Best Montreal Pizzerias

31 authentic spots to choose from.
Best Montreal Pizzerias

One word: pizza. We all have our favourite in the city, the one pizza joint you probably feel can't be topped by any other. Whether you're into New York-style pizza or Chicago deep dish, Montreal is full of different pizza options that'll appeal to anyone.

But you're probably wondering who takes the place for the best pizzeria in the city? From Little Italy to downtown, pizzerias aren't hard to find. The problem is that it isn't easy to choose between the dozens of options out there. 

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TL;DR Pizzerias are a staple of life in Montreal. But what pizza place is the best in the city? Refer to the list of 31 pizzerias below for the answer.

To make choosing the best of the best easier for you, we've come up with a list of the 31 best pizzerias in all of Montreal. You're welcome.

This list includes the top picks from customer review aggregators like Yelp and Trip Advisor as well as Google Reviews and some of our own selections! 

Without further ado, and in no particular order:

Angelas Pizzeria

In business and serving Montrealers for over 40 years, Angelas Pizzeria claims to have the best pizza in the entire city! Setting them apart from other restaurants in Montreal, Angelas opens everyday at 6am, so even pizza for breakfast isn't a request too ambitious.

Website | Location


This incredible spot is made even better by the option to oder their savoury pizza pies on Uber Eats! Whether you're a vegetarian or a meat-lover, you'll find your pizza calling at Artigiana with the many topping selections that pair perfectly with their cooked-to-perfection pizza crust.

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You'll immediately be blown away by the late night ambiance and the decor of this special spot. But what will really knock your socks off is the pizza here. What sets Mangiafoco apart from the rest? Well, a specially imported Marra Forni oven straight from Italy. Could it get more authentic than this?

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Reviews praise its "fresh and delicious" menu and call it a "hidden treasure in the city," so can you really go wrong at Prato? Fellow Montrealers love the restaurant for its delicious thin crust pizza paired with flavourful sauce. It's the perfect combination to have you craving a slice!

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Originally named "Amelio's" when founded in 1985 by two brothers, the name was changed after the daughter of one of the men took ownership of this restaurant in the Milton-Parc neighbourhood. Not only has this been a family business for over three decades, but their pizza truly represents the traditonal, delicious taste we all crave!

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The family-run pizzeria uses local seasonal ingredients and provides an incredible ambience for anyone who decides to dine-in. The restaurant is known for being on the more fancy side, so bring a date and dress nicely for an evening filled with some of the most incredible toppings put on a pizza to date!

Website | Location

Pizza Tifosi

This is the epitome of what a New York-style pizza NEEDS to taste like. Pizza Tifosi is an ode to traditional Italian-New Yorker cuisine, with customers left totally convinced that this is the best comfort food in all of Montreal. You're going to have to grab a slice (or two) for yourself to truly understand the deliciousness.

Website | Location

FCO di Fiumicino

You'll have to see it to believe it, but this pizza joint makes one-of-a-kind Roman-style crispy crust pizza that will amaze your taste buds. Not only does the atmosphere feel Italian, but the food truly is Italian as well! Needless to say, this is a place you'd want to take a date if you wanted to impress them with the specialties of Italy.

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Imagine: ice cream parlour meets pizzeria meets snack bar. That's what you get if you dine-in at Moleskine Restaurant. Enjoy an authentic pizza with a glass of wine followed up by an incredible dessert selection! It can't get any better than this.

Website | Location

Restorante di Menna

Think classic Italian dishes with a modern twist and you'll find yourself at Restaurant di Menna. Their freshly made pizza pairs perfectly with a side of pasta and an espresso. The super classy ambience is also perfect for your next date night.

Website | Location

Café Parvis

This café is a perfectly chill and relaxed place for a coffee date or studying, but not many people know that they also serve pizza to die for! Not only is the pizza here amazing, but it's also a healthier twist on that authentic taste we all look for.

Website | Location

Pizzeria Magpie

A pizza joint known for having a seriously unique flavour thanks to each pizza being cooked to perfection in a classic wood oven, you can pick from exciting creations such as a smoked meat pizza with mustard seeds or keep it simple with the fan favourite margherita. No matter what you choose, you can't go wrong at Pizzeria Magpie.

Website | Location

Sapori di Napoli

From calzones to pasta to salad, all food at this spot is hard to compete with. Needless to say, it truly is the pizza at Sapori di Napoli that'll keep you coming back for more. Some have even dared to call this restaurant the best for serving thin crust pizza in all of Montreal!

Website | Location

Stella Pizzeria

If you're looking for a truly "real" pizzeria in Montreal then this is where you need to go. For starters, their Italian chef whips up pizza that tastes just like it came out of Nonna's kitchen. After you indulge in a beautiful pizza pie, you can take a walk in Parc Laurier, which is conveniently located right next to the restaurant.

Website | Location


Located in the middle of never-dull Old Montreal, this is the perfect evening dinner spot after a day exploring the city. Order a bottle of wine for you and your special someone as well as a few of their many pizza selections (it might be hard to choose) and chow down! Don't forget to top it off with the iconic Nutella pizza for dessert.

Website | Location

Dirty Pizza

From the same creators of Dirty Dogs comes Dirty Pizza — meaning you can expect some of the most insane pizza creations that don't neccesarily conform to a typical pizza pie. Only a true Montrealer would dare try the one-of-a-kind poutine pizza. To make things even better, Dirty Pizza offers delivery so that you don't even need to leave your house to enjoy this deliciousness!

Website | Location

Pizzeria Napoletana

First opening in Montreal way back in 1948, you can consider Pizzeria Napoletana a historical enterprise in the city. The pizza recipes definitely look like they've also been handed down for generations, meaning whether you're Italian or not, you can still experience beautifully crafted tomato sauce and the perfect pizza crust.

Website | Location

Brigade Pizzeria Napolitaine 

Truly a family affair, this pizzeria was created by a husband and wife duo, who just so happen to be certified pizzaiolos. Each pizza is made with fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection, making it hard to resist a visit to the restaurant ASAP!

Website | Location

Pizzeria Pummaró

This beloved spot could also be considered the ultimate focaccia restaurant in the city for creating pizzas that seriously go above and beyond in terms of style and even texture and taste! Pair your meal with a hearty pasta or a light and tasty Caprese salad and you're all set.

Website | Location

Enoteca Monza Pizzeria Moderna

Three words: wood-fire oven. It's this method of cooking the dough, sauce, cheese and toppings that makes a pizza authentically Italian. If it wasn't already amazing enough, the pizzeria prides itself on serving classic "Nonna" recipes. What more could you ask for?

Website | Location

Pizza Il Focolaio 

This is the pizzeria of champions in Montreal. With over 70 different kinds of pizza, there really is an option for everyone here! Not only that, but there are also great drinks, delicious desserts, and an incredible restaurant atmosphere. Needless to say, any pizza enthusiast needs to go here at least once.

Website | Location

Il Fornetto

Many Montrealers have agreed that tasting a slice of pizza from Il Fornetto makes the drive (or public transit trek) to Lachine totally and undeniably worth it. Some even say it's the best restaurant in the entire borough. You might want to visit the restaurant alone though, as there's no way you'll want to share a slice of your personal pizza(s) with anyone.

Website | Location

No. 900

Serving Montreals across the city with their multiple locations, No. 900 is best known for its unique twists on classic dishes such as the "roll-up" pizza, which is, you guess it, a pizza rolled up to make eating on-the-go an easy feat. You'll also want to indulge in the incredible cannolis, Stracciata di Burrata, and iced coffees.

Website | Locations (several in Montreal)

Montreal Pizzeria

Known for its famous neon signs and casual ambiance, Montreal Pizzeria is the perfect stop after a late night out or an early morning pizza binge. Slices can be purchased individually, from garlic cheese to chicken parmesan — there's no other place like it in the city.

Website | Location

Bottega Pizzeria

If you find yourself wandering Little Italy and happen to need a pizza fix, look no further. Both red and white pizza are served at this classic Italian restaurant, with reviews even insisting you feel as if you're sitting in the middle of Naples while enjoying your meal. Pair your pie with a rice ball for the perfect experience.

Website | Location

Pizzeria Bros

Known for rustic thin-crust pizzas and their artisan salads, Pizzeria Bros has quickly become a Montreal favourite. You even get to watch the pizza made right in front of you in a spectacle that includes the iconic flipping of dough into the air. Fans call the pizza equally doughy and crispy, meaning everything you've ever wanted in an authentic Italian pizza can be found here!

Website | Location

Pizza Bouquet

This small Montreal-based pizzeria is known for some pretty incredible NY-style pizza by-the-slice. You can of course choose to order takeout as well and indulge in multiple topping choices, or stay in and experience eating pizza just like a real New Yorker.

Website | Location

Adamo Pizza

Known best for their one-of-a-kind smoked brisket and pickles pizza, this St-Henri pizzeria is definitely a favourite for locals. Reviewers agree that the pizzeria could be considered THE best in all of Montreal, with pizza so thin that you have to fold it to get the bite that tops all other pizza bites. Needless to say, you gotta grab a slice here.

Website | Location

Via Pizza Prima

Pizza Prima

If you're a foodie, you're basically committing a crime by not trying Pizza Prima. One review by a customer has even argued that you can't find pizza this good anywhere else in Canada. Fan favourites include the Mexican and Meat Lover's pizzas.

Website | Location


Although Elena's pasta and salads have great reviews, it's the pizza that seriously cannot be topped. Once known as a best-kept secret for locals, menu items can be personalized easily and paired with amazing imported wines.

Website | Location

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F + F Pizza

Reviews from pizza-lovers indicate that the experience, and pizza itself, is totally impeccable. The casual joint offers gourmet pizza paired with super fast service. The pizzeria also offers a wide slection of unique hot sauces to pair with your pizza, allowing you to make your one-of-a-kind experience even more spicy.

Website | Location

What pizzeria is your favourite in the city? Let us know!

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