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Best Montreal Restaurants That Serve Burritos 2016

Stuffed with pure awesome.
Best Montreal Restaurants That Serve Burritos 2016

Alright, real talk, burritos are amazing. Seriously: fresh and tasty ingredients packed tight in a soft, chewy flour tortilla? Um, yeah, I'm totally there for that. Plus, they're probably the perfect on-the-go food: They fit easily in your hand(s), so you can take your burrito with you pretty much anywhere in Montreal.

For those of you just as enthusiastic about burritos as I am, I've got some good news. Montreal is full of awesome places to get burritos; but if you're not too sure where to nosh on your next flavour envelope, don't worry. I've got you. Read on for Best Montreal Restaurants That Serve Burritos 2016.

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1. Tejano BBQ

511 Rue de Courcelle

Alright, if you've never been to Tejano before, straight up, we cannot be friends. Okay, I'm kidding (maybe), but that's just how much I love the food at this St. Henri burrito spot. Each delicious tortilla is filled to the brim with tasty ingredients, fresh vegetables, and moist, flavourful meats (think chorizo spiced pulled pork, for example). Add this together with their incredibly fair prices, and you've got yourself a new favourite burrito spot, my friend.


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2. La Chilenita

100 Marie-Anne Ouest

This hidden Plateau gem is one of the best spots in Montreal for an awesome burrito. First of all, the portions here are huge - which is pretty awesome, considering one bite of their fresh, flavourful burrito will have you hooked enough to eat, like, five in a row with zero regrets afterwards. (Sidenote: this could have been just me, but whatever). Secondly? Their burritos are like biting into a little piece of Tex-Mex heaven. There's legit no way to describe the fresh, flavourful, all-over delicious experience that is a burrito at La Chilenita. You'll just have to get there and experience it for yourself. And thank me later.


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3. Burrito Shop

3686 Boul St-Laurent

This spot is super popular among Montrealers who are down to get their delicious burrito fix; and in this case, you definitely should believe all the hype surrounding Burrito Shop. Their food isn't only fresh and tasty, but super authentic, too. Their recipes come straight from Mexico, with slight adaptations, and everything's homemade on-site, making Burrito Shop pretty much one of your best bets if you're craving something yummy and legit.


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4. Cafe Cantina

1880 Rue Centre

Okay, straight up, if you're looking for a place with huge portions, then stop looking. You've found your spot. Cafe Cantina is somewhat notorious for serving up ginormous burritos - but even better than the size? The taste. OMG, the taste. It's super clear that at Cantina, burritos are more of an art form than anything else, with perfectly seasoned and fresh ingredients all melding together beautifully to create a burrito experience unlike any other. So, so good, friends. So, so good.


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5. Icehouse

51 Rue Roy E

This super trendy spot already got some love for having one of the best tacos in Montreal, but honestly, their super delicious burritos deserve a whole lot of recognition, too. You might have already heard about their lobster burrito, though, which has all the fixings of a delicious burrito, plus fresh, savoury chunks of lobster - and honestly, it's a seriously amazing dish. But my personal fave? Their steak burrito. There's something about those moist, juicy chunks of steak, all wrapped up in a warm tortilla and surrounded by fresh ingredients, that gets me every single time.


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6. Burritoville

2055 Rue Bishop

Of course, no Montreal burrito list would be complete without the addition of Burritoville. A co-op located right near Concordia's SGW campus, Burritoville doesn't only pride itself on its high quality, wholesome, fresh ingredients - it also happens to be completely vegetarian. Meaning that your burrito might lack meat, but it definitely will not lack flavour. The geniuses at Burritoville have figured out what flavours and textures work best together, making for an unforgettable dining experience in general. Protip: Everything on the menu is awesome, but my personal fave? Their "Spicy Pinto" burrito. Bring on the Jalapeños.


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7. Don Taco

1855 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Located in the hustle and bustle of downtown Montreal, it might be really easy to walk right by this awesome Mexican spot. But trust me, friends: Don't. The next time you find yourself in the area, make it a priority to get yourself there, because Don Taco holds some of the most fresh and flavourful burritos in Montreal. Although all of their burritos are super authentic, for me, there's nothing quite like their Asada burrito. The ingredients are simple and work so beautifully together; the meat is flavourful and tender; and everything is so, so on point.


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8. Lola Rosa

545 Rue Milton | 4581 Av du Parc

At this stage, I'm pretty sure everyone knows about Lola Rosa. But for those of us who aren't in the know, Lola Rosa is one of the most legit spots to grab a vegetarian bite in Montreal. Their menu includes things like veg poutine, chilli, and - of course - burritos. Each location has their own take on the dish, but each one features fresh and tasty ingredients that'll have you hooked from the first bite. Get yourself there ASAP, friends, and enjoy.


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9. Jimmy Guaco's

1194 Rue Peel

Okay, honestly? This place is amazing. Jimmy Guacos is an Ontario chain that opened in Montreal a couple of years ago, but trust me when I say that their burritos are pretty much game-changing. Pretty much what I consider to be Montreal's answer to the famous Chipotle burrito, Jimmy Guaco's features fresh and tasty ingredients, wrapped in a huge, delicious envelope of pure happiness. Fans of burritos, trust me when I say that you need to get there. ASAP.


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10. Le Tequila Bar

4401 Rue Notre-Dame O

This spot is mostly known for its tacos (and its super fun, welcoming vibe, TBH), but honestly, I feel as though Tequila Bar's burrito is their unsung hero. This dish features six different meat options - including chorizo and shrimp - and is consistently flavourful, fresh, and all-around awesome. If you love burritos, you know where to go, my friends.


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