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Best Montreal Mussel Restaurants

The tiny seafood with a big taste.
Best Montreal Mussel Restaurants

When they're done right, mussels are some of the most delicious seafood out there.

Thankfully, because of Canada's coastlines,

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Maestro SVP

3615 Saint Laurent

At this bistro in the plateau you can order yourself a main course 1.5lbs of mussels, and you can choose any one of their 8 different sauces to go with it. They have the more traditional cream, white wine and garlic sauce, but if you want something with a little more zing, go for the tomato salsa, chill, coriander, and lemon juice sauce - it's super flavourful. They also have an all-you-can-eat special for mussels on Sundays and Mondays!


Dominion Square Tavern

1243 Metcalfe

This upscale pub has some pretty mouthwatering mussels on their menu. They're cooked with cider and bacon (yeah you read that right, mussels AND bacon) and they're served up with some deliciously golden french fries. This dish is not to be missed.


Restaurant Santa Barbara

6696 Saint-Vallier

Restaurant Santa Barbara may be known for their vegetarian food, but their PEI steamed mussels deserve some recognition of their own. This tasty seafood dish comes cooked to perfection with white wine, dijon mustard, cream, shallots, and tarragon and is so good you might as well just order one for everybody, because there's no way you'll want to share.


Photo Cred - Food Spotting


298 Place D’Youville

This Old Montreal classic restaurant has got a mussels dish that cannot be missed. Their Mussels a La Provencale are oven baked, instead of the more traditional steaming, and cooked with french shallots, garlic and crumbled bacon. It's an amazing flavour combo that is sure to bring your tastebuds to life, and you'll most likely find yourself trying to soak up every last drop of sauce.


Restaurant Lemeac

1045 Laurier O

The mussels at this high end French bistro are always fresh and never disappoint. They're done "Leméac" style and come with freshly made french fries. The sauce put on the mussels has a bit of a dill flavour, which gives it a nice taste, and the mussels themselves are perfectly chewy and get better and better with every bite.


Holder Restaurant Bar

407 McGill

At Holder Resto-Bar you can get the mussels two ways. The first is with a Marinère sauce, which has a onion and white wine base. The second is in a creamy pastis broth. Both are absolutely delicious, so there's really no wrong choice here. They also come with a side of house fries that compliment the mussels perfectly.


Modavie Resto-Bar

1 Saint Paul O

This wine bar is serving up some of the best mussels in the city. They come cooked in an amazing creamy sauce made with Pernod liquor and served with a side of crispy fries. This dish is sure to satisfy all of your seafood needs and keep you coming back.


Photo Cred - Alexy_FOG

Chez Delmo

275 Notre Dame O

Chez Delmo keeps it fresh with a 'Mussels of The Day' bringing in their mussels straight from PEI. They're made with either you choice of a Ricard sauce or a white wine sauce, both of which are extremely delicious, and come served with fries and mayo.


Bistro Tot ou Tard

1030 Cherrier

Across from Parc La Fontaine, Bistro Tot ou Tard has 7 different kinds of mussels on their menu. For those who like the more traditional flavours, you can get a freshly made marinara sauce, but for those who want something with a more unique taste, you can try the blue cheese, the pesto creme or the dijionnaises. No matter what you pick, you're in for a good meal.


Les Tontons Flingueurs

5190 Cote Des Neiges

For those looking to eat as many mussels as you possibly can, Les Tontons Flinguerus is the place for you - they have all-you-can-eat mussels every day of the week. They come made with an extremely tasty white wine, leak, and cream sauce that's so good you may find yourself eating more than you ever thought you could.


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