Best Pastel De Nata In Montreal

Everyone's favourite Portuguese delight.
Best Pastel De Nata In Montreal

Pastel de Nata are much-loved Portuguese pastries. Striking that perfect balance between sweet and savory, and surprisingly simple in their ingredients, but are a labor of love to actually make.

The Plateau Mont-Royal - where a large community of Portugues immigrants settled - is home to many wonderful Portugues rotisserie houses, restaurants, and pastry shops.  All of them stock up these egg custard tarts. They sell like hotcakes.

If you're craving a good Pastel De Nata, head out to one of the spots below, they are all guaranteed to hit the spot.

8. Ma Poule Mouillée

Where: 969 Rachel St E // Plateau

Why you should go: Not only is this Plateau spot known for their delicious rotisserie chicken and crazy poutine, but the Pastel De Nata are apparently bomb-tastic.


7. Romados

Where: 115 Rue Rachel E // Plateau

Why you should go: Like many Portuguese spots this Plateau institution is known for its chicken. The counter-style service is perfect for a quick meal to-go. But don't forget to try the scrumptious Pastels De Nata.


6. Les Anges Gourmets

Where: 4247 St Laurent Blvd // Plateau

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Why you should go: This compact bakery serves up classic pastries and Portuguese-style treats. Many swear by their Pastel de Nata.


5. Cantinho de Lisboa

Where: 356 St-Paul // Old Port

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Why you should go: This charming Old Port spot is perfect for an afternoon coffee after an Old Port stroll. Serving not only delicious Pastel De Nata but other Portuguese specialties, it's a must-try.


4. Notre Dame Du Rosaire

Where: 227 Rue Rachel E // Plateau

Why you should go: This plateau spot has definitely made into institution status by now. They bake-up classic sweet and savory Portuguese pastries, and their Natas are Montreal-famous.


3.  Pâtissieries Bela Vista

Where: 6409 Avenue Papineau // Rosemont

Why you should go: This charming Rosemont bakery whips up some amazing-looking Pastels de Nata. Flaky, creamy, and baked to perfection.


2. Jano Grillades

Where: 3883 Boulevard Saint-Laurent // Plateau

Why you should go: Jano has been around as long as I can remember. It's a great casual spot for Portuguese chicken and other grilled succulent meats. Top off your meal with their flaky and delicious Natas too.


1. Chez Doval

Where: 150 Marie-Anne St E // Plateau

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Why you should go: Like many Portuguese eateries in Montreal, they have been around a long time. This Montreal staple serves family-style delicious grilled meats and some delicious Natas to enjoy at the end of your meal.


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