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Best Montreal Poutines

The greatest dish ever invented.

Friends, raise your hands if you're a huge fan of poutine. Is your hand raised? Well, it should be. Poutine is bae. Poutine is life.

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Sure, you can get a poutine pretty much anywhere in the city. But if you've ever wondered just where to get the absolute best ones - well, friends, worry not. That's what I'm here for.

Ma Poule Mouillée

A photo posted by mcercy (@mcercy) on

969 Rachel St E

Do I even need to tell you why the poutines here are so legit? Yes? Alright, then, here goes. Not only are these poutines served up with super crispy and seasoned fries, and some incredibly delicious sauce - and the tastiest, most uinque cheese you've ever had - but then it's piled high with chunks of meaty chorizo and flavourful, crispy pieces of Portuguese chicken.


Orange Julep

A photo posted by Junior Rodriguez (@bonjour_bonsior) on

7700 Boulevard Décarie

If you still haven't been to Montreal's Orange Julep, then you need to get yourselces there, 100% ASAP. Not only is this spot a Montreal institution at this point, and not only is it home to their famous, delicious orange juice, but the poutine? Yeah, it's a thing of real beauty, with tasty fries, delicious, melty, squeaky cheese, and some of the most flavourful poutine sauce you might ever taste.


A photo posted by Miranda ✌?️?? (@ciaomiranda12) on

1874 Rue Sainte-Catherine E

If you want delicious poutine, trust me, you'll find it here. Located near Papineau metro, this eatery is probably one of my personal most favourite places to grab a poutine. Although their fresh, crispy french fries and abundance of tasty, squeaky cheese are all on point, the clincher for me is the poutine sauce. It's got a super unique type of flavour that I've honestly never tasted anywhere else in the city - and it's pure, straight-up amazing.


Decarie Hot Dog

A photo posted by a_killerb (@a_killerb) on

953 Boulevard Décarie

Alright, no matter how long you've been in Montreal for, then the chances are very high that you know about Decarie Hot Dog. Located on Decarie (obviously), in Ville St-Laurent, this Montreal landmark serves up some of the most on-point steamies you'll ever try... and also just so happens to be home of some of the best poutine in the city, ever, hands down. Decarie Hot Dog, keep doing you. You're awesome.


Dirty Dogs

A photo posted by @khayat.a on

25 Avenue du Mont-Royal East

Ever have a poutine? Of course you have. Poutines are life. Ever have a poutine from Dirty Dogs? If you've answered anything other than "yes" to this question, then I've got bad news for you: you've been missing out. In a big, huge way. No worries. The ultimate remedy to this problem is to get yourself here, ASAP, and grab one of their mac and cheese and bacon poutines... and prepare for an awesome experience.


Comptoir 21

A photo posted by Jennifer Wilczynski (@jczynski) on

21 Rue Saint Viateur O

Sure, Comptoir 21 is known for its fish and chips. But did you also know it happens to serve up some of the best poutines in the whole city? Well, you do now. The fries are cut thick and crispy, the cheese is chunky and perfectly squeaky, and the whole thing is drowning in the restaurant's lighter than normal, and incredibly flavourful, mindblowing poutine sauce. Get yourselves there, friends. Get yourselves there.


La Banquise

A photo posted by Rock Inn Montreal (@sandisrockinn) on

994 Rue Rachel E

What kind of a Montreal poutine list would this be if it didn't mention La Banquise? Arguably the most famous poutine spot in the city, La Banquise features a whole lot of poutine options, and dishes that are always fresh, always tasty, and always more than worth their signature lineup. Also, bonus points for being open 24/7. When that poutine crave hits, you know where you've got to go.


Paulo Et Suzanne

A photo posted by Christine Lagassé (@christine_lag) on

5501 Boul Gouin O

This poutine joint is located in Ahuntsic, which might seem like a little bit of a trek to some of us, but trust me when I say that it's more than worth it. The poutines here are served up in huge portions, a little messy, but all 100% delicious. Protip: try their Philly Bomb poutine, with philly steak, Italian sausage, onions, red and green peppers, hot, crispy fries, cheese curds, and smothered in a whole bunch of tasty, savoury poutine pepper sauce.


Chez Tousignant

A photo posted by Isabelle (@isaintj) on

6956 Rue Drolet

If you have yet to go to Chez Tousignant, you need to get yourself there, like, right TF now. Not only is this restaurant making a huge splash on the dining scene for its high quality and homemade food (like their burgers and hot dogs, all made in-house and featuring potato buns), but it also happens to have some of the tastiest poutine in the whole city. Although the entire poutine is awesome, fave part about this poutine has to be the chunky, fresh cheese curds, always tasty, always squeaky, and always amazing.


Chez Claudette

A photo posted by @michaelhdewberry on

351 Avenue Laurier E

Alright, first of all, let me just say that Chez Claudette is open all day and night from Thursday - Saturday. And if you've ever had the poutine here, then you know that this is a very good thing. One bite of these tasty poutines - with thick sauce, yummy fries, and awesome cheese - and you'll never, ever want to leave.


Green Stop

A photo posted by lasbatcountry (@lasbatcountry) on

6150 Boulevard Monk

Situated in Ville Emard, Green Stop has been around forever. And if you've ever sampled their poutines, then you know exactly why. The fries are fresh and crispy, the cheese is super squeaky and tasty, and the sauce is uniquely thick, dark, and smothered on top of this delicious dish. Get yourselves here and try this spot out ASAP, friends, no matter where in the city you are.


A photo posted by Natasha Kaser (@brimful_of_tasha) on

35 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

This Plateau poutinerie specializes in hamburgers, poutines, and seriously awesome drinks. Their poutine dishes are among the best in the city, hands down andthey offer literal tons of options for you to choose from. My personal fave? Their chorizo poutine, with chunks of spicy, meaty chorizo sausage; and their three-cheese poutine, with cheese curds, mozzarella, and cheddar cheeses mixed together with their super tasty poutine sauce and crispy, tasty fries.



A photo posted by poutinefortwo (@poutinefortwo) on

7690 Avenue Papineau

Alright, raise your hand if you love tasty poutines for super cheap prices. Is your hand raised? Good. Then you're going to love Deli-Plus, in Montreal's Villeray. This adorable deli serves up every single dish you can possibly think of (more or less), including their awesome poutines, with thick fries, gravy, and a whole mountain of squeaky cheese.


La Roulotte

A photo posted by J. Correa (@jamie.correa) on

10 Rue Paiement

West Island friends, rejoice. La Roulotte has been around forever, and one bite of their poutines will tell you exactly why the staying power here is so legit. The poutines here, served up in huge portions, steaming hot, and full of delicious, are, in a word: life-changing.

Paul Patate

A photo posted by Brandon (@brandondebison) on

2606 Rue de Coleraine

If you're down for noshing at a spot that, at this stage in the game, can - and should - be considered a Montreal institution, then you've got to get yourself to Paul Patate. The poutine here is on a whole other level of awesome; in fact, you could say it's on a level all on its own, with tasty, golden fried piled high with all the fresh, squeaky, flavourful cheesecurds, and smothered in piping hot and tasty poutine sauce.


Poutine LaFleur

A photo posted by Emily Anne (@emily_annevt) on

3665 Rue Wellington

Ask anyone what their favourite poutine is, and they'll probably tell you that it came from LaFleur. And if you've ever been here, then you know exactly why. Verdun's LaFleur is in the business of serving up tasty, fresh, piping hot, and all-around delicious poutine - all the time.

Jukebox Burges

A photo posted by Maykil Nasifoglu (@maykil_sergio) on

11798 Boulevard de Salaberry

Real talk: I am in love with Jukebox Burgers. Sure, their hamburgers are a thing of pure beauty; and their mac and cheese might just be the perfect muse for that symphony I might one day right... But their poutines? Yeah. Their poutines are just above and beyond everything awesome. Protip:


Patati Patata

A photo posted by Mochi (@snackerup) on

4177 Boul St-Laurent

If you're a poutine lover, then the chances are very high that you know about Patati Patata. Awesome potatoes, savoury gravy, and chunks of fresh and tasty cheese curds - plus served with a signature tasty olive on top? All the yums, friends. All the yums.

Montreal Pool Room

A photo posted by Philippe Desrochers (@paikwat) on

1217 Boul St-Laurent

Okay, if anything deserves to be called a Montreal landmark, it's Montreal Pool Room. Serving up legitimately awesome steamies and poutines since forever, you'd be doing yourself a huge disservice if you don't get there, ASAP, and try what people have been loving for so long.

Poutine Centrale

A photo posted by Chris Ferraris (@chrisferraris) on

3971 Rue Hochelaga

Honestly, what's not to love about this Hochelaga spot? Featuring some of the most tasty poutines in town, they've got a seriously impressive selection of dishes to choose from, including one beyond awesome breakfast poutine; and all of them feature Poutine Centrale's signature tasty sauce, fries, and cheese, making for a poutine experience that won't soon be forgotten.



A photo posted by Victoria Nguyen ? (@victoriousnotorious) on

1206 Rue Peel

True, this downtown Montreal spot is known for its shawarmas. But the poutines here are a thing of pure beauty, to be totally honest with you guys. Featuring poutine sauce, chicken, beef, cheese, coriander, garlic potatoes, pita chips, and more, all in one apptly named "manic" poutine, you know this is one seriously golden poutine spot.



A photo posted by Katrina (@justkeepcreeping) on

4160 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

A classic in Montreal's Plateau, this spot serves up hamburgers, pitas, and, yes, poutines. Perfectly situated on the Main, this is legit one of the most awesome spots you can go to and grab a quick - and incredibly delicious - poutine, and satisfy that crave once and for all. Well, maybe.


Bulldog Beer House

A photo posted by Sarah (@sarah__connell) on

12 Rue Saint Paul O

Want awesome poutine? Get yourself to Bulldog Beer House. The poutine here features fresh and tasty ingredients - but the special kicker is their fries. Thicker, crispier, and more golden then most, they add a super interesting kick to an already flavourful poutine.


Resto Du Village

A photo posted by Anthony DeJulio (@sigtoine) on

1310 Wolfe St

The menu at this awsome eatery is literally huge. It almost seems like anything you're down to nosh on, they've got - especially poutine. Featuring more than 10 types of the world's best dish, Resto Du Village is sure to have a variety to suit your tastes. Plus, no matter what you get, you'll be getting their awesome fries, gravy, and cheese combo, so no matter what, you know you're leaving with a huge smile.


Burger Royal

A photo posted by Elizabeth DiFebo (@ldifebo) on

3820 Boul St-Laurent

Yes, it's true that Burger Royal is all about that burger. But their poutines? Out of this world amazing as well, guys. Located right in the Plateau, on the Main, their side poutines are super tasty, especially when paired with a nice, juicy hamburger. Get yourselves there now, guys, and thank me later.


Chez Ma Tante

A photo posted by Émilie Bélanger (@emiebel) on

3180 Rue Fleury E

I don't think I need to reaffirm to you guys just how much I love this hidden spot, situated right in the Montreal-North/Ahuntsic/St.Michel tri-borough area (that isn't a thing, guys, don't quote me on that), but just in case you need a little refresher? Chez Ma Tante has been an institution in the area forever, and their above and beyond tasty steamies and poutine - served in the "original" variety only - is one seriously huge reason why.

Le Tablier Rouge

A photo posted by Carolyn Conlin-Lane (@cconlinlane) on

1031 Rue Fleury E

Okay, no joke, the poutines here will blow your mind wide open. Tablier Rouge might specialize in meat (and rightfully so; this burger bar/boucherie is seriously awesome), but trust, the poutines deserve all the recogniction in the world. Served up in a seemingly bottomless bowl, and featuring the tastiest fries you've ever tasted, piled high with yummy cheese, and smothered in some of the legit yummiest sauce in the whole city, there's no way you can go wrong grabbing a poutine from this awesome Ahuntsic spot.


Jarry Smoked Meat

A photo posted by Robyn Bird (@r0byn.bird) on

6549 Rue Jarry E

If you're from the East End, chances are you've ended up at Jarry Smoked Meat for their infamous smoked meat poutine after a night of debauchery. But trust me, this masterpiece tastes just as good sober as it does after a night out. Tasty, crispy fries; yummy sauce; and super melty cheese, with chunks of Jarry's signature tasty smoked meat? Yeah, you just can't lose, friend.



A photo posted by Laurie (@lozzd) on

1655 Rue Saint-Denis

This restaurant specializes in comfort food, and if poutine doesn't qualify as comfort food, then I don't know what does, TBH. The poutines here are super tasty, decadent, and basically everything an awesome poutine needs to be... magical, basically.


Au Pied De Cochon

A photo posted by Thephoenixrae (@thephoenixrae) on

536 Avenue Duluth E

Have you ever had a dish where all the flavours and textures come together for pure magic? If you've never had the foie gras poutine at Garde Manger, then that answer is probably no. But no worries, guys; just get yourselves here - ASAP - and experience the pure, concentrated happiness that is Garde Manger's take on the infamous poutine.


Garde Manger

A photo posted by SABRINA ???? (@chezsabri) on

408 Rue Saint-François-Xavier

I don't even think I need to tell you how amazing the lobster poutine (yes, lobster poutine) is here. Chunks of fresh and savoury lobster meets the world's greatest dish... I mean, what's not to absolutely adore?


La Ligne Rouge

A photo posted by @chin0zzz on

414 Rue Jean-Talon E

Where do I even begin with this institution? La Ligne Rouge is located just outside of Jean-Talon Metro, so it's super easy to get to - but more than that, the food here is, frankly, out of this world amazing. It's true that they specialize in gyros and doners, but if you've ever tried the poutine at this spot, then you know it deserves to be the true star of the show.

Deli Sokolow

A photo posted by Chris B (@chri5b_) on

4350 Rue Notre-Dame O

Two words: latke poutine. This Sud-Ouest spot is home to one of the most awesome poutines you'll ever try, and it happens to be chalk full of latkes, cheese curds, and poutine sauce. Sounds awesome? You know it.


Vices & Versa

A photo posted by Shamir Shah (@shamgot) on

6631 Boul St-Laurent

Upon first glance, this Little Italy adjacent spot might seem like the most epic bar you've ever been to. Of course, you'd be right - it is an amazing bar, but it also happens to be so much more than just that. An awesome spot to chill, drink, and eat some food, the dishes here - including jerk chicken hamburgers and charcuterie boards - are awesome, and their poutines? Yeah. Outstanding, friends. Simply outstanding.


Pub Brouhaha

A photo posted by Rue Rivard (@ruerivard) on

5860 Avenue de Lorimier

Fans of poutine, get ready to be seriously impressed. Pub Brouhaha features a super solid selection of fantastic poutines - including poutine with smoked duck, and a dish featuring bacon, creamy poutine sauce, and two different types of cheeses. Lovers of all things poutine, rejoice.


NextDoor Pub

A photo posted by @vivianfoodie on

5175A Rue Sherbrooke O

Although it might look like a friendly and awesome spot to cop a few drinks, NDG's NextDoor Pub is so much more than that. They also happen to be home to some of the best food you'll ever try. Their poutines in particular are amazing, with crisp and tasty fries, awesome sauce, and enough fresh cheese to satisfy any cheese crave.


Le Gras Dur

A photo posted by Kamicase (@agencekamicase) on

1660 Rue Jarry E

Le Gras Dur makes one seriously mean "touski" poutine. What exactly is in a "touski" poutine, you ask? Well, I'm glad you did. Imagine the tastiest fries and poutine sauce you've ever had, with an abundance of squeaky cheese, and then topped off with chicken schnitzel, smoked sausage, and cabbage. All the yums? Oh man. You know it.


Pierrette Patates

A photo posted by Emmanuelle Métivier ? (@emmanuellemetivier) on

3900 Rue de Verdun

This Verdun poutine spot has been around forever, and one bite of their poutine will tell you exactly why. All the food here is just way beyond amazing; super fresh, super tasty, and made with some seriously high-quality ingredients. If you're from Verdun, you need to get yourself here, ASAP; and if you're not, then you need to make the trek, like, yesterday.


G. Lafrite

A photo posted by Akim Koroghli (@legrosbail) on

396 Rue Saint-Antoine

Situated in Lachine, this casse-croute might be a bit out of the way for some of us. But it's well-worth the trek. This shop is known for their poutine, of which they have two varieties (regular and Italian) - and both of them just might blow your mind wide open. Bonus points for their incredibly reasonable prices ($8 for their big, regular poutine), and for the fact that they carry a literal poutine hamburger. All the yassses.

Hippi Poutine

A photo posted by Cachu Gomez-Santiago (@cachupirito) on

3482 Rue Saint-Denis

This Plateau poutinerie serves up some seriously tasty selections. Their gravy is homemade, for an extra authentic twist, and they've got some seriously aweome twists on your favourite dish. A sample of their super cool poutine options? Their Poutine New-York, with pulled pork and ribs, and their Poutine Pekin, with sweet an sour sauce, chicken, and pineapples.


Montreal Poutine

A photo posted by Sonya Kondratenko (@sonyakarate) on

181 Rue Saint Paul E

Located in Old Montreal, this is spot seriously knows their poutine. And with a name like "Montreal Poutine", they'd pretty much have to be. They've got a solid selection of seriously awesome poutines, but by far the clear star of their show is the smoked meat poutine. In fact, their smoked meat is so awesome that they even offer smoked meat sandwiches - just in case you need more of that tasty smoked delight in your mouth.



A photo posted by Christine Fidello (@christinejf) on

1365 Rue Ontario E | Multiple locations

Honestly, is there anything better than poutine you can customize? Probably not. And one of the best places for your own, custom poutine in the city has got to be Poutineville. You can literally choose your potatoes, cheese, sauce, and toppings, and trust me, friends, their food is so tasty that no matter what you get - you're in for a good time.


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