Best Montreal Ramen Restaurants 2016

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Best Montreal Ramen Restaurants 2016

Real talk: ramen is bae. Ramen is bae even for people who are in relationships. Seriously, given the choice between Netflix and chilling or going out to get a delicious, hot, savoury bowl of ramen, how many of us would pick the ramen? That's right. All of us. Every single one of us. No lies.

Okay, maybe a select few would rather stay in, sans noodle bae. But for those of us who'd pick ramen over everything, then I've got some really good news: Montreal is full of delicious spots to get your fill of this Japanese dish. If you're a little confused as to where to start your adventure, though, don't worry. That's what I'm here for. Read on for Best Montreal Ramen Restaurants 2016.

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1. Yokato Yokabai

4185 Drolet

If you recognize the name, it's because Yokato Yokabai has been taking Montreal's ramen scene by storm. One slurp of their famous dishes, and it won't be too hard to see why: their ramen packs a serious, serious punch of pure awesome. Their broth is super flavourful, rich, and smooth; their noodles are perfectly delicate-yet-chewy, and their meats are tender and hearty. If you're a lover of ramen, trust, Yokato Yokabai is quickly going to be your new fave.

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2. Ramen-Ya

4274 Boul St-Laurent

This Plateau ramen spot gets huge, huge points for having some of the loveliest ramen broth I've ever tried. It's just flavourful enough so that you can taste it, but not overpowering, so that all of the ingredients get a chance to shine on their own. And trust me, every single ingredient in this bowl of ramen is on point. Their noodles are fresh, and a little on the firmer side; their veggies are crisp and delicious; and their proteins are always flavourful and cooked to perfection. Run there, my ramen loving friends. Run there.


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3. Nakamichi

2159 Rue Mackay

One of the newer ramen joints in Montreal, this spot has been making some serious waves in the city. Of course, this is mainly due to their awesome ramen. Nakamichi's ramen broth is made from chicken, and is a touch lighter than some of the other entries here. This makes for a hugely interesting flavour, and one that allows all of the fresh, tasty ingredients to shine and blend simultaneously in one slurpy, delicious, steaming hot bowl of happiness. Get yourselves there now, my friends - and, as always, thank me later.


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4. Ramen Misoya

2065 Rue Bishop

Confession time: When I was at Concordia, I spent my whole life at this ramen spot. It's located right on the SGW campus, which makes it super conveinent for both Concordia and McGill students. More awesome than the location, though? The ramen. The broths here are super flavourful and hearty, with rich pieces of meat, crisp vegetables, and possibly some of the most perfect ramen noodles I've tasted - chewy, but with just the right amount of give and flavoured to perfection. If you're craving good ramen, then you need to get yourself to Misoya.


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5. Imadake

4006 Rue Ste-Catherine O

Okay, the ramen at this izakaya? Out of this world. Their broth in general is super rich, smooth, and hearty, and filled with their perfectly cooked and flavourful noodles. Top that off with super fresh and expertly cooked meat, and toppings that literally burst with flavour the minute you pop them into your mouth, and you've got some seriously amazing ramen. Although every single ramen dish is top notch, my personal fave? Their rare steak ramen, featuring slices of perfectly cooked, juicy steak. Ramen on, my friends. Ramen on.


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6. Hakata Ramen

1216 Rue Stanley

Where do I even start with Hakata? This famous ramen spot is tucked away on Stanley, so it might be a bit easy to miss - but friends, don't let yourself make that mistake. You've got to try this place out. Their broth is rich, not too greasy, and supremely hearty; their ingredients are fresh and amazing. But the standout at Hakata? Their meats. Always fresh, tender, juicy and delicious, it doesn't really matter what you're topping your ramen with - you're in for a good time. But, protip: try the "hakata style" crispy chicken ramen. Flavourful, juicy, with just the right amount of crisp, this dish will have you begging for more, no matter how full you are.


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7. Kazu

1862 Rue Ste-Catherine O

At this stage in the game, I'm sure we're all familiar with Kazu. This incredibly famous Montreal Japanese restaurant is known for their mouthwateringly delicious dishes (including their shrimp burger, which I cannot recommend enough). They're so good, in fact, that more often than not, you might encounter a lineup separating you from these Japanese delights. Friends, listen to me very carefully: brave the lineup. Wait however long you have to wait. It's more than worth it; and if you go there for lunch, you'll find some of the most delicious bowls of ramen you've ever tasted. I don't even want to spoil it for you - just know that with flavourful broth, chewy-yet-firm noodles, and fresh toppings, this spot will more than satisfy the ramen craving.


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8. Ichifuku

1925 Rue Ste-Catherine O

Alright, question time: do you like seriously legit, delicious ramen? Don't answer that one, friends. I know you like seriously legit, delicious ramen; and for those of us who do, I've got some great news for you. Ichifuku, another relatively new ramen spot in Montreal, serves up bowls and bowls of amazing, legit ramen. Their homemade noodles are beautifully chewy and thick, while their broth is bursting with flavour, served up boiling hot and filled with the freshest, most tender toppings you've ever tasted. Rejoice, fans of ramen. Rejoice.


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9. Kinka Izakaya

1624 Rue Ste-Catherine O

Okay, chances are very good that you know Kinka Izakaya. One of Montreal's newer izakayas, this St. Catherine spot is super popular among Montrealers for their Japanese-inspired cuisine and beverages. Of course, this includes ramen. Although this place isn't specifically a ramen restaurant, their pork ramen dish is out of this world amazing - with crisp-yet-chewy noodles, super flavourful, delicious broth, and incredibly delicious toppings. Seriously, one slurp of this delicious treat, and you'll be hooked; possibly forever, it's actually that good. (Don't say I didn't warn you.)


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10. Sumo Ramen

1007 Boul St-Laurent

Friends, are you in Montreal's Chinatown right now? No? Well, you might want to get there, because that's where Sumo Ramen is - and trust me when I tell you that you're going to want to sample bowls and bowls of their Japanese delights for yourself. Chinatown's resident ramen spot, Sumo Ramen serves up some seriously flavourful, fresh, and hearty ramen; top it all off with an incredibly welcoming and casual atmosphere, and super, super fair prices, and you've got yourself the recipe for your new favourite lunch spot.


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