Best Montreal Ramen Restaurants

The most deliciously versatile noodle there is.
Best Montreal Ramen Restaurants

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Many people only think of ramen as a quick meal for brokestudents. But contrary to popular belief, the dish can easily be classed up and turned into one of the best meals that Japanese cuisine has to offer. There are lots of different ways to serve ramen, and we love all of them. Here are the best ramen places in Montreal.

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Sumo Ramen

1007 Boulevard St-Laurent

The of “Choose Your Own Adventure” of ramen restaurants is just as awesome as it sounds. You can pick your noodles, broth, and toppings to create exactly the ramen dish you’re looking for. Get your ramen covered in your favorite add-ons, like ground pork or seaweed. Fans of spicy food will definitely want to give their Volcano Soup a try, but be warned—it really is as hot as lava!

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4274 Boulevard St-Laurent

You’ll notice the great ambiance the second you step foot inside this joint thanks to its cozy feel and open kitchen. Thankfully, they’ve also got ramen dishes good enough to equal the vibe. No matter what sort of ramen you’re looking for, they’ve got what you need. Their range of ramen dishes, including ones with spicy ground beef, sprouts, and egg, means that ramen fans of all kinds can get their fix.

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Ramen Misoya

2065 Rue Bishop

We’ve already talked about chains that we wished were in Montreal, but this is one that actually made the leap—and we’re glad they did. It’s a franchise of a Japanese chain, and you can taste the homegrown authenticity in every bite of their ramen. All of their broths are miso-based, but they come in a range of spiciness, so you can find the perfect fit for your taste buds.

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4006 Rue St-Catherine Ouest

As you know, they’ve got fantastic Asian-themed tapas here, but they’ve also got ramen to match. You can choose between original or miso broth to start. Whatever you pick, you’ll get your noodles with a heap of awesome toppings like rare beef steak or grilled oyster mushrooms. If possible, save room so that you can indulge in their richly wonderful green tea cheesecake.

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TK Restobar

5940 Avenue Victoria

Of course, ramen noodles are delicious in soup. But you might not have known that they work equally well as a burger bun. At this place, they fry up two bricks of the noodles and throw a delicious pile of ground beef in between them to create the glorious Ramen Burger. The tangy sauce they serve with it combines perfectly with the flavors of the ramen and the meat. Who needs brioche?

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Yuki Ramen

1616 Rue St-Catherine Ouest

If freshness is what you’re looking for, you’ll want to come here. You’ll see their commitment to serving fresh ramen the second you lay eyes on the guy pulling dough into noodle-y strands right before he dumps them in your broth. They don’t slack on the toppings, either—you can get your ramen smothered in delicious extras like BBQ pork, bok choy, or braised beef.

Hakata Ramen

1216 Rue Stanley

Don’t come here if you’re on a diet. But if, like us, you’re down for a greasy ramen experience, this is the place for you. They top their noodle bowls with mouthwateringly indulgent add-ons like breaded fried pork chops, crispy chicken, and shrimp tempura. If you’re looking to get a range of toppings on your ramen, you can get their seafood ramen, which is loaded with yummy fish, crab stick, and more.

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1862 Rue St-Catherine Ouest

This is not the place for you if it’s comfort you’re looking for from your ramen experience. They don’t take reservations, and you might have to wait a while to get seated. Even once you do sit down, you’ll probably be pretty cramped. But you’ll know that the struggle is worth it once you taste their ramen. They’ve only got one ramen dish, and you can only get it at lunch, but you’ll know that that’s all you need once you taste the delicious pork, egg, and vegetables that it comes with.

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2 Chow

Various Locations

Lots of restaurants serve this dish under different names, but anyone who has ever been hammered on St-Laurent at 3 AM (which, let’s face it, is almost all of us) calls it 2 Chow. We know that they call it chow men, but what’s underneath that delicious peanut goo is really a tasty pile of ramen noodes. Make sure you douse it in Sriracha to get the most out of your 2 Chow experience.


1862 Boulevard de Maisonneuve

Though ramen is historically a Japanese dish, this Korean spot does a pretty great rendition of it. They serve the noodles piping hot in a small pot, topped with delightful add-ons like pork and tuna. If you’re not feeling that classy, go for their cheesy ramen, smothered in Velveeta-esque singles. It’s comfort food pushed to a wonderful extreme.

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Izakaya Iwashi

9 Rue Fairmount Est

This place is only an izakaya (a Japanese-style pub) for dinner, so you’ll have to wait until night to get your ramen fix, but they’ll thoroughly reward your patience. Ramen is only one of many authentic Japanese pub dishes they offer here, but it’s so delicious that you might be hesitant to order anything else. They’ve got a bunch of varieties, but our favorite has to be the Tonkotsu Ramen, which comes piled with savory pork.

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1279 Avenue Mont-Royal Est

They’ve got three types of ramen here, and you’re going to be more than satisfied no matter which one you choose. Pork lovers will want to go for the Shoyu Ramen, which comes in a pork broth and is topped with tender braised pork that instantly falls apart in your mouth. Seafood types will want the Ebi Miso Ramen, which has a lobster broth that goes perfectly with the noodles. Finally, chicken fans will want the Tori Shio Ramen, which is served in a chicken broth and topped with perfectly pan-seared chicken.

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Big in Japan

3723 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Maybe it’s their bar that has the cool factor, but their ramen’s got the goods to fill you up right. The massive bowl comes packed with goodies like roast pork, bamboo shoots, and egg. The miso broth has just enough saltiness to bring out the flavors in the toppings and the noodles.

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Nagoya Sushi

1437 Rue Crescent

We know that they use “sushi” in the title, but it’s really the ramen that’s our favourite thing to order here. They top it with veggies, seafood, or meat specialties like spicy beef and beef tendon, so ramen fans of all sorts will be able to find something to satisfy them. Naturally, their sushi isn’t half bad either, and their Dragon Eye Rolls and Mango Tango Rolls will make the perfect compliments to your bowl of noodles.

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Sushi Bar Kim

1 Westmount Square

Honestly, we kind of wish they’d just change their name to “Ramen Bar Kim,” because that’s the real star here. It’s loaded with so many kinds of seafood that you’ll quickly lose track of the sheer variety in your bowl. That’s not to take away from the sushi, though. We particularly love the Sushi Pizza, which has a fried rice patty and is served in wedges.

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Marché 27

27 Rue Prince-Arthur Ouest

Sure, it’s primarily known as a raw bar, but their ramen proves that they can do cooked food just as well. They top it with enough pork belly and egg to make the dish into a hearty meal that will leave you stuffed. Of course, if you’d rather brave the uncooked route, their raw oysters and fish are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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