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Best Montreal Onion Rings

My precious.
Best Montreal Onion Rings

Photo cred - USC2000

Few things say delicious junk food like the golden yumminess of deep-fried onion rings. The lightly-salted crunchy exterior combined with the warm sweetness of onion on the inside is a match made in heaven and definitely a great alternative to the french fry. Whether you eat them as a quick snack or as a side to your favourite meals, onion rings are mad tasty and you need to know where to get your hands on some right meow. So make like Beyonce, and put a ring on it asap.


1655 Rue Saint-Denis

Known for their comfort food, Mâche! delivers on seriously satisfying onion rings. Perfectly coated, crunchy and super filling, you get 8 huge onion rings that are pretty much a meal on their own. Served with their housemade Mâche! ketchup, you will want to stop in here the next time you find yourself in the Quartier Latin.

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Burger Royal

3820 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Burger Royal prides itself on their farm-to-table, grass-fed, free range, hormone-free meats, and while that might sound contrary to deep-fried junk food, nothing goes better with said meats than their delectable onion rings. Freshly battered and served with a spicey sauce for dipping, you can feel good about all that grease since Burger Royal only use fresh and local products, and everything is gluten-free.

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Reuben's Deli & Steaks

1116 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Reuben's is an upscale steak house known for their smoke meat and fine selection of steaks, so naturally, they make some delcious steak-cut onion rings. This means sweet onions cut thick and fried to crispy perfection, served with a Jack Daniel’s® B.B.Q dipping sauce. If that didn't make you salivate, I don't know what will.

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Photo cred - USC2000

Le Saint Bock

1749 Rue Saint-Denis

A favourite St-Denis hangout is the Saint-Bock bar with an amazing selelction of local craft beers and really good food, including some top-notch fried rings. You get a generous portion of onion rings lightly beer-battered and served with their housemade sauce. Beer and onion rings really the best thing ever.


The NextDoor Pub & Grill

5175 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest

The next time you are watching the Habs at the NextDoor Pub, make sure you order some of their onion rings. Their big, crispy, beer-battered onions, lightly salted and made to order always hit the spot.



3462 Avenue du Parc

Those living in the McGill Ghettto should already be familiar with this late-night diner that serves up all the classic and then some, including warm, deep-fried, golden onion rings. Switch out your fries for Alto's tasty onion rings for your next drunchies fix, and you will not be disappointed.



Various locations

Brace yourselves, A&W made the list. Yes, it is a major fast food chain, but that doesn't mean they don't make a good onion ring. Their crunchy, lightly seasoned batter mix, fries up as good as any mom & pop diner, and there's an A&W pretty much everywhere in Montreal now, so getting your hands on some has never been easier.

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La Belle & La Boeuf

1620 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Since it opened just this past summer, La Belle & La Boeuf has been offering the Concordia area great food and drink specials in a groovy, vintage vibe. Along with their gourmet burgers, La Belle & La Boeuf serve up some killer onion rings that come with your choice of over a dozen dipping sauces including Cranberry Mayo, Honey Mayo, and Volcano Sauce.

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Photo cred - @jessiegarno

Deville Diner Bar

1425 Rue Stanley

Deville Diner Bar might not seem like your typical diner, with its flashy decor and fancy ambiance, but you'll find all the diner staples here, just with a modern spin. Ordering their famous Onion Brick gets you pretty much a whole Vitalia onion, generously coated in their buttermilk batter and served with a wicked-awesome homemade jalapeno marmalade.

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Casse Croute Du Coin (aka Moe's Diner)

1455 Rue Lambert Closse

For that classic, old-school diner feel, you can't go wrong with Moe's. Still one of the busiest late-night joints in the city on a Saturday night for some delicious alcohol-absorbing grease power, Moe's doesn't have any fancy onion rings or sauces, just standard, straight-forward onions sliced and battered for your deep-fried enjoyment.

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