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Best Montreal NDG Restaurants

Popular spots in one of Montreal's funnest boroughs.
Best Montreal NDG Restaurants

Photo cred - Bike Ranter

The Notre-dame-de-grace neighborhood is definitely worth more than one visit.  No matter what neck of the woods you’re in, NDG will surely rub your tummy the right way.  In this area, there are lots of greasy spoon type spots, particularly for breakfast.  Sherbrooke Street West and Monkland are streets where the happy, the hip, and the hungry eat well.  Here’s a list of over 10 places definitely worth checking out sometime soon.

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Another breakfast hotspot in NDG, you’ll get the most bang for your buck here without any skimping on the quality.  It’s been around for years and its popularity has yet to wane.  Definitely a local favourite.  Who doesn’t love classic pancakes and French toast?Nothing grabs a Montrealers attention like a terrasse, and this joint boasts a two level one. This is a Lebanese restaurant where portions are generous to say the least.  Definitely an affordable restaurant with the Machawi for 2 totaling $31.99.  It's a huge plate with salad, rice, 5 brochettes (2 shish taouk, 2 kafta kebab and 1 shish kebab) as well as babaganoush and hummus.The restaurant’s prices are reasonable – 6 to 7 dollars for a standard roll and 10 dollars for a specialty roll.  It’s a BYOB which helps in terms of the bill.  The rolls are not overly complicated, each containing 3 to 5 ingredients, and all really play on flavor and texture.A traditional Thai meal can be found here.  Sticky rice and papaya salad are their staple menu items.  A nice little detail is the coconut cookies that come for dessert.A true gem to be discovered in NDG, this restaurant is strictly a daytime operation.  Whic means his place can only be hit up for lunch and brunch.  Decide whether jerk shrimp po’boy or lemon ricotta pancakes are your flavor.  Whatever time of the day, your gut will surely be satisfied here.  The cute little maple syrup bottles are begging to be stolen!This brasserie meets trattoria is a prime NDG hot spot, especially during the summer months.  It’s a small space that always seems to be packed.  They’ve got a no-reservation policy, so be aware of that.  Service is attentive without being pushy.  Menu is small and offers a variety of comfort foods like pastas, steaks and burgers.  Don’t pass up on their hand-cut beef tartare.Can we say artery shock?  A legend within the community, this is the best place to pick up a greasy spoon kind of meal.  An affordable and filling breakfast to say the least.Montreal is populated by so many all-you-can Japanese restaurants how do I ever know what to choose? NDG has an answer. Although this isn't your typical Japanese restaurant. So do not expect the sushi rolls to be authentic. Their rolls are a bit inspired from Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. The oweners, however, are Japanese so this must be a good sign.What's better than knowing where to get traditional and home-made indian in any area? This is a great place for serious Indian food and a proper sit-down dinner. They offer stuff such fan favorites like tandoori dishes of chicken, shrimp and lamb, fish curries and masalas (mainly shrimp and scallops), a large selection of chicken and lamb curries, dal soup, pakoras and a vegetarian selection. Ganges also serves combination meals for two to four people.This cozy Korean restaurant is a great way to introduce yourself this type of cuisine if you’ve never tried it before.  The haemul pajeon, known in English as a seafood pancake, is a must try.  Or check out their Galbi, short ribs that will take comfort food to a new level for you.If you’re looking for Cajun specialties look no further than here.  Shrimp Creole anyone with jambalaya rice and chicken étouffé (in a dark creamy sauce)?  Nothing says southern soul like spice... and really good wine. But that’s true of any great place, right?

Orange Café

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Bangkok Express

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Monkland Tavern

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Mikado Sushi

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La Louisiane

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Written by Amanda Fulginiti, see more of her work here.

What places do you love in NDG?

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