Best Montreal Moroccan Food Restaurants 2016

Prepare for pastilla paradise.
Best Montreal Moroccan Food Restaurants 2016

Hey, friends, do you remember when my coworker Rebecca told you exactly why Moroccan women make great wives? Well, now I'm here to tell you this: Moroccan food is seriously, seriously amazing. There's something about the combination of spices, textures and flavours that is beautifully, amazingly mouthwatering. Plus, Moroccan cuisine is pretty much awesome to eat whenever: For a date, on a night out with friends, after a long day of exploring the city, whatever.

Luckily for us, there are tons of awesome Moroccan restaurants in Montreal. Confused as to where to begin your adventure in Montreal Moroccan food? Well, don't worry, friends. That's why I'm here. Read on for Best Montreal Moroccan Restaurants 2016.

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1. La Rose Des Sables

1815 Rue Beaubien E

Alright, show of hands: Who here loves fresh and flavourful food? Don't worry, friends. That was a rhetorical question. Everyone loves fresh and flavourful food. And at this Rosemont Moroccan eatery, fresh and flavourful is pretty much the theme of the year. The food here is high quality, bursting with flavour, and seriously delicious - and with a super varied menu, featuring dishes like merguez couscous (!!) and lamb tajine, there's something for everyone. New dinner spot? Found.


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2. La Khaima

142 Avenue Fairmount O

Alright, this spot wins all the points for their seriously amazing decor and ambiance. But, to be honest, I don't want to spoil the surprise for you guys - so instead, we'll just dive right into the food. La Khaima serves up some seriously authentic North African food - and although all their dishes are made from fresh, quality ingredients, and are super flavourful (meaning you really can't go wrong, no matter what you pick), protip? Go for one of their tajine dishes. This flavourful dish is served up perfectly cooked, spiced, and downright delicious.


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3. Salon Mogador

310 Rue Beaubien E

Oh man. Okay, honestly, guys? The ambiance here is one of the most vibrant and fun in the city. If you're looking for a great time with your food, this is probably where you're going to want to head out. But Mogador isn't amazing simply because of its atmosphere, friends. The food here? Yeah. Mind blowing. Featuring some of the most authentic and tasty Moroccan food in Montreal, Salon Mogador's huge and varied menu features delicious dishes like their "Morgador" couscous (featuring veal, chicken, and raisins, to name a few) and Harira soup. Sound delicious? You know it.


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4. Rumi

5198 Rue Hutchison

This Outremont spot isn't quite Moroccan - in fact, it's an amalgamation of all kinds of Middle Eastern cuisines, with Turkish, Moroccan, and Afghan undertones present in the majority of their dishes. Which is seriously awesome, because whatever you're in the mood for, chances are very good that they're going to have it at Rumi. A selection of their delectable dishes? Naan bread, Moroccan pastilla, and "Tabriz" (Cornish hen stuffed with apricots, shallots, and other goodies). Not only is their menu seriously varied, but their dishes use local Quebec ingredients whenever possible, and feature meats that have been raised without antibiotics.


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5. La Cuisine D'Izza

228 Rue Bernard O

Okay, where do I even begin with Cuisine D'Izza? This Plateau Moroccan restaurant features a modern twist on traditional Moroccan food, offering delicious dishes like merguez pogos and kefta burgers, to name a few. Although their menu is full of delicious options, no matter what you pick, you're going to get something that's super fresh, super high quality, and pretty much bursting with flavour. Add this to their casual-yet-intimate vibe and their super welcoming atmosphere, and you've got yourself the recipe for your next favourite restaurant, friends.


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6. Menthe Et Couscous

361 Rue Émery

Friends, the food at Menthe et Couscous is seriously, seriously on point. Everything here is super fresh and awesome, but their couscous just might be the star of the show. Seriously. Their couscous dishes are super flavourful, cooked to perfection, and all-around amazing (S/O to their "Royal Couscous", which combines lamb and merguez with fluffy, delicious couscous). Oh, and speaking of shows? Menthe et Couscous offers the option to enjoy your meal while watching an amazing belly dancing show. I know, friends. I know.


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7. L'Olive Noir

4271 Rue Ontario E

Fans of Moroccan food, get yourselves here. Seriously. First of all, this Moroccan spot boasts a beautiful decor and a friendly, upscale atmosphere, making it the perfect spot for a dinner date, grabbing food with friends or family, or... well, anything, basically. And the food? OMG. Perfection. Their menu boasts more traditional Moroccan fare, like pastillas and tajines, and everything is consistently tasty, fresh, and overall mouthwatering. All the yums, my friends. All the yums.


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8. Au Tarot

500 Rue Marie-Anne E

A staple in Montreal's Moroccan restaurant scene, Au Tarot has been opened for over three decades. And one visit to this warm, welcoming Plateau eatery will tell you why. Other than having a super awesome, friendly atmosphere, the food at Au Tarot is seriously delicious. Offering fresh, traditional Moroccan fare, such as tajines, Harira, and couscous, fans of Moroccan food will definitely want to get themselves here to try an authentic, yummy meal.


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9. Au Coin Bebère

73 Avenue Duluth E

Okay, first of all, the couscous here are seriously fluffy, fresh, flavourful, and overall amazing. Although, honestly, you can pretty much apply that to any item on the menu here. Seriously. The food at Coin Bebère is so good that I'm willing to bet you can close your eyes and pick something, and you'll still end up super thrilled with your choice. Oh, and bonus points for their super welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Winning? Winning.


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10. K'moon

150 Rue Saint Zotique E

One of the newest Moroccan restaurants in Montreal, K'moon has already been making some serious waves in Montreal. One bite of their food and you'll instantly understand why. This Moroccan spot, located in Montreal's Little Italy, offers up some seriously authentic, flavourful, and all-around delicious dishes. Protip: Try their merguez seffa. Just trust me on this one, friends. OMG.


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