Best Montreal “Naked Yoga” Classes

Where you can 'bare' it all and get a workout.

Personally, I find regular yoga classes to be a little too intimate for my taste.

But for some, a normal yoga class just doesn't offer the freedom they desire.

That's why Naked Yoga was invented also known as sanskrit nagna yoga or vivastra yoga and it's growing in popularity quickly.

While most people choose to practice naked yoga at home with instructional videos, others prefer the traditional group setting, so naked yoga classes and retreats have also been popping up lately.


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Unfortunately we quickly discovered that there are no studios in Montreal who offer organized naked yoga classes for women.

But don't worry, because you still have a few options available:

1. Solo

You can practice in the privacy of your own home, alone or as a couple, using some of the many instructional videos online. (NSFW)

2. Retreats

Don't feel like going at it alone? Sign up with Montreal's nudist community group to know where and when their next naked yoga retreat will take place

3. Meetups

You can also join Quebec's nudist community who also often organize naked yoga meetups and retreats.

4. Nearby Courses

If you're looking for an actual class, you can head over to nearby Toronto where they have women-only yoga and all-gender clothing optional classes.

5. Classes For Guys

If you're a guy, then you can just head over to Mudraforce a studio that specializes exclusively  in naked yoga for men.

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