Best Montreal Poutine Restaurants

If you don't love poutine, you might as well leave the city.
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Best Montreal Poutine Restaurants

It's Friday everyone! And you know what that means. After a long week of struggling through the cold winds in Montreal,it's time to finally treat yourself. When you've worked so hard all week, it's without a doubt that you deserve some comfort food. And what's a Quebecer's favorite comfort food? You guessed it, a bed of crispy french fries, topped with some saucy gravy and complete with a handful of cheese curds...ah, the poutine.

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Orange Julep

Where: 7700 Boulevard Décarie

Why: Established in 1932, this massive orange has been a land mark of Montreal ever since. Open until around 3am every night, OJ's makes the perfect poutine, accompanied by a delicious orange drank who's ingredients have remained mysterious for decades.

La Roulotte

Where: 10 Rue Paiement

Why: Much in the same vein as Belle Pro or La Fleur, La Roulotte does the best of diner dishes, poutine included. Good cheese, good gravy, and plenty of delicious cheese, it's junk food done right.


Where: 1365 Ontario Est

Why: If the word "Poutine" is in the restaurant's name, then they've got to do a hell of a job with the dish. Try their specialty poutine, topped with cheese curds, mozzarella, braised beef and wine sauce! Poutineville also has several other specialty poutines with toppings such as Italian sausage, marinated eggplant, batter fried pickle and more!

La Banquise

Where: 994 Rue Rachel E

Why: Open 24 hours and always packed with a crowd, alongside serving delicious poutine, this place hosts a party of its own. Hit up La Banquise on a Saturday night at 2am and you might just have to wait in line. But its worth it, trust us! With over 20 different sorts of poutine, La Banquise always knows how to hit the spot!

Montreal Poutine

Where: 161 Rue Saint Paul East

Why: Located in the heart of the Old Port, this place is known as one the best poutine joints in the city. Made with beef gravy, Montreal Poutine serves quite a delicious meal! Try their specialty poutine which includes onion rings and fried mushrooms, served on a bed of crispy french fries and 100% vegetarian gravy!

Frite Alors

Where: 680 Sainte-Catherine St W and more

Why: Discover Frite Alors' Belgium style french fries. Although Frite Alors specializes in their hand cut french fries, their poutine is just as tasty! Try their special "Tunisian" poutine with merguez sausage and fried onions!

Au Pied De Cochon

Where: 536 Avenue Duluth E

Why: Au Pied De Cochon isn't your average poutine joint. Though the restaurant specialize in foie gras, their poutine is known to be one the best in the city! For only $7, this restaurant's poutine will fill you up until the next day.

Smoke's Poutinerie

Where: 2019 Rue Bishop

Why: It doesn't get more Quebecois than Smoke's Poutinerie. Made with hand cut seasoned fries, signature gravy and Quebec cheese curds, Smoke's knows all about poutine. Served in box like doggy bags, walking down the street of St Catherine with a poutine in your hand never seemed so simple. Smoke's even has a special vegetarian poutine, made with rich brown vegetable gravy, catering to everyone's dietary needs!

Comptoir 21

Where: 21 Rue Saint Viateur Ouest

Why: Although this Mile- End beauty is best known for its fish and chips, Comptoir 21 serves up quite the poutine! The small snack bar holds a comforting atmosphere and their fry- gravy- cheese curd concoction is to die for!

Poutine Lafleur

Where: 3665, rue Wellington

Why: Delicious and affordable, Poutine Lafleur will have you craving more! Served in a classic container, their gravy is made with chicken base and a touch of barbecue seasoning. The cheese curds? fresh, squeaky and plentiful! Poutine Lafleur is definitely worth trying!

Planete Poutine et Cie

Where: 51 Rachel O

Why: This place knows poutine like no other! Chose from over 15 different poutines like general tao, duck, filet mignon and more, the variety is endless! Try their Fajita Poutine for a spicy combination of chicken, salsa, mozzarella cheese, enchilada and sour cream!

Montreal Pool Room

Where: 1217 Boul. St. Laurent

Why: Montreal Pool Room is famous for a reason. Not only has the greasy joint been open for nearly a hundred years, they also serve a clasically good poutine. No frills or fancy additions, just the deliciously standard fries, cheese, and gravy. Mega-affordable and crazy good when paired with on of their famous steamed hot dogs.

Chez Claudette

Where: 351 Avenue Laurier East

Why: Chez Claudette gives La Banquise a big run for its money. Open 24 hours on the weekend (and very late otherwise) their poutine menu is incredibly extensive, varied, and most importantly, delicious.


Where: 2025 Drummond St

Why: Home to some of the best burgers in Montreal, this place knows poutine. Their home- cut fries are at the perfect level off crispiness and the gravy is super tasty. The next time you're at M:Brgr, try their mushroom based gravy for a flavorsome change. For Montreal's annual Burger Week, M:Brgr even sold a burger poutine! Is your mouth watering yet?

Paulo et Suzanne

Where: 5501, Gouin Blvd., Ahuntsic

Why: With 11 different kinds of poutine and open 24 hours a day, Paulo et Suzanne will give you your poutine fix anytime. Feel free to switch things up with your own creation, as you can throw in what you like, but their prepared poutine mixes are epically legit.

Decarie Hot Dog

Where: 953 Decarie

Why: Want a huge meal of two steamies, a pop, and a large helping of poutine, all for under $10? That's what they got for you at Decarie Hot Dog. Heads up, their poutine gravy is a tad bit different than the standard (sweeter rather than purely salty) but different is still good. Very good.

Restaurant Chez La Mere

Where: 4028 Masson

Why: You can get all the regular poutines and standard mixes at Chez La Mere, but if you're going you wanna try out their special “poutine gratinee.” Basically a poutine with more cheese added on top and baked, and more cheese is always a good thing. Always.

Jarry Smoked Meat

Where: 6549 Jarry E

Why: If you want a classic poutine with a small twist, get yourself to Jarry Smoked Meat. Open 24 hours, this joint has a dark, thick, and salty old school gravy seldom found elsewhere, with grated mozarella instead of the standard curd. The combo of smooth and melty cheese with the substantial sauce works great.

Patati Patata

Where: 4177 St. Laurent

Why: Not only is everything awesome at Patati Patata, but they're poutine is as good as their name would make you think. Thin and crispy fries area used which beautifully soaks up gravy into a delicious dish of potatoe-y goodness.

Le Canard Libere

Where: 4396 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Why: Imagine a bed of crispy french fries topped with saucy gravy, bountiful cheese curds and DUCK! Le Canard Libere will serve you the classiest poutine you've ever eaten


Where: 3700 Notre-Dame Ouest

Why: The decor hasn't been changed in about 20 years, but that doesn't anything. Like its service and staff, A.A serves the most genuine and delicious poutine in Montreal.


Where: 25 Avenue Fairmount W

Why: Faberge is one of the only places that will serve you a breakfast poutine. That's right, you read right, poutine for breakfast! Replace the french fries with home cut potatoes, slap on the gravy and cheese, a few Italian sausages, bacon and top it off with a couple of eggs over easy. Your breakfast never looked so good!

Paul Patates

Where: 760 Rue Charlevoix

Why: Locally owned and operated, the poutine at Paul Patates will have your mouth water. Have a specialty spruce beer along side your meal, and you've got yourself a hell of a time!

Le Gros Jambon

Where: 286 Notre Dame Street W

Why: This place has an old school diner king of feel and we love it! You've gotta try their poutine, while jamming to your old favorites!

Lafayette Hot Dog

Where: 1870 Rue Sainte-Catherine E

Why: Nobody knows comfort food like Lafayette Hot Dog! Located on Sainte- Catherine street, this small restaurant serves one of the best smoked meat poutines in the city! Eat your poutine alongside one of their famous hot dogs served with pickled onions and savory slaw.

La Belle Province

Where: 705, Rue Sainte-Catherine

Why: La Belle Province is one of the oldest players in the game, and let us tell you, they've still got it! If you're on a budget, this place won't disappoint. Offering cheap trio deals and massive portions, you'll have to unbutton your pants before walking out!

Le Boucan

Where: 1886 Notre-Dame Ouest

Why: Love poutine? (duh...), love pulled pork? (we hope so...). This place offers the best pulled pork poutine in the city. If you love southern styled BBQ flavors, you need to check out Le Boucan!

Dunn's Famous

Where: 1249, Rue Metcalfe

Why: Sit down, relax and let your server meet your needs at any hour of the night. Dunn's famous is open 24 hours a day, and the food is always spectacular. Although the specialize in their jam packed smoke meat sandwiches, Dunn's also pulls through with a fantastic poutine!

Wings 'N Things

Where: 5663 Avenue Royalmount

Why: It is very simple to understand that their curly fries poutine makes your mouth water like no other!!!

Deville Dinerbar

Where: 1425, Rue Stanley

Why: Decorated like a girl's favorite diner, this classy restaurant serves one interesting poutine! Served on a bed of thin fries and gravy, their "Disco Poutine" includes a delicious blend of Monterrey Jack, and aged cheddar cheese.

The Burgundy Lion

Where: 2496 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Why: Along side it's exquisite selection of drinks, this trendy bar has quite the menu! Their tasty blue cheese poutine is one of the most popular items on the menu!

Burger De Ville

Where: 5282 Boul Saint-Laurent

Why: Located right across the street from Chez Serge, this restaurant's poutine is served on a bed of fries like you've never had before. Their fries are cooked to perfection and seasoned with a special house spice, making the poutine oozing with flavor!

Pizza Pinoli

Where: 5524 Avenue Monkland

Why: While Pizza Pinoli specialized in gourmet pizza's covered in items like pesto, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes and more, ordering a poutine on the side will satisfy you to no end! Their poutine is covered in shredded cheese and later baked into the oven. Unlike the tradition cheese curd poutine, this one is one of the best and most diverse in the city!

Greasy Spoon

Where: 160 Laurier ouest

Why: Never mind their tasty menu which includes duck wings, pulled pork, and more. Greasy Spoon is known for its undeniably delicious smoked meat poutine which is bound to keep you coming back for more.

Royal Phoenix

Where: 5788 Street Laurent

Why: Royal Phoenix is filled with young people, good vibes, affordable drink specials, oh... and a specialty poutine like you've never had before. The Royal Phoenix house poutine is topped with pulled pork, green apples and coleslaw, not the usual combination, right? It might sound odd, but trust us, well worth a try!


Where: 3895 St-Laurent Boulevard

Why: Sure you know this place for serving the best smoked meat sandwich in the city, but have you tried their poutine? The next time your stomach's grumbling extra loud, order a poutine to accompany your sandwich, it might become your new favorite combo!

Bofinger BBQ Smokehouse

Where: 1250 University Street

Why: Bofinger's makes their poutine like none other. Instead of slapping on a handful of cheese curds onto a bowl of fries and gravy, this restaurant alternates cheese and fries, leaving the poutine to have an even distribution of cheese all over. Now you won't have to worry about being left with gravy drenched french fries at the bottom of your plate!

Casse Croute Normand

Where: 4826 De Verdun Rue

Why: Many consider it difficult to find a good poutine in Verdun. Look no further, Verdun-ians, Casse Croute Normand will become your new favorite local restaurant. Their poutine is said to be one of the most authentic in the city. Greasy fries, saucy gravy, and a whole lot of squeaky cheese, this place serves quite a genuine poutine!

Pizza Pendeli's

Where: 5599 Chemin de La Côte Saint Luc

Why: If you're looking for some home made specialties, Pizza Pendeli's is the place! From pizza sauce, to poutine gravy, each ingredient is hand made to perfection. This restaurant is known for its generous portions and generosity with extra anything!

Ye Old Orchard Pub & Grill

Where: 20 Prince Arthur St W

Why: While most love this pub for its friendly environment and variety of beers on tap, Ye Old Orchard serves a fantastic poutine as well. A bowl of poutine and a pint of beer, can you ask for more?

Restaurant Pierrette Patates

Where: 3900 Verdun ave.

Why: We have to give a nice solid shout out to Restaurant Pierrette Patates for their very solid tasty poutines. A hidden gem that needs to be made aware of.

Hungry yet? We think you definitely deserve a big bowl of poutine after a week like this! Did we miss your favorite poutine joint? Let us know with your comments and well add it to the list!

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