Best Montreal Mexican Restaurants 2016

Make every night taco night.
Best Montreal Mexican Restaurants 2016

Friends, real talk: after a long day of doing pretty much all that there is to do in Montreal, there's nothing that comforts me more than a nice, authentic Mexican meal.

Seriously, I don't know why I love Mexican food so much. The crispy/soft texture balances? The flavourful spices? The crisp veggies, the juicy meats, the cilantro? Who knows. All I know is that Mexican food is amazing food, and in Montreal, we're super luck to say that we've got some of the most on point Mexican restaurants around.

But don't feel too bad if you have no idea where to start your Montreal Mexican food search, friends, because that's what I'm here for. Read on for Best Montreal Mexican Restaurants 2016.

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1. El Rey Del Taco

232 Rue Jean-Talon E

Guys, my obsession with this restaurant is real. First of all, their menu is super varied, meaning that no matter what kind of Mexican fare you're in the mood for (tacos? gorditas? tamales? nachos? nopales?) they've got you covered. Not that it matters, though, because whatever you pick? It's going to be amazing. The food here is fresh, authentic, flavourful, and cooked to perfection. Also, S/O to their chicken tamales for changing my whole life.


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2. Maria Bonita

5269 Avenue Casgrain

Alright, question time: do you like authentic Mexican food? Who am I kidding; of course you like authentic Mexican food. And at Maria Bonita, that is exactly what you'll get. Featuring an extensive menu full of fresh and authentic delights, Maria Bonita is sure to become your next Mexican food fave. Oh, and protip? Their quesadilla de queso is amazing. Don't be ashamed to order, like, seven of them. They're that good.


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3. La Tamalera

226 Avenue Fairmount O

Friends, did I ever tell you that tamales are my life? No? Well, they are. My aunt made me try one years ago, and I've been hooked (and trying to find legit tamales in Montreal) ever since. So when I tell you that my lifelong search for authentic tamales is over? Yeah, you're going to need to trust me on that. La Tamalera is a colourful restaurant on Fairmount serving up traditional Mexican street food and - you guessed it - some super fresh, delicious, amazing tamales. Get there now. Thank me later.


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4. La Capital Tacos

1096 Saint-Laurent

I know what you're thinking, friends: "Tacos in Chinatown? That's insanity!" Okay, maybe you weren't thinking that. Either way, the point remains the same. This Chinatown taco shop offers some of the most delicious and authentic tacos you'll ever try in Montreal, hands down. Everything - from the soft, fresh taco shell, to the crisp vegetables and flavourful toppings, to the tender and perfectly seasoned meats - works super well together and, in a word, is just awesome.


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5. Escondite

1206 Avenue Union

Okay, where do I even begin? First of all, the drinks at Escondite are actually out of this world amazing. Their La Papaya drink, with papaya puree, egg whites, and soda? I've have yet to taste a drink I enjoy more. Literally. But the best part, though, is that their food is even better than their drinks. Seriously; their menu is full of legit Mexican goodies with modern twists, like quesadillas featuring black truffle paste and aged cheddar, and black cherry Chipotle barbecue ribs. Heart eyes, friends. Heart eyes everywhere.


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6. Amaranto

5974 Av de Monkland

No doubt, Amaranto is a little bit of a hidden gem in Montreal. Which is awesome, because secret spots are usually hiding your next favourite meal. And Amaranto proves this theory right: with a number of fresh, delicious staples on their menu, there's really no way you can go wrong - especially with their super yummy avocado soup. Oh, and bonus points for their super cozy and friendly atmosphere. You keep doing you, Amaranto, because it's awesome.


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7. Ta Chido

5611 Park Avenue

Described as a "Mexican snack-bar", Ta Chido's food is so good you'll be eating it for more than just a snack. Seriously: one bite of their amazing Mexican fare, and that's it. Their flavourful, fresh quesadillas will become your new breakfast craving. Their delicious tortas will be your new lunch goals. Their yummy tacos? Yeah, say hello to your next weekend cheat meal. So delicious; so, so worth it.


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8. El Meson

1678 Boul Saint-Joseph

Lovers of authentic Mexican, do I have a treat for you. El Meson boasts some seriously authentic, seriously delicious Mexican dishes; and although it's located in Lachine, which might be a ways away for some of us, it's more than worth the trek. No matter what you choose to get, you're guarutneed a plate full of pure happiness - but, protip, their Carne Asada packs some serious flavour. Oh, and bonus points for their super fair portion:price ration.

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9. Epazote & Haricot

185 Avenue Dorval

West Island friends, rejoice. This delicious eatery has been around for about a year, and is a seriously amazing addition to Montreal's Mexican food scene. Everything - from their super flavourful salsa to their legit and delicious mollettes - is fresh, authentic, and all-around amazing. Epazote & Haricot is located right in Dorval, meaning that if you're in the West Island, awesome Mexican is literally right in your backyard. But the pest part? They offer a takeaway option, so you can pretty much nosh on these authentic dishes whenever you're in the mood. (Which is always. I know.)


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10. T & T Tacos and Tortas

51 Rue Rachel O

As you probably might have guessed, T & T specializes in two things: tacos and tortas. And trust me when I tell you that they do them up so, so right. Their taco shells are homemade, soft, a little thick, and always super fresh; their taco fillings are piled high and always tasty (Sidenote: their Bistec tacos? Yeah, art.) Their tortas are similarly mindblowing, with fresh and crispy bread and equally awesome fillings. Basically, if you're a fan of awesome Mexican, you're going to want to try T & T.


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