Best Montreal Pies 2016

Little slices of heaven.
Best Montreal Pies 2016

Despite being the most delicious format a food can come in, Montreal has something of a pie shortage. Now, I'm not talking about tourtière (which is technically a pie, I guess), I'm talking about the classically comforting goodness that is a traditional apple, pumpkin, or whatever other kind of pie you might love.

Maybe it's because "pie" (as most people know it) is more of a North American type of dish, or it's just that most pies are masquerading as a "tarte" in the city. But regardless of the reason, few bakeries are truly devoted to pies in Montreal.

Still, that doesn't mean there aren't amazing pies to be eaten here. And trust me when I say there are more spots than whatever boxed pies your nearest grocery store is selling. Instead, go get your pie on at one of these Montreal bakeries, all of whom craft some of the best pies in the city.


4615 Notre-Dame W

Even though Montreal has a lack of classic pie places, Rustique more than picks up the slack. And thank the good lord of pies that they do. Crafting perfect pies that are grandma-level amazing, Rustique's sublimity is bolstered by their impressively large selection of flavours, from simple apple to spiced hot chocolate pies.


Nouveau Palais

281 Bernard W

I tend to rep Nouveau Palais at almost any chance I get, because I love this Mile End eatery. But the addition of Nouveau Palais on this list isn't based (entirely) on my own favourable bias, it's because the diner-bar truly does boast some great pie. Only one flavour is currently on the dessert menu, sweet potato, but it's such a well-crafted pie that it deserves your mouth's attention.


Les Co’pains d’Abord

1965 Mont-Royal E + 2727 Masson + 418 Rachel E

With three different locations, Les Co’pains d’Abord brings piesof varying flavours to the people, depending on the year. Technically, most of their delectable creations would be considered a "tarte" but let's be honest people, that's just French for pie anyway.


Lola Rosa Milton

545 Milton

The McGill Ghetto's much-adored vegetarian eatery boasts a seriously strong pie game, with key lime, pumpkin, and chocolate flavours always on the dessert menu. Over the past week, Lola Rosa Milton even had a chocolate-caramel-cognac pie (pictured above) which showcases this resto's commitment to the mighty pie.


Sweet Lee’s

4150 Wellington

Always keeping their desserts simple and rustic, Sweet Lee's is arguably my favourite bakery in all of Montreal. Take a bite of one of their pies and you'll probably feel the same. Some form of traditional tarte/pie is always on Sweet Lee's menu, but their vast selection of mini cheesecakes (above) definitely walk into pie territory, thus cementing this bakery's place on our Best Pies list.


TA Pies

4520 du Parc

Who said a pie needs to be sweet? Not Australians, apparently, because the down under has an entire subsection of their food culture devoted to savoury hand pies. Kind of like the Australian answer to poutine (quick comfort food), the savoury hand pie is so delicious you won't even be missing the traditional sweet fillings of North American pies. And in Montreal, TA Pies is the place to get Australian hand pies. Even Hugh Jackman/Wolverine thinks so (actually, he said they're the best pies in the world) which is enough for me.


Maison Christian Faure

Raspberry, salted chocolate, lemon meringue, blueberry, these are but a sample of the many tartes/pies always available at Maison Christian Faure. Better yet, the premiere patisserie also creates seasonal pies that are both inventive and delicious, ensuring there's always something on the menu to satiate your pie cravings.


La Fournée Des Sucreries de L’Érable

Marché Jean-Talon

Tucked away in Jean-Talon market, La Fournée Des Sucreries de L’Érable is an ode to Quebec pies. You'll find a wide selection of pie creations, including some staples of the province, like the sugar overload that is a maple syrup pie. Don't get distracted by everything else at Jean-Talon Market, because La Fournée is the star of the show.


Mamie Clafoutis

1291 Van Horne + 3660 Saint-Denis + Others

Montrealers love Mamie Clafoutis, and for good reason. The bakery-cafe combo always prepares fresh pastries and desserts fit for a Montreal palate, and that includes their pies. Generally, a Mamie Clafoutis location will have at least one tarte/pie on-hand, with special pie-creations crafted depending on the season. I personally can't wait until next fall when Mamie Clafouti's apple pie is back and ready to be devoured.




Okay, so this one is kind of obvious, and almost doesn't even warrant a mention because everyone know's about this iconic pie spot, but my heart knows that if Rockaberry was left off of this list, people would cry out in anger. Personally, I find many of Rockaberry's pies to be a tad too sweet, or are really just cakes, though you can't deny this bakery's popularity. People love Rockaberry, and it's the first thing many people think of when asked "where do I get pie in Montreal?"


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