Best Montreal Oyster Restaurants

So shucking good.
Best Montreal Oyster Restaurants

When it comes to oysters, most people either absolutely love them or positively hate them. Personally, I'm of the 'love them' mindset and am convinced that everyone who isn't is seriously misguided.

Oysters can be eaten raw, smoked, broiled, baked, or fried (among many other ways) each way just as delicious as the next. In addition to being super healthy for you (they're an excellent source of zinc, iron, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin B12) they're also an aphrodisiac, making them the perfect thing to order on your next date.

We have tons of oysters local to Canada, so there's constantly a great selection available to us here in Montreal. Read on below to discover the Best Montreal Oyster Restaurants.

1. La Boite Aux Huîtres

7070 Henri Julien

Not only are the oysters at this oyster shop super tasty, but every Tuesday they have a $1 oyster special, so you can get your seafood fill without busting your wallet. They have tons of different kinds of local Canadian and American oysters, each with their own unique flavour. Top your oyster off with some tabasco sauce or malt vinegar and you'll be in for one seriously delicious treat.


Photo Cred - Joy Rigel

2. Le Bremner

361 Saint Paul E

Known for their amazing seafood, Le Bremner has a raw oysters on the half shell dish that comes with 2 different kinds of oysters, one from PEI and one from New Brunswick. It also comes with 3 different sauces to top your fresh shells off with, all of which will have your tastebuds singing songs of joy.


3. Kitchenette

1353 Rene Levesque

Kitchenette likes to keep everything at their restaurant fresh, including their menu. The types of oysters that they have and the sauces they come with are constantly changing, but the oysters are consistently shucked perfectly and are always oh so delicious and refreshing.


4. Kinka Izakaya

1624 Saint Catherine O

For a more unique oyster dish, Kinka Izakaya's Kaki Mayo is definitely the way to go. It's a baked oyster with spinach, mushroom and garlic mayo, that's topped with cheese. It's a perfect blend of flavours with just the right amount of saltiness that's sure to hit the spot every time.


5. Garde Manger

408 Saint Francois-Xavier

Chef Chuck Huges has done it again with his seafood restaurant Garde Manger. On their menu they have a variety of fresh seasonal Canadian oysters, each of which have their own delicious taste. They're always fresh and prepared perfectly. All you need is a little lemon juice and you're good to go.


6. Cartel Street Food Bar

101 Fairmont O

Cartel Street Food Bar's menu has an amazing blend of different international cuisines from American to Asian to Mexican, and luckily for us, they also have some insanely fresh and delicious oysters on the menu. On Wednesdays the oysters are only $1 with the purchase of a drink, so you can go crazy ordering as many oysters as your heart desires.


Photo Cred - MimiLaNuit

7. Mimi La Nuit

22 Saint Paul E

Sat in Old Port, this newly opened, hidden gem of a bar has 7 oysters for $19 on their menu. They're fresh raw oysters, that are always of the highest quality. Top them off with a little hot sauce or vodka and the flavourful taste that you'll experience will have you coming back time and time again.


8. Lucille’s Oyster Dive

5626 Monkland

A maritime inspired seafood restaurant, Lucille's has oysters right in the name, so you can be sure that they're going to be good. Fresh from their raw bar, the oysters can be a little expensive, but they're so, so worth it. You'll find yourself ordering more than you ever thought you would. They also have a food truck so you can get their delicious fare all over the city.


9. Le Majestique

4501 Saint Laurent

Operating as an oyster house and cocktail lounge, Le Majestique has fresh oysters served up in a cool and unpretentious atmosphere. The oysters come with horseradish and a home made hot sauce that are sure to give your mouth a blast of flavour.


10. Ferreira Cafe

1446 Peel

At this Portuguese seafood restaurant they have two different oyster dishes on the menu, both of which are totally worth ordering. The first is a classic oysters on ice with mignonette sauce, which is always fresh and flavourful. The second is a more unique Portuguese style oyster dish with tomato and chorizo sauce, and St George gratinées.


11. Le North End

5800 De La Roche

Located in the heart of Rosement, Le North End has an oyster appetizer on their menu that is the perfect way to start off what is sure to be an excellent meal. They're always changing it up, offering different varieties of oyster, but rest assured that they're always top notch.


Photo Cred - Maestro SVP

12. Maestro SVP

3615 Saint Laurent

With over 60 different kinds of oysters offered throughout the year, Maestro SVP are oyster masters. Their chalkboard menu changes daily, so you'll always be able to try something new. And if you're up for the challenge, you can attempt to beat the standing record of eating 40 dozen oysters in 2 hours and 15 minutes, and if you somehow manage, your oysters will be free.


13. Le Club Chasse Et Peche

On their menu, Le Club Chasse Et Peche has the interestingly named "Oysters With Charisma." Now, saying that dead shell fish has charisma is a pretty lofty claim, but trust us, it lives up to it. These 3 big oysters are fresh and delicious, each coming with their own light and flavourful sauce. You'll be wishing that you had ordered two!


14. Le Serpent

257 Prince

Le Serpent is a contemporary bistro who has put their own spin on the classic raw oyster dish. Their oysters on the half shell comes with a with maple mignonette that's smokey and not too sweet and compliments the flavours of the oyster extremely well. Finish it off with a dash of lemon juice and it'll be smooth sailing for you my friend.


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