Best Montreal Red Velvet Cupcakes

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Best Montreal Red Velvet Cupcakes

Few types of cake/cupcakes are more iconic than Red Velvet. A traditional Southern dish, Red Velvet (yes, I do consider it a proper noun) is typically a cocoa-flavoured cake dyed red with food colouring and topped and layered with a cream cheese icing. The cupcake format is more dominant today, but many variations have been made to the recipe ingredient-wise too.

Montreal has many a bakery that make an epic RV, some in forms you wouldn't think possible. Read on and find out where you can find the raddest of Red Velvet in Montreal.

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Les Glaceurs

453 St. Sulpice + Others

If Les Glaceurs didn't top this list, I'm pretty sure I'd get lynched by the Montreal cupcake community, and for good reason, because this Montreal bakery-institution makes a damn fine Red Velvet cupcake. Made in the classic tradition of cream cheese icing with a lightly cocoa'd cake-base, you won't go wrong at Les Glaceurs if you're craving some Red Velvet. Read our full lowdown on the many flavours available at Les Glaceurs here.

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D Liche Cupcakes

3964 St. Denis

In my books, the best cupcakes in Montreal can be found at D Liche on St. Denis. Doing things a bit different, D Liche's Red Velvet doesn't have cream cheese icing, and is instead topped with a vanilla bean icing. Don't cry blasphemy just yet, because their house VB-icing is actually mind-blowing, quite literally the best I've ever had. No hyperbole here, you won't even miss the cream cheese. D Liche also uses beet juice to colour their cupcakes, instead of artificial dye.

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Yo'Dough Cookies

Online Cookie Shop

Red Velvet doesn't need to only come in cupcake form, and the first variation on our list is Yo'Dough's Red Velvet cookie. A red cocoa-flavoured cookie base is topped with chunks of white chocolate and cream cheese icing, making for a Red Velvet recreation that lives up to the decadence of the original.

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Leche Desserts

640 De Courcelle

Leche does much more than just donuts, and their Red Velvet cupcake is a contender for best in the city. Using a variation on their signature chocolate cake recipe, the cupcake-base is quite rich while still maintaining a light and airy quality. On top is a classically sweet and tangy cream cheese icing, which can also be coloured any way you ask, in case you're thinking of making a special order.

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5322 St. Laurent

Who says you can't have Red Velvet for breakfast? Mile End's Sparrow makes the dream of dessert for brunch a reality with their Red Velvet waffles, served with poached pears, maple syrup, creme fraiche, and seasonal fruits. A sweet way to solve your hangover, Sparrow's savoury brunch offerings are sure to please too.

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Pâtisserie Petit Lapin

342A Victoria Avenue

Anyone with major (or uncommon) allergies will find Pâtisserie Petit Lapin to be there saving grace when it comes to baked good and Red Velvet cravings. Organic and vegan, while also allergy and gluten free, Petit Lapin's RV cupcakes are healthier and lighter than the regular variety, but still rock the classic flavour you know and love.

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Cocoa Locale

4807 Parc

Cocoa is an integral aspect to any Red Velvet recipe, so it comes as no surprise that Cocoa Locale's Red Velvet cake is often quoted as the best in Montreal. A slightly more sour frosting tops a cake that is not too chocolate-y, creating a balanced flavour that is entirely delicious. Not always on-hand (but can be requested), consider yourself lucky if you walk in to find any that hasn't already been eaten by rabid Red Velvet lovers.

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Sophie Sucrée

167 des Pins E

Vegan and gluten-free bakery Sophie Sucrée takes the traditional Red Velvet and turns it on its head, in the best way possible. Despite the fact that SS's "Not Red Velvet" cupcakes don't use butter or cream cheese icing, the vegan-ized version lives up to the flavour of the original; a good choice for those looking to eat some full-flavoured Red Velvet without feeling too guilty about it.

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Bilboquet Ice Cream

Multiple Locations: Outrement, Westmount + others

On hot-as-hell summer days, ice cream is all you crave. Never should anyone have to choose between a baked good and a frozen treat, and thankfully Bilboquet has our collective sweet tooth's back with their Red Velvet flavoured ice cream. A rich and creamy ice cream base is chocked full of real pieces of Red Velvet cake, creating a new way to enjoy the Southern classic.

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Dolce & Gateaux

27 Bernard W

A mix of different strategies combine in Dolce & Gateaux's Red Velvet cupcake. Beets are used for colouring, along with apples for good measure, and a combo buttercream-cream cheese icing tops the cupcake base, for optimal flavour. Available every day, D&G does things a bit differently, but it pays off.

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Bake Sale Girl

Online only

I actually caught wind of this Montreal-based cupcake catering company through Twitter, and while I've yet to try the Red Velvet cupcake made by Bake Sale Girl, the online reviews rave about all of her baked goods, so one can only assume the RV is on par. If you have a big event coming up, check out Bake Sale Girl, or just order a big box for yourself. No judgement.

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Bonus: Swurl Forzen Yoghurt

  • Their offered flavour of the week is Red Velvet, get it while it lasts!

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