Best Montreal Pastel De Nata

Everyone's favourite Portuguese delight.
Best Montreal Pastel De Nata

Ah, pastel de nata. Equal parts flaky, creamy, and amazing, this Portuguese pastry is pretty much one of the best desserts out there. And although there's no such thing as a bad pastel de nata (seriously, something so fantastic can never be bad, IMO), certainly the best of these pastries can brighten up your mood, put a smile on your face, and give you something to rave about for days and days on end.

Luckily for us, we live in Montreal. Which basically means that there are tons of places that serve up this seriously delicious, crisp, sweet Portuguese custard tart. Feeling a little lost as to where to begin your search for these cups of actual happiness? Well, don't worry, friend. I've got your back. Read on for Best Montreal Pastel De Nata 2016.

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1. Bela Vista

6409 Avenue Papineau

Alright, straight up, the natas here are an actual work of art. First of all, Bela Vista boasts a super awesome selection of natas - like maple, for example - on top of the original sort. But don't worry, friends, it doesn't really matter which Portuguese delight you choose to take, because no matter what, you're going to be getting a crisp, flaky pastry filled with the most rich and decadent custard. And, while many natas are super sweet, the ones over here strike the perfect sugar/custard balance, allowing every single flavour to truly shine.


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2. Ma Poule Mouillée

969 Rachel St E

Okay, seriously, we need to talk about Ma Poule Mouillee. Not only does this Plateau spot serve up some seriously awesome Portuguese chicken - and a poutine that's pretty much out of this world delicious - but their natas? So, so, so good. The pastry is just a tad lighter and flakier than most other ones, which makes for an incredibly awesome texture, especially with the sweet, super creamy custard. Come here for the Portuguese chicken, stay for the natas, TBH.


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3. Pâtisserie Notre-Dame Du Rosaire

227 Rue Rachel E

This Plateau bakery is seriously a haven for pastel de nata. It might be a little easy to walk past, but trust me, friends, inside is an actual paradise for those of us who adore these Portuguese pastries. First of all, they offer many different varieties of natas, including chocolate and maple syrup, on top of the original custard version. And with crisp, flaky, flavourful shells supporting thick, rich, perfectly sweetened custard, it doesn't really matter which variation you pick - everything is guaranteed to make you cry out in pure pastel de nata euphoria.


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4. Braseiro

8261 Boul St-Laurent

This eatery serves up some awesome Portuguese food (their chourico gives me life), and after you're done your delicious meal, you can order a pastel de nata for dessert. Not only are these delicious on their own, but the way this spot prepares them just adds infinite points to the awesome factor. Imagine flaky, creamy natas - except heated up and sprinkled with cinnamon. Yes, it's as mind blowing as you're imagining that it is. Get there now, friends, and thank me later.

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5. Romados

115 Rue Rachel E

Pretty much the gold standard of Portuguese food in Montreal, the natas at Romados are life. Seriously. Most people go to Romados for its amazing Portuguese chicken, which is fine - but trust me when I say that you're going to want to add in a nata (or 3) onto your order. These little cups of awesome are super fresh, with a flaky and dense shell filled with a sweet, creamy, thick custard topped with a slight sprinkling of crisp and delicate sugar. Pastel de nata goals? Pastel de nata goals.


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6. Piquillo

3900 Rue Ethel

You might know this Verdun eatery for its brunches; and while their brunches are amazing, trust me when I say that you're going to want to leave room for dessert. Their natas? Seriously the most fresh, decadent, and tasty things you'll ever have the pleasure of trying. Even if Verdun is a little ways away for you, friend, you're going to want to get yourself there anyway - one bite of these delicious Portuguese pastries is more than worth the trek.


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7. Cantinho de Lisboa

356 St-Paul

Located in Old Montreal, this spot is the perfect place to go and grab a treat after a long day of exploring the Old Port. And trust me, friends, you're going to want to stop here. Not only does Cantinho de Lisboa serve up some seriously awesome Portuguese food in general, but their pastries? Yeah. Mouthwatering. Although their natas are a thing of pure beauty, with a perfectly crisp shell and sweet custard, but their other pastries are amazing as well. Your next fave Portuguese pastry spot? Found.


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8. Notre Maison

4101 Boul St-Laurent

Natas on point, life on point; and Notre Maison serves up one seriously on point pastel de nata. The crust is perfectly flaky, crisp, and sweet; while the filling is extremely delicious, managing to strike the perfect balance between light and creamy. Fans of natas, you need to get yourself here, ASAP.


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9. Les Anges Gourmets

4247 Boul St-Laurent

What do you get when you combine fair prices, high quality, and fresh dishes? You get perfection, and that's pretty much the best way to describe Les Anges Gourmets. Kind of hidden on St. Laurent street, it might be a little easy to walk right by this gem - but, trust, don't make that mistake. Inside are amazing food treasures that you won't believe exist. Their natas in particular are super fresh, crisp, sweet, and all-around delicious; and while they're the clear star of the show, everything here is made with the same quality and freshness, so don't be scared to branch out and get something else. There are no wrong decisions here, friends. Only great ones.


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10. Galo

1970 Boulevard Graham

Straight up, Galo is amazing. Located in TMR, this might be quite a trek for some people - but honestly, the travel time is justified. The food here? Out of this world; and the natas are equally impressive. Fresh and tasty, these morsels of pure happiness are served up grilled and sprinkled with cinnamon, which adds a completely new and amazing dimension to everyone's favourite Portuguese treat.


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