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Best Montreal Mimosa Brunch Restaurants 2016

Start off your morning the right way.
Best Montreal Mimosa Brunch Restaurants 2016

Alright, friends, are you ready for me to lay down some cold, hard truths? Good. Get ready for this. Are you ready? Okay, here it comes: Brunch is often at its best when it's enjoyed with a little dash of alcohol.

I know, I know - brunch is pretty amazing on its own. But when you add a little morning mimosa to your favourite eggs Benny dish? Magic happens, my friends. Pure, breakfast/lunch magic. In Montreal, we're pretty lucky to have a bunch of awesome places that serve up a mean mimosa and an awesome brunch. If you're having a little trouble finding these places, though, then don't worry. I've got you, my fellow brunch lover. Read on for Best Montreal Mimosa Brunch Restaurants 2016.

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1. Le Cartet

106 Rue McGill

If you're looking for one of the most perfect spots in Montreal to enjoy a delicious brunch, and an even better mimosa, then look no further. You've found Le Cartet. Often hailed as the go-to brunch spot for those of us who are extra thirsty in the morning, their menu consists of classic brunch fare with high-class twists (like their Brunch Cartet: scrambled eggs served up with salmon cake and figs, to name a few) - which, of course, all go perfectly with a glass of the bubbly (and orangy, I guess). Mimosa lovers, rejoice.


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2. Zagrum

1825 Rue Fleury E

Guys, I'm not going to lie to you. You can find me indulging in a boozy brunch at Zagrum on average once a week, which is probably too often to be getting tipsy in the morning but I'm an adult and I don't mind if you judge me for that. Plus, I can't help it. The brunch fare at Zagrum is seriously fresh and high quality, and their dishes are super unique and flavourful. Plus, their mimosas are crisp and refreshing, with just the right amount of kick. Brunch goals? Brunch goals.


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3. Sparrow

5322 Boul St-Laurent

At this stage in the game, the chances are very high that you know all about Sparrow. Its fresh, delicious, and classic dishes helped propel it to the forefront of Montreal's brunch scene (breakfast banh-mi, holla at me); but if you also happen to enjoy amazing mimosas, then you're going find another reason to fall in love with Sparrow all over again. Much like their food, their mimosas are awesome - and, added bonus, they come in classic, apple cider, and blood orange (!!!) varieties.


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4. Communion

135 Rue de la Commune Ouest

Two words, my fiends: bottomless mimosas. That's right. Not only does Communion offer up some seriously fresh and flavourful brunch dishes - including delicious staples such as eggs Benedict and BLTs - but for a super fair price, you can kick your brunch into high gear by indulging in their "all you can drink mimosa" option. I know they say you can't buy happiness - but you can buy endless mimosas at Communion, so they're kind of wrong.


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5. Sel Gras

5245 Boul St-Laurent

I've shown Sel Gras a fair amount of love in the past. And with their top quality ingredients, classic-yet-contemporary dishes, and upscale, laidback vibe, it's no wonder why they'd also be one of Montreal's top spots for brunch. If that wasn't enough, the real clincher? Their refreshing, crisp mimosas, featuring freshly pressed juice and just a pinch of actual, concentrated happiness.


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6. Le Bon Vivant

2705 Rue Notre-Dame O

In English, bon vivant basically means someone who knows how to live well - which is super fitting, because I truly believe that in order to be happy in life, you have to stop by Le Bon Vivant for brunch fairly regularly. Their brunch menu is super varied, with dishes ranging from expertly created huevos rancheros to a Grand Marnier fruit flambéd french toast creation; but no matter what you pick, everything is fresh and super flavourful. Of course, their bubbly mimosas are a thing of beauty, too, making this a surefire spot for complete and total brunch bliss.


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7. Nouveau Palais

281 Rue Bernard O

Although Nouveau Palais is slightly more known for its awesome hamburgers, one of the biggest standouts of this Montreal institution? Their brunch. With a super solid selection of awesome, tasty, and original brunch options - such as their famous lumberjack sandwich - Nouveau Palais is definitely going to be one of your new favourite brunch spots in the city. Of course, they also score huge bonus points due to the fact that they serve up some seriously legit mimosas for under $7. New fave found? New fave found.


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8. Crescendo

5150 Boulevard LaSalle

If you're a fan of taking in beautiful views while you nosh on delicious brunch fare, then I've got some great news for you. This Verdun brunch spot is about to make you very, very happy. With a huge breakfast menu sporting fresh and tasty classics, and delicious, refreshing mimosas, this spot is sure to have your new favourite brunch dish. The best part, though? The view. Crescendo overlooks the St. Lawrence river, meaning that you can enjoy a seriously gorgeous view while enjoying a seriously delicious breakfast... and washing it all down with a seriously awesome mimosa. Winning on all levels? You know it.


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9. Fabergé

25 Avenue Fairmount O

Okay, friends. If you like brunch and live in Montreal - or even if you're visiting Montreal - then the chances are super high that you've heard about Fabergé. A super popular brunch spot that's very well known for their super unique and delicious dishes (s'mores waffle, what's good?), it would be kind of redundant to focus on how brilliantly executed, flavourful, fresh, and perfectly cooked the food at this Plateau eatery is. Instead, I'll just say this: if you're a fan of brunch, you need to get yourself here, and you absolutely need to wash down one of their beautiful brunch offerings with an equally beautiful glass of their mimosa, which includes pomegranate, litchi, and peach flavours (just to name a few).


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10. L'Atelier d'Argentine

355 Rue Marguerite d'Youville

Of course, no list of delicious mimosa brunch spots in Montreal would be complete without L'Atelier d'Argentine. This cozy, classy Old Montreal spot serves up all-you-can-drink mimosas for a very fair $30 (roughly). And although having as many of L'Atelier's yummy mimosas as you can possibly drink for one super fair price sounds like the best thing to happen to anyone in the history of mornings, the true standout is their awesome brunch. Featuring Spanish inspired dishes, high quality ingredients, and a huge helping of pure awesome, L'Atelier is sure to become your next favourite (boozy) brunch spot.


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