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Best Montreal Pho Restaurants

Exactly what you need to beat the cold.
Best Montreal Pho Restaurants

Well, friends, I hope you've braced yourselves. Winter is finally here. There's snow on the ground, cold in the air, and a general sense of discontent across everyone who has to make their way through Montreal's icy tundra on any given day.

Sure, winter has its downsides. But it's also beautiful, and the perfect weather for one thing: Pho. Everyone's favourite Vietnamese treat, there's nothing a hot, yummy bowl of Pho can't fix.

Alright, fine, maybe it can't dig your car out of a mountain of snow. But, hey, it'll be there waiting for you as soon as you're done. Luckily for us, Montreal has tons of great places to get Pho; here are the Best Montreal Pho Restaurants 2016.

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1. Pho MyMy

9460 L'Acadie Boulevard

Ah, Pho MyMy. Where do I even begin? Well, how about I ask you this: friends, do you enjoy fresh, flavourful food? I'm betting your answer to that question was, "Yes. Obviously." And if it was, then you're going to love Pho MyMy. Featuring piping hot, flavourful broth, piled to the top with fresh noodles, meats, and toppings, this place scores all the pho points. Pho real. (I'm not funny. I'll stop.) Also, protip? Their pho is every single shade of amazing, but you should definitely try their bun bo hue while you're at it. Just trust me on this one.


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2. Pho Bang New York

1001 Boul St-Laurent

Arguably one of Montreal's most famous joints for Pho, it's very clear why Pho Bang New York is so popular. Their pho? Out of this pho-cking world (sorry). The broth is a little bit on the light side, which I feel like is a huge part of the appeal; you can really taste all the subtle ingredients that went into making your pho so awesome. Also, major bonus points for piling on heaps of fresh noodles, crunchy vegetables, and tender beef. Yum? Yum.

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3. Pho 99 Chabanel

9345 Boul St-Laurent

Tucked away in Ahuntsic, Pho 99 holds its own amongst even the most popular of establishments. Trust me on this one, friends: even if you're not from the area, you're going to want to get yourself there. It's more than worth the trek. Their pho dishes are so fresh and flavourful, with an abundance of tender meats and crisp, fresh vegetables, that you might actually turn into the heart emoji IRL. I know, friends. Get there.


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4. Sen Vang

5690 Avenue Victoria

Truth time: there is nothing I love more than when a restaurant hits the golden trifecta. Don't worry if you don't know about the golden trifecta. It's something I made up seconds ago to describe the solid combination of great food, great prices, and a great atmosphere. And friends, trust me when I say that Sen Vang hits that golden trifecta like nobody's business. Not only is it a casual, friendly eatery that offers some of the freshest pho I've encountered so far, but the taste? Oh boy. A burst of complex flavours mixed with fresh ingredients and tender meats - just delicious, friends. Just straight up delicious.


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5. Nguyen Phi

6260 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges

Another big name on the Pho scene, it's very easy to see why there's so much buzz about Nguyen Phi. It's pho-nominal. (Last one, promise). Their pho is something I could actually write a whole novel about, but I'll make it short and sweet for you guys: hot, flavourful broth; tender, fresh beef; and crisp, delicious vegetables all come together to create one seriously mind-blowing bowl of pho. You don't even need to add in any Sriracha. Yes, it's that good.

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6. My Canh

1086 Boul St-Laurent

If you're a fan of rich broths, then good news. My Canh's rich, silky, flavourful broth? Yeah. It's the stuff of legends. Although their broth is the star of the show, the rest of the ingredients in My Canh's delicious pho dishes are just as on point. Seriously, guys: super tender and flavourful beef, awesome toppings, and perfectly cooked noodles? Check, check, and check.


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7. Pho Tay Ho

6414 Rue Saint-Denis

The Pho at Tay Ho can be described in one word: beautiful. Honestly. Their pho features delicious, steamy broth, filled with complex flavours, and little slurps of lemongrass; fresh, slightly chewy noodles; and vibrant, crisp toppings, all of which come together so perfectly you might actually start crying pure, unbridled tears of joy. Don't be ashamed of the tears, friend. They're understandable, and worth it. #SoDelicious.

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8. Pho Nam Quan

3562 Rue Jarry E

This delicious Pho restaurant, located in the East, is a staple in my life. No, not just because of its location - which, to be totally honest, is really convenient for me and, I'm sure, a bunch of other Montrealers - but because of their oh-so yummy pho. Friends, trust me when I say this: it's freaking delicious. The broth is super rich and flavourful, with an abundance of crispy, yummy noodles and tender, fresh meats. All the yums, my friends, all the yums.

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9. Pho Lien

5703 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges

Alright, guys, question time. What's the best type of Pho? Okay, nevermind, I'll answer that for you. The best type of pho is a yummy, no-frills dish, with fresh ingredients, tender meat, and broth that's flavourful, yet simple enough to let all of the complex ingredients shine. Friends, that's exactly what you will find at Pho Lien. Okay, fine, maybe "the best type of pho" is subjective - but, no matter what, you're bound to find your next fave at Pho Lien.

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10. Pho Bac 97

1016 Boul St-Laurent

Okay, let's just get this out of the way now: Pho Bac 97 is. On. Point. Their steaming bowls of fresh, yummy pho? Yeah, served with a giant, heaping pile of flavourful, tender meat, yummy toppings, and crisp, fresh vermicelli. I wouldn't say it's the perfect solution to all of your winter blues, but... yeah, you know what, scratch that. It's exactly the perfect solution to all of your winter blues.

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