11 Types Of Montreal Poutines In 12 Hours

The ultimate food challenge in the city.
11 Types Of Montreal Poutines In 12 Hours

Alex Delany of "Alex Eats It All" recently visited Montreal to do his classic 12-hour adventure into new foodstuffs. And what was he trying out here in Montreal? Well, poutine of course.

If you aren't aware of Bon Appétit Magazine's "Alex Eats It All," YouTube series, you're welcome for this delicious introduction.

In the video below, he tries out 11 Montreal poutine spots throughout the course of one day. I have to wonder how that amount of poutine in such a short timespan might alter your ability to properly judge the true essence of each poutine. But, with that said, he does seem to approach each poutine with a fresh palate and appreciation for each unique aspect of the different restos offerings.

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TL;DR Check out the video below where one man tries 11 Montreal poutines in the span of one day - and then picks his top three. Truly a feat that only the strongest of stomachs could handle.

Check out the video:

The video really does show a good array of Montreal restos that offer up our beloved Poutine Classique.

From mom-and-pop diner spots to La Belle Province and even a fancy stop at Au Pied de Cochon, Delany does the city justice in terms of variety.

Here are the 11 poutine spots that made the cut on their Poutine Tour de Force:

  1.  The Green Spot: 3041 rue Notre-Dame Ouest - $8.22 for "The Potato Purists Poutine"
  2.  Paul Patates: 0760 rue Charlevoix - $7.54 for "The Peaceful Poutine"
  3. Poutine Lafleur: 4579 rue Wellington, Verdudn - $5.60 for "The Penalty Box Poutine"
  4. La Banquise: 994 rue Rachel Est - $7.75 for "The Ice Floe Poutine"
  5. Patati Patata: 4177 boulevard Saint-Laurent - $6.95 for "The Hallelujah Poutine"
  6. Chez Claudette: 351 avenue Laurier Est - $5.95 for "The Checks & Balances Poutine"
  7. Le Roi du Smoked Meat: 6705 rue St Hubert - $7.95 for "The Poultry Poutine"
  8. La Belle Province: various locations - $6.60 for "The Lemmegetuhhhh.... Poutine"
  9. Au Pied de Cochon: 536 avenue Duluth Est - $24 for "The Westmount Poutine"
  10. Chez Tousignant: 6956 rue Drolet - $7.75 for "The New School-Old School Poutine"
  11. Montreal Pool Room: 1217 boulevard Saint-Laurent - $5.59 for "The Richard Poutine"

As you can tell, our dear Monsieur Delany has taken some artistic license with the names of these poutines... but I thought they were too hilarious not to include.

For most of these places, if you're looking to get the poutine he sampled int he video, you're likely after the "Classic" poutine.

At the end of the day, Delany picks his top three spots from those he visited throughout the day, and placed them on his Poutine Podium:

Bronze: The Green Spot

Silver: Chez Tousignant

Gold: Chez Claudette

Also, I have to shout out his appreciation for Montreal's squirrels... they truly are special and he could clearly tell.

So... when are you heading out to tackle this challenge? If you do, you better tag us in your Instagram stories @MTLBlog... and do it quickly, before the Poutine Coma sets in.

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