky, crisp, gooey outer cookie? Is it the tasty, moist inner goodness? Well, maybe it's a combination of everything. The point is, they the best.

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Thankfully, Montreal is full of awesome spots to nibble on one of the world's tastiest treats.

1. Boutique Point G

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1266 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

The "OG" of awesome macarons in Montreal, Boutique Pointe G is pretty much synonymous with "delicious macarons" in the city. And if you've ever been to this Plateau dessert boutique, then you know exactly why. The macarons here are crisp, soft, delicious morsels of awesome, and they're offered in a variety of flavours - including poppy flower, creme brulee, and maple taffy.


2. Bar A Beurre

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350 Rue Notre-Dame E

This Old Montreal bakery specializes in really making butter shine. They make some pretty awesome buttercream and butter ball cookies (round butter cookies with sweet fillings), and their high tea is pretty awesome, too. Of course, it only makes sense that their macarons - slightly larger than some, and filled with the fluffiest, tastiest buttercream out there - are top notch, as well.


3. M Cafe

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1458 Rue de la Montagne

Situated right near Concordia University, M Cafe has a super solid variety of macarons to choose from, and makes for one fantastic nosh spot in between classes. I kind of feel like the macarons here are just a tad more dense than they might be at some other places, which makes for a really unique texture, mixed with their signature yummy taste.


4. Duc De Lorraine

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5002 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges

This Côte-des-Neiges pastry shop focuses on French pastries, and hits the mark every single time. They're notorious for their awesome millefeuilles, croissants, and eclaires, so it's only natural that their macarons would be incredibly tasty, as well.


5. Maison Christian Faure

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355 Place Royale

Without a doubt, this Old Montreal patisserie is one of the most awesome spots for sweets in the city. Their pastries are pretty much famous in Montreal - especially their Cannelés cakes, which are only made in small quantities daily and sell out pretty quickly. Their macarons are equally mind-blowing, with classic flavours like caramel, praline, coconut, and lemon. All the wins? You know it.


6. L'Atelier Du Caramel

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363 Rue Saint-Jacques

L'Atelier Du Caramel comes from France, which is also where macarons come from, so you know you cannot go wrong with this boutique. They serve up both classic (like chocolate) and non-traditional (like rose, litchee, and and raspberry) flavours, for a macaron experience you need to live at least twice in your life.


7. Chocolats Privilèges

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138 Avenue Atwater

Although this boutique specializes in making miracles out of chocolate, Chocolats Privilege also happens to make some of the most on point macarons in the whole city. They're super flavourful and expertly crafted, making for one seriously special macaron.


8. Petit Lapin

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342 Avenue Victoria

Gluten free, dairy free, peanut free, and egg free friends, rejoice. Petit Lapin is a bakery in Westmount that focuses on offering sweets without soy, nuts, dairy, gluten, and other major food allergens. Their macarons are out of this world delicious either way (and include flavours like matcha and coconut!), so you know you're going to totally enjoy these macarons whether or not you've got food allergies.


9. Dolci Piu

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849 Boulevard Décarie

An Italian bakery located in Ville Saint-Laurent, Dolci Piu might be one of the best spots to cop some zeppole, but its macaron game is also unstoppable. They've got a veritable ton of flavours for you to choose from, and they're always fresh, soft, and incredibly tasty. Macaron lovers, this one's for you.


10. Patisserie De Nancy

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5655 Av de Monkland

Situated in Montreal's NDG, Patisserie de Nancy makes all sorts of awesome treats, from eclaires to baguettes. Their macarons are an especially tasty treat, and with varieties like Chai tea, orange blossom, celery, you know you're in for one uniquely good time.

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