Best Montreal NDG Restaurants

Notre Dame des Grace's premiere eateries.
Best Montreal NDG Restaurants

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Notre Dame des Grace – or “NDG” as the cool kids call it, is often the butt of many of Montreal’s jokes. Commonly referred to as the oddball redheaded ginger cousin that walks to the beat of a different drum (mainly because that cousin made the drum out of the family cat) – like adding spice to any other family, NDG is what makes our city unique. Here are the top 10 uniquely NDG dishes not to be missed.

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Snowdon Deli

5265 Boulevard Décarie

  • If you’re going to have the authentic Montreal smoked meat sandwich experience, the old fashioned at Snowdon deli is where you’ll have it. The cut of brisket between medium and fat is where it’s at.


5562 Upper Lachine Rd

  • The "Supreme” Sub: 14 glorious inches of steak, Italian sausage, sautéed onions and bell peppers, topped with cheese, coleslaw and their hot sauce is what you’re going to order in the temple of the tricolore.

Hwang Kum

5908 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest

  • Haemul Pajeon – the seafood pancake. Shredded vegetables and seafood make up this fluffy and crispy pillow of fried deliciousness.


5674 Monkland

  • Get the challah French toast and fried chicken. Really, is there any better way to start the weekend?

Chalet BBQ

5456 Rue Sherbrooke W.

  • One of the city’s gastronomical landmarks, Chalet BBQ sets the standard in the rotisserie chicken game – ask for a bag of necks.


5599 Côte St Luc Rd

  • You haven’t had pizza until you had one of Pendelli's signature Montreal “Greek style” pizza; an all-dressed pizza with pepperoni sliced lengthwise topped with smoked meat and onions.


6200 Somerled

  • You can stop looking, these are the best pancakes in the city.

Pasta Cassareccia

5849 Sherbrooke W

  • One of the best places for a traditional Italian meal – with homemade pastas and a table d’hote menu that changes daily, you’ll never have a bad meal here.

Che Churro

6543 Somerled

  • Che Churro is one of the few places in the city that make authentic Argentinean churros to order – try the empanadas too.


5499 Sherbrooke

  • You have a choice of prune or apricot filled “ponki” (doughtnuts). Get a dozen of each.

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