Best Montreal Mediterranean Restaurants

Fresh, flavourful, and totally good for you.
Best Montreal Mediterranean Restaurants

Lately, I've been reading a lot about the Mediterranean diet, and how awesome it is. Of course, being Sicilian (and therefore Mediterranean by extension, maybe?) I'm inclined to believe that the Mediterranean diet is the best thing to happen to food in forever. Maybe that's true; maybe it's not, but one thing's for sure - Mediterranean-inspired food is fresh and tasty AF.

Montreal's got a whole lot of places to nosh on Mediterranean dishes, which is great for those of us down to try out that diet. Of course, although all Mediterranean spots are amazing, a handful of them truly stand out.

1. Barbounya

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234 Avenue Laurier O

This Plateau restaurant specializes in serving up mezzes, which are basically small Mediterranean dishes - kind of like tapas - that are perfect for sharing.

And Barbounya does mezzes up right, trust. Their menu features fresh and high quality ingredients, and super tasty options like oysters, ceviche, foie gras, calamari, and much, much more. Bonus points for their trendy, welcoming atmosphere, making it the absolute perfect spot to take a date and share some mezzes.


2. Ikanos

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112 Rue McGill

An incredibly trendy and modern Greek/Mediterranean restaurant, Ikanos is seriously one impressive spot. The upscale yet welcoming Downtown Montreal spot serves up fresh and tasty high-quality dishes, although their seafood dishes are pretty much the true stars of the show.

Seriously, you haven't tasted seafood unless you've given it a try at Ikanos. Their seared scallop mezze, served up with apricot salsa, is fresh, flavourful, and cooked to perfection; their grilled seafood platter, which is a mixture of shrimp, octopus, calamari, and more, is basically a work of art. Trust, friends, get yourselves here ASAP.


3. Aux Lilas

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5570 Av du Parc

Hey, friend, are you in the mood for some authentic Lebanese food? Yes? Perfect, because the Plateau's Aux Lilas has totally got your back.

This neighbourhood spot's been open for almost four decades, and one taste of their food is a super clear indication as to why. Authentic, fresh and tasty, Aux Lilas specializes in serving up traditional food like hummus, falafel, and fatayer, as well as awesome Lebanese wine. So the next time you're in the mood for some super authentic Mediterranean/Lebanese dishes, you know exactly where you've got to go.

4. Sel Gras

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5245 Boul St-Laurent

I honestly cannot express how much I love this restaurant. Located in the Mile End, Sel Gras serves up consistently awesome dishes, with a modern and inviting atmosphere, warm vibes, and super friendly service.

The food here is totally mouthwatering; they serve up Mediterranean-inspired dishes, like grilled red snapper, braised lamb shank, and grilled octopus, that are perfectly cooked, and made with only the freshest, tastiest ingredients. Basically, if you guys are on the search for some seriously top quality Mediterranean dishes, then stop the search. Sel Gras is here to save your day.


5. Porto Mar

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201 Place d'Youville

Situated in Old Montreal, Porto Mar is the perfect place to go to in order to satisfy that Mediterranean food crave.

Although they specialize in Portuguese dishes, like Portuguese chicken, sardines, and pork sandwiches, they also offer more straight-up Mediterranean food, like shrimp salad and grilled squid. Of course, everything here is fresh and super tasty, meaning that you know exactly where you need to go for your next Mediterranean food feast.


6. Omnivore

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4351 Boul St-Laurent

Omnivore's already gotten some love from me for being one of the healthiest places in Montreal, which is super good news, because the food here is so amazing that you're going to want to eat it nonstop. Seriously. You've been warned.

The Mediterranean choices here include kafta sandwiches (like their awesome Thai sandwich, with beef, peanut sauce, white cabbage and coriander), grilled meat and vegetable dishes, and much, much more. So when you're in the mood for some healthy Mediterranean food, get yourself to this Plateau spot.


7. Doca

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1059 Rue Wellington

Straight-up, if you're in the mood for a Mediterranean feast, you've got to head to Doca, centrally located in Montreal's Griffintown.

Their hugely varied menu is a mashup of all kind of Mediterranean foods, including Portuguese oysters, Spanish mackerel, tagliatelle, grilled steak, and more, meaning that no matter what you're craving, you'll find something here. Of course, it doesn't really matter what you pick; every single item on the menu is made with love, and using super fresh ingredients, making for one seriously amazing Mediterranean food fiesta.


8. Zante

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9030 Boulevard de l'Acadie

Alright, this place gets all the yums. If you're in the mood for some seriously authentic Greek/Mediterranean food, then Zante should totally be next on your list of spots to check out.

Serving up authentic Greek dishes, like grilled chicken, lamb chops, and loukaniko, Zante's pretty much got you covered for a dining experience you won't soon forget. Of course, they've also got you covered for more general Mediterranean dishes, like grilled swordfish, grilled shrimp, and much more - all of course made with only the best ingredients around.


9. Milos

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5357 Av du Parc

Milos is known as being one of the topmost spots to get some Greek food in Montreal, and if you've ever been there, then you know why.

The food here is what actual dreams are made of. Other than always being top quality and fresh, the actual dishes themselves are flavoured to absolute perfection. They don't just have strictly Greek food, either: they've got a whole selection of Mediterranean dishes, like pasta with lobster, grilled salmon, tuna burgers, and much, much more.


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