Best Montreal Ravioli Restaurants

For when you are craving a different kind of pasta.
Best Montreal Ravioli Restaurants

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While not the most common Italian dish served restaurants compared to, let's say, spaghetti, ravioli packs a serious punch. They're delicious, comforting and always hit the spot.

This classic pasta dish is actually technically a type of dumpling. It's made up of 2 layers of thin pasta dough that are stuffed with a filling, which can vary from dish to dish. There are so many different kinds within Montreal alone that you'll just have to try them all to decide which one's your favourite.

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Tuck Shop

4662 Notre Dame O

Tuck Shop likes to constantly change their menu to keep up with the different food that are in season, but they very frequently have ravioli on offer. Right now they're serving a Pork braised ravioli, roasted Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, pumpkin seeds, cream sauce and mushrooms. You'll definitely be asking for seconds.



447 Saint Francois-Xavier

If you want some delicious ravioli but don't want to eat any meat, then look no further because Bonaparte in Old Porte has got you covered. They've put a gourmet French twist on the Italian dish, and are serving a ravioli with fragrant mushrooms and fresh sage - it's simple and delicious.



256 Roy E

If you've ever been to Pintxo then you know that the dishes here are meant to be snack size so that you can order a bunch of them to share. One of such dishes just happens to be a mind blowing ravioli that's stuffed with goat cheese and served in a duck stew. My only complaint is that I wish you could get a whole plate of it, because it's that good.


La Fabrique

3609 Saint Denis

Nestled in between the Latin Quarter and the plateau, La Fabrique has a ravioli that'll keep you coming back for years. It's a ricotta ravioli, with leek, spinach, frozen carrot, rutabaga confit, peas, lovage, and Tomme des Demoiselles cheese. The flavour combinations and perfectly cooked raviolis will be sure to leave you in awe.


Restaurant Lemeac

1045 Laurier O

Everything on the menu at this chic French bistro is absolutely amazing, and the ravioli is no exception. It's a mushroom ravioli, topped with gravy, pine nuts and arugula - an interesting combination of flavours that somehow seems to work perfectly.


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1476 Crescent

At Newtown they make their ravioli a little differently. It's mini raviolis that are fried and stuffed with cheese and jalapeño - simply amazing. It's not the typical fare you'd expect to find at a French Restaurant, but it's definitely not to be missed.



116 McGill

There's no word to describe Graziella's ravioli other than mouthwatering. It's filled with perfectly cooked piglet shank and served with savoury gravy, cherry tomatoes and onions. This Italian spot is an excellent choice for your next big night out.


Pasta Casareccia

5849 Sherbrooke O

If you find yourself in NDG then you have to go to Pasta Casareccia for their meat stuffed ravioli. All of their pastas are proudly homemade, and luckily for everyone, they also sell their pastas at their boutique store, so you can take them home and try to cook them yourself. They also have a catering service if you're looking for some delicious food for your next dinner party.


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