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Best Montreal Mojitos

When we sip rum, we're like, yum!
Best Montreal Mojitos

Montreal’s incredible nightlife scene means that there are some pretty great drinks out there. Still, out of all of these tasty beverages, our favourite very well might be the mojito. Its delicious combination of rum, mint, and simple syrup makes for a sweet and refreshing concoction. Montreal bars have lots of different takes on this cocktail, and, as we found, many succeeded with their experiments. Here are Montreal’s best mojitos.

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La Distillerie

Various Locations

We love mojitos no matter what sort of glass we drink them from, but we especially enjoy them out of mason jars, as they’re served here. They’re not cheap, but you’ll get plenty of rum and minty goodness for your money. The long lines that often build outside the bar are well worth braving.

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Santos Tapas Bar

191 Rue Saint Paul Ouest

This bar is so committed to mojitos that they broke the record for the world’s largest mojito. The massive cocktail contained over 300 litres of rum, 120 kilograms of sugar, and 240 kilograms of mint. Even when they make them in smaller portions, they do a great job, allowing you to customize your drink with delicious flavours like blueberry lavender and coconut.

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1134 Avenue Mont-Royal Est

Nestled in the heart of the Plateau is this rum and tapas bar, which boasts one of the best mojitos in the city. They’ve got an incredibly extensive rum list, allowing for you to have the rum that best suits your mojito mood. You might want to get some food in your stomach before you imbibe, and you’ll have no problem doing that with their delicious selection of tapas.

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Huis Clos

7659 Rue St-Denis

Come here for a strong mojito that’s bursting with liquor and flavour. They make it with Havana Club, an authentic Cuban white rum that's perfect for mojitos. On top of that, they give you just enough simple syrup to make it tasty without being sickly sweet.

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Suite 701

701 Côte de la Place d'Armes

If you like your mojitos fruity, you’ll want to come here. They serve a strawberry mojito that’s a tasty and creative spin on the classic cocktail. They also add Chambord, giving it a touch of raspberry that makes it even fruitier and yummier. The Bacardi rum they use for it goes well with the fruits.

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La B del M

7481 Rue St-Hubert

This restaurant is Cuban, so it’s no surprise that they serve an incredible mojito, but it’s still well worth noting. Pair it one of their traditional Cuban dishes like Ropa Vieja for a deliciously authentic eating experience. The cozy atmosphere is perfect for enjoying your meal.

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Tripes & Caviar

3725 Rue Wellington

Come to this restaurant for a one-of-a-kind mojito experience that’s as yummy as it is creative. They make a beet mojito that’s refreshing and unique. We weren’t sure if we’d like it, but the beets ended up being an excellent addition to the cocktail.

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Restaurant Devi

1450 Rue Crescent

You usually don’t think of mojitos as being associated with Indian food, but this Indian restaurant offers a delicious version of the cocktail. They add ginger to it, which gives the drink a spicy flavour that works perfectly. It’s not particularly alcoholic, but it sure is tasty.

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3 Amigos

Various Locations

This place is generally more known for their giant margaritas and daquiris, but their mojitos are equally great. They’re very minty, just the way we like them. The cocktails go incredibly well with their stand-out guacamole.

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3956 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

The music generally gets more attention here than the drinks, but they make a delicious mojito in addition to their bangin’ tunes. Naturally, you’ll want to get some liquor in your system before you hit the dance floor, and we can’t imagine a better way to do it than with their minty delights.

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La Louisiane

5850 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest

The mojito here isn’t particularly fancy, but they do it right. They use extremely fresh mint and real cane sugar, making it the perfect mojito experience. The sweetness of the cocktail is the perfect antidote for the spiciness of their Cajun-Creole cuisine.

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4461 Rue St-Denis

It’s always fun to let loose and take part in some salsa dancing, as you can do here, but it’s even better when you have some drinks in your system first. Thankfully, the mojitos here are a delicious way to get tipsy before you get down. They’ve also got a kitchen, and they serve delicious Mexican specialties like mole poblano.

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Baldwin's Barmacie

115 Avenue Laurier Ouest

If you’re looking for a luxurious mojito experience, you’ll want to come here. They offer a Mojito Deluxe, which swaps the club soda for champagne, resulting in a lavish mojito that tastes of indulgence with every sip. Traditionalists need not fear, either, because they offer a “normal” mojito as well.

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Sala Rossa

4848 Boulevard St-Laurent

Not only is this place one of the best venues in the city, often featuring many of the world’s top bands, but they also serve a damn fine mojito. Getting a little drunk is always helpful for enjoying music, and you can do so deliciously with their minty delights. You can barely taste the rum, but you’ll feel the effects quickly enough.

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