Best Montreal Massages

The non-erotic kind.
Best Montreal Massages

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It’s time to take a breather Montreal. Exam pressure is mounting, bathing suit season is approaching and leases are about to end. With everything coming to the ultimate peak of stress, it’s time to let go. And what better way to do that then with a good ol’ massage. Having a professional rub away all the knots and cramps plaguing your back and neck, is the nicest thing you can do for yourself. So if your new to the world of massage and want to know the best places to get some heavy duty relaxation on, we have you covered!

1. Studio Bliss

3841 Boul St-Laurent,

The lovely Studio Bliss is such a treat. They have a great boutique, amazing yoga classes, but their secret weapon is their amazing massages. Their whole approach is to relieve bodily stress in a healthy way, so you’ve gotta know they have their technique down to a T. They have a variety of techniques you can choose from: Swedish, shiatsu, deep tissue, they even have a pre-natal option. Their environment is so calming and cozy, you feel your muscles relaxing as soon as you walk in. Lucky for you, they have a special $39 first month yoga membership, where you can try out their massages for uber cheap. I seriously recommend giving them a try, you won’t be able to stop going once you do!

2. Bota Bota

358 Rue de La Commune Ouest

This place will make you feel like royalty. Bota Bota is an incredible spa experience set right in the heart of Old Port. Their masseurs are super experienced and will give you a rub down you won’t believe. Their location is spot on too. While your getting your massage you can look out on to the water and the beautiful old buildings. It’s perfection.

3. Espace Nomad

4650 Saint-Laurent Blvd.

At Espace Nomad, they’re all about making you feel at home. Their mantra is all about relaxation and pampering your bod. Their massages range from traditional to the holistic mystic technique. Every kind of ache and pain you could possibly have Espace Nomad has the cure. Definitely check out their hot stone massage. It’s oh so nice and unlike anything I’ve ever tried before.

4. Rain Spa

55, rue St-Jacques

If you’re into all luxury all the time, then Rain Spa we’ll be your new best friend. They have a crazy selection of different massages to choose from, as well as some v cool add ons.. Their masseurs are so flipping nice and I’m pretty sure their hands are magic. I mean how else could they be that good? Their crème de la crème is their Vichy massage, where they simulate a warm rain while massaging you!

5. HappyFoot Spa

2125 Rue Crescent, Suite 100,

I’ll admit I am a sucker for a good foot massage. Something about a good foot rub, can seriously make your day. Happy Foot Spa, while offering a range of other beauty and massage techniques, put a heavy focus on foot reflexology. Their philosophy is that the feet don’t get enough attention and we should reward them for carrying us though life! I recommend this place for any massage first timers. The place is really cute and welcoming, and the pressure of the masseurs is gentle, so you don’t have to worry about any deep tissue pain.

6. SpaVert

2360 Rue Notre-Dame St, West, Suite 300

Spa Vert makes sure everything they do is all about you! Their staff are the most attentive people I’ve ever met! Their massages are all related to everyday, common pain. For instance, if you have a sports injury or back pain from an office chair, they have a technique specifically to nullify that. It’s amazeballs!