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Best Montreal Places You Can Go Drink Margaritas With Your Friends This Summer

The drink we all need more of.
Best Montreal Places You Can Go Drink Margaritas With Your Friends This Summer

When it comes to cocktails, the iconic Margarita reigns supreme. There are tons of varieties, recipes and versions of this sacred drink, but no matter how you take yours, we can all bond over our mutual love for a good 'marg.

There is no better time than summer to enjoy a Margarita. Knowing where to find a good one, though, can be a tricky game. Many places don't use enough tequila, don't make the frozen versions properly, and overall just don't do justice to such an iconic creation.

But, like always, we've got your back. And since I have a vested interest in finding my own perfect Margarita, trust me when I say that a lot of love went into this list. I hope you enjoy these as much as I will!

1. Ta Chido

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5611 Park Avenue

One of the holy grail truths about Margaritas: they pair best with tasty, authentic Mexican food. The drink is a Mexican invention, so it only makes sense.

Ta Chido serves up some awesome classic Mexican dishes, and the Margaritas are a widely loved crowd favourite. The restaurant itself is super laid back, which is how it should feel when you're in need of a good 'marg.


2. MESA 14

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1425 Rue Bishop

On a really hot day, get yourself to this patio for a frozen Margarita and you won't be disappointed. MESA 14 is also a Mexican restaurant, and most of their cocktails are centred around tequila, so you know they've got it right.

The food here is delicious and inventive, and thought it's a little more upscale than a typical Mexican restaurant, the fun, friendly vibe is inviting as can be.


3. Cartel Street Food Bar

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I think Cartel is one of the coolest spots in the city right now, and if you need convincing to attend, they have a $2 taco night on Tuesdays. Yeah, I know. Pair that with one of their incredible Margaritas, and you're set.

If you're in the mood for a good 'marg, but are also looking for a place to try some different, fun dishes, Cartel is a great choice. They mix Asian, Mexican, and American flavours for a delectable experience that will keep you coming back.


4. Mañana 

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3605 Rue Saint-Denis

Ok, look at that Margarita guys. Do I even need to do any convincing here? That's the real thing right there. And anyone's who's been to this no-frills (but delicious) Mexican place would say the same: the 'margs are as authentic as can be.

If you want a straightforward, classic Margarita, this restaurant is an awesome choice. They have a cute little patio right on St. Denis, so you're right in the action while sipping on this perfect cocktail.


5. Fortune

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6448 Boul St-Laurent

A fusion blend of Southern U.S. soul food and Mexican fare, Fortune is just an all around awesome dining choice. They have just one Margarita on their cocktail menu, but it's a star all on its own.

Fortune is a great choice if you're a 'marg lover, but your dining partner isn't (which is absurd), because they have a great creative selection of other cocktails using bourbon and tequila, among other liquors.


6. Charro's

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7002 Rue St-Hubert

Desperately in need of a Margarita (or three) but don't want to splurge? Charro's has your back, with $5 'margs on their menu, that are made strong and come in a big enough glass to get you turnt after just one. Thank me later.

If you need to get your money's worth, a 'marg from Charro's is your best bet. Their food is pretty cheap and the servings are also fairly big - you're safe on all fronts.


7. Maria Bonita

A photo posted by Sardine Shennib (@selmashutup) on

5269 Avenue Casgrain

Maria Bonita is arguably one of the most, if not the most authentic Mexican restaurant in Montreal. Where better to enjoy a classic Margarita?

For an intimate, fun dining experience, Maria Bonita hits all the marks. Enjoy your authentically crafted Margarita alongside some truly incredible traditional Mexican dishes.



A photo posted by Evelyne Rousseau (@evelynerousseau) on

5439 Boul St-Laurent

Great food, amazing 'margs, and awesome vibes are what you'll find here. What's unique about this place is their ability to strike the delicate balance between offering traditional Mexican fare, and putting new, trendy twists on the classics.

But let's be honest, you're looking to sip on a Margarita, and if that's all you want and need in life, this place has you covered, of course. The atmosphere is just unbeatable, so rally your friends, and relish in the glory of all things Margarita.


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