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Best Montreal Pâté Restaurants

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Best Montreal Pâté Restaurants

Pâté is one of those foods that's great at any time of the day - breakfast, lunch, second lunch, it doesn't matter. It's a creamy delicious spread that's usually made from cooked ground meat and fat that's been minced into a paste. You can eat it hot or cold, but it's always best when put on some equally delicious freshly baked bread.

While yes, it's typically made with liver meat, which might be too weird for some people to handle, there are other options out there that are made from things like seafood and veggies, so there's something for everyone.

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Au Pied de Cochon

536 Duluth E

This resto-cafe, which serves up some of the best Quebecois fare in Montreal, also has one of the best pâtés around. It's a fresh and flavourful block of pâté served with a fresh-out-of-the-oven toasted french sourdough slice. Combine the two and enjoy.



3927 Saint Denis

This Parisian style bistro has been serving the Montreal community for 30 years. Their menu of refined French foods features a chicken liver pâté that's made with pistachios for a bit of a nutty flavour. It's served in a mousse form so it's super smooth and tasty.


Le Comptoir

4807 Saint Laurent

Le Comptoir is known for their charcuterie platters, and luckily for us, they have one featuring some pretty delicious pâté. And it kicks it up a notch with freshly toasted campagne bread to put all of your spreads on. And trust us, it's so good that it'll definitely leave you wishing that you got a whole block of this stuff.


Les 400 Coups

400 Notre-Dame E

Sat in Old Montreal, 400 Coups serves up some pretty amazing Quebec sourced dishes. Their pâté is not only amazing, but is one of the most unique that you'll find in Montreal. It's made with larded liver, gin jelly, wild blueberries, and fresh juniper berries. It's a light and flavourful combo that's perfect for the summer.


Jardin Nelson

407 Jacques-Cartier

Jardin Nelson took the traditional Quebec dish and reinvented it into a homemade duck “pâté chinois” that never fails to impress. It has a layered duck confit topped with a sweet corn duo and mashed potatoes, and is served with beets and fruit ketchup - a unique combination of flavours that you'll find yourself craving over and over again.


Photo Cred - wtf Vegan Food

Aux Vivre

4631 Saint Laurent

For all of the people out there that aren't into the whole meat eating thing, Aux Vivre has an unbelievable vegan veggie pâté. It comes with chapati bread and pickles, and if you put them all together, you will not be disappointed.



407 McGill

This European style brasserie has a menu that boasts some of the best dishes in the city, and that includes their pâté. It's a a rich chicken liver pâté topped with a sweet pear chutney and served with fresh toast slices. Every bite is delicious and flavourful and will leave you craving more.


Le Clafouti

2122 Drummond

If you like your pâté mixed into something a bit more substantial, you need to make a stop at Le Clafouti. They have a liver pâté sandwich on a fresh French baguette with your choice of toppings and condiments. It's guaranteed to be one of the best lunches you've had in a long time.



355 McGill

Looking for something that you can share with your friends? Then you need to try the charcuterie board at Hambar, because they're huge and delicious. It comes with prosciutto, pickled vegetables, and an amazing chicken liver pâté that is sure to be the star of the plate.


M Sur Masson

2876 Masson

This gourmet Quebecois bistro has a veal liver pâté that will blow your mind with how delicious it is. It's been caramelized in port and comes with toasted french sourdough bread and roquette - it's super fresh, and super tasty.


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