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Best Montreal Millefeuilles

A thousand sheets of happiness.
Best Montreal Millefeuilles

When it comes to dessert, sometimes it might seem like you can't have it all. There are so many different kinds of desserts that it might be a bit overwhelming to choose just one - which is a drag, because then you have to eat 3 different pastries in a row just to satisfy the different cravings, and then you're like, "Oh no, did I really just eat 3 different pastries, one after the other, like some kind of reverse conveyer belt?" and nothing good can come of that question, friends.

My point with all of this is that there's another way. Yes, you can have a bunch of different things, all neatly wrapped up into one dessert; you can indulge in rich creams, crispy, buttery pastries, and sweet, tasty toppings. As long as you have yourself a millefeuille. And millefeuilles in Montreal? Yeah, they're totally amazing. Don't believe me? Well, prepare to believe. Read on for Best Montreal Millefeuilles.

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1. Duc De Lorraine

5002 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges

I strongly believe that it is literally impossible to dislike Duc De Lorraine. Seriously, ask anyone what their top spot for delicious pastries is in Montreal, and their answer is most likely going to be Duc De Lorraine - or, at the very least, it'll be in their top five There's one very good reason for this, friends: Duc De Lorraine is freaking amazing. From their welcoming, classy vibe to their fresh, tasty, decadent pastries, there's pretty much no wrong decision at this Côte-des-Neiges spot - but if you pick their creamy, flaky, perfectly sweet millefeuille? Yeah. You'll be in for an amazing time, my friends.


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2. Maison Christian Faure

355 Place Royale

Okay, I don't even know where to begin with this Old Montreal pastry shop. The second you walk in, you can't help but feel super impressed - the decor and vibe are awesome, but the pastries are even better. First of all, these things are seriously gorgeous. Every single pastry looks so beautiful that you might feel a bit bad for eating it. But don't worry. One bite, and the guilt is gone, replaced by complete and total happiness (and just a hint of shame in the knowledge that you're about to lose all control and scarf down, like, five pastries in a row in front of an entire store of people. Or, you know. Whatever). Their millefeuilles in particular are pretty much euphoria: The pastry itself is incredibly crisp and tasty, with just the right amount of butter and sweetness, stuffed with the tastiest, most decadent cream you can think of. All the yums? You know it.


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3. Rhubarbe

5091 Rue de Lanaudière

Okay, what if I told you there was a magical place in the Plateau that served up a millefeuille so good, it would bring you to tears of joy and disbelief? Would you believe me? Well, that place is real, friends. And its name is Rhubarbe. This small, adorable pastry shop specializes in making some seriously fresh, beautiful pastries - and their millefeuille just happens to be out of this world delicious, with a flaky-yet-crisp, sweet pastry, decadent-yet-light dollops of delicious cream, and an all-around amazing taste. If you're looking for your new favourite dessert, stop looking. You've found it.


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4. Patisserie De Gascogne

4825 Rue Sherbrooke O

Alright, are the millefeuilles at Gascogne even real? These morsels of happiness are so delicious, they might just have you disbelieving the fact that something so fresh, so creamy, and so utterly perfect could exist in real life. But believe, friends. Gascogne offers two different sort of millefueille: One with deliciously dense and creamy custard, and another with light, airy, incredibly flavourful vanilla Chantilly cream. And although it might be a little difficult to decide between the two, just know that no matter what, you'll be getting a mouthful of awesome.


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5. Rococo

7500 Boulevard des Galeries d'Anjou

This delicious pastry shop is located in Anjou, which might seem a little far away for some of us - but trust me when I say that it's totally worth it, if even for one small bite of their magical millefeuilles. Seriously, these pastries feature an incredibly smooth and tasty filling, a flaky, sweet pastry, and a deliciously sweet topping, making for a millefeuill experience that just might blow your mind. Oh, and the best part? They offer their millefeuilles with a decadent, dense, flavourful custard filling; a light, airy whipped cream; or a combination of the two. If it sounds amazing, that's because it is.


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6. Marie-Antoinette

4317 Rue Ontario Est

Although the star of the show at Marie-Antoinette might be their amazing macarons, the real hidden gem? Their awesome millefeuilles. Marie-Antoinette offers one seriously amazing millefeuille pastry, with vanilla whip cream, French vanilla Chantilly cream, and a super crisp, super decadent pastry. Wrap this all together with their classy yet welcoming vibe and friendly atmosphere, and what do you get? You get your next fave, my friends. And it's beautiful.


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7. L'Artisan

7700 Rue St-Hubert

Are you gluten free? Well, at L'Artisan, then you're problem free, too, since this bakery specializes in gluten-free sweets. Not only does L'Artisan feature a gluten-free millefeuille on their menu, but this millefeuille is super rich, decadent, fresh, and tasty, making it one of the best millefeuilles in Montreal, end of story.


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8. Chez Fred

5338 Rue Sherbrooke O

Straight up, this NDG bakery is amazing. First of all, their menu is hugely varied and completely awesome, featuring a huge selection of fresh and yummy pastries made from super high-quality ingredients. Of course, their millefeuilles are included in this; they've got a huge variety of this particular pastry, offering blueberry, chocolate, and strawberry millefeuilles - among other flavours, too. Not only is Chez Fred's selection super on point, but the actual pastries themselves? So fresh, so creamy, and so, so amazing. Run there now, friends, and thank me later.


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9. Mr. Pinchot

4354 Rue de Brébeuf

Ah, Boulangerie Mr. Pinchot. Let me just start off by saying that if you're a fan of fresh, tasty pastries - and, come on, everyone's a fan of fresh and tasty pastries (tastries?) - then you're going to love Mr. Pinchot. Their millefeuilles are a thing of beauty. Featuring extremely flaky and delicious pastry stuffed with rich, thick cream and topped with a perfectly sweet glaze, one bite and you'll be totally hooked. And, luckily, their portions are pretty big, too, so you'll get to enjoy as much of that delicious millefeuille as you want (of course, their millefeuilles are so good that you just might need two to satisfy the crave. It's all good, though, no judgement if you do).


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10. Bel-Air

3913 Rue Bélanger

If you've never been to Patisserie Bel-Air, then I've got bad news. You've been seriously missing out. This spot is located in Villeray/St. Michel, so it might be a little bit of a trek for some of us - but trust me when I say it's well worth the travel time. First of all, their millefeuilles? Fantastic. The pastry is light and flaky; the custard is dense and delicious; the whipped cream is incredibly light and tasty; and the whole thing is topped with a sweet, glossy glaze, for a taste combination that cannot be beat. Pair it up with super fair prices and a very solid selection of pastries, and you've got the recipe for your next pastry run, friends.


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