Best Montreal Restaurants That Serve Authentic Italian Pizza

Crispy, cheesy, and straight-up amazing.
Best Montreal Restaurants That Serve Authentic Italian Pizza

Hey, you know how everyone jokes that "pizza is bae" or "pizza is better than a relationship" or "all I need in this life of sin is me and my extra cheese, thin crust slab of pizza"? Haha, yeah. Those aren't jokes. They're facts.

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Luckily, Montreal knows how to do pizza so, so right. There are tons of different sorts of pizza in the city, but one of the best kinds you can get? A nice plate of doughy, gooey, delicious authentic Italian pizza, preferably straight from a wood-burning oven.

Although there are a whole bunch of pizza restaurants in Montreal for an authentic slice, a select few really stand out from the bunch. 

Sapori Di Napoli

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1465 Rue Dudemaine

Alright friends, show of hands: who here has ever been to Montreal's Ahuntsic? If you've never explored this gorgeous borough, trust me, you need to - and then you need to get yourself to Sapori Di Napoli.

A super authentic, cozy Italian restaurant, this spot serves up delicious food. Their gnocchi are to die for; but their pizzas? Well, they're on a whole level of their own.


Piazza Del Sogno

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1180 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O

Situated in downtown Montreal, you totally need to check out this Italian restaurant/super authentic pizzeria.

Not only will their dishes bring real, authentic, foodie tears of happines, but the way this spot is decorated is above and beyond beautiful. If you want to go to Italy without leaving Montreal, then you know exactly where you've got to go.



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65 Rue Saint-Zotique E

This Little Italy pizza spot is one of my personal faves. I can't even begin to describe how delicious the pizza is here, served up fresh from a wood-burning oven and with an indescribably unique, delicious taste.


Un Autre Restaurant

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200 St Viateur St W

This Mile End Italian restaurant is doing pizza so, so right. Everything - from the dough, to the sauce, to the toppings - is super fresh, and incredibly high-quality, making for one mindblowing authentic pizza experience you won't soon forget.



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410 St Vincent St

This Old Montreal restaurant is actually one of the best spots you can go to to get yourself a super authentic Italian pizza. Honestly, while every single component of the pizza shines, the real star of the show is probably the crust - cooked to absolute perfection, fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, it's almost as if it melts in your mouth.



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4657 St Denis St

Located in The Plateau, this pizza spot is known for serving up some incredibly authentic pizzas. They've got two different "types" - both with sauce and without - and both are incredibly tasty. Top off your meal with their Nutella pizza, and prepare for maximum happiness.


Il Focolaio 

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1223 Rue Du Square Phillips

This downtown Montreal restaurant is all the pizza goals. They've got a huge selection of pizzas, calzones, and other menu items to choose from - but no matter what you pick, you know you're going to end up with something amazing.



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6827 St Dominique St

The pizza at Gema is seriously unlike anything you'll ever try. The crust is crispy and perfectly cooked; the sauce is flavourful yet subtle; and the toppings are always fresh, delicious, and incredibly unique.


La Bella Italiana

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5884 Jean Talon St E

This St. Leonard Italian restaurant has been serving up authentic Italian pizza, served up hot from a wood burning oven, for decades. Although their pizza will leave you in real life tears of happiness, feel free to explore their menu - their calamari in particular will leave you drooling.



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16 Rue Maguire

If you're looking for a spot to nosh on some of the tastiest pizza you can find, then look no further. Located in Montreal's Plateau, Magpie is incredibly popular among pizza lovers - and one taste of their crisp, fluffy, delicious pies will tell you exactly why.