Best Montreal Portuguese Chicken Restaurants

Warming our hearts with a rotisserie.
Best Montreal Portuguese Chicken Restaurants

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If one thing is for certain in this world, it is that Montreal loves Portuguese cuisine. More than that they particularly love Portuguese chicken. And can you blame them? When I first moved to Montreal, I didn’t understand what all the hype was about. I thought, “ It’s just chicken”, but I was wrong. So, SO wrong. Portuguese chicken is simply more. More succulent, more skin covered, more flavorful. At this point, it’s so consistently good, I’ve deemed it as some sort of witchcraft. If you are in the same position as I was, then no fear, I’ve hand picked some of the best chicken in Montreal just for you.

Romados Chicken

115 Rue Rachel E, Montréal,

Romados is a good place to start if you know zero about Portuguese chicken. But really, it’s still amazing anytime after that as well. Good days, bad days, days that just aren’t… greasy enough! On top of having wonderful chicken, they come with cheap prices and big portions. Like eight dollars for a quarter chicken, fries and a salad. You’re excused if you must head over immediately. I understand.

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Coco Rico

3907 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal

Classically, Portuguese chicken is served in breast of leg form, with a side of potatoes. But we here in Montreal have never been afraid to break the rules. Coco Rico’s best dish, in my opinion, is their chicken sandwich. Sounds simple, and it is, but it still has the means to make the dish something different.

Rotisserie Piri-Piri Masson

3038 Rue Masson

Piri – Piri is all about the flavour. When their food is presented on the plate it looks good, but it doesn’t live up to the party in your mouth that follows. The spicy ( but not too spicy) sauce that slathers the chicken is the crème de la crème. Although the potato balls are defs a close second.

Grill Barroso

1480 Ontario Rue E

When you’re not in the mood for rotisserie, then Barroso’s is the way to go. They’ve got the bombest fire grilled chicken in town. No dryness at all. And when you get it with the thick cut chip fries, oh man, you’re in for one blissful food coma.

Le Paradis du Poulet

3224 Boul Rosemont

Another, equally delectable bbq Portuguese chicken option is this lil’ gem. I’d say Paradis locks down it’s complimenting dishes. Thousand island dressing on your salad. Seasoned French fries. And of course le poulet never fails to leave me wanting more. Even when you’re full you just keep eating because it’s so damn tasty!

Restaurant Jano

3883 Boul Saint-Laurent

Jano knows how to prepare some show stopping meats. They don’t real fuss with sides or anything, but I dare say they’re magicians of the grill. I personally always go for the chicken because it never fails to please. It maintains the Portuguese flare, with a smoky sensation in every bite.

Photo cred - Lu L.

Rotisserie Charcos

2005 Rue Bishop

Last but not least is Charcos. Everybody’s favourite way to get a classic bite of great chicken. They don’t go over the top with anything, but there is something charming in the simplicity. Their chicken always meets expectations, and to me sets the bar for how Portuguese chicken should taste.

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