Best Montreal Restaurants That Serve Butter Chicken

Everyone's favourite dish.
Best Montreal Restaurants That Serve Butter Chicken

Alright, if you were to ask me what one of my Top 5 fave dishes in the whole world is, do you know what I'd say? Butter chicken. Hands down. There's something about this moist, creamy, delicious dish that makes me want to gulp down plates and plates of it, while feeling kind of ashamed but also not at all regretful.

And if you're a butter chicken fanatic like I am, then I've got some good news for you, friends. Years and years and years of pretty much ordering only butter chicken has revealed one glaring fact to me: Montreal has some seriously awesome butter chicken. Confused as to where to begin your culinary adventure? Well, don't be. I've got you. Read on for Best Montreal Restaurants That Serve Butter Chicken 2016.

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1. Sahib

225B Hymus Blvd

Sahib's gotten a good amount of love from me before, but honestly, their amazing butter chicken deserves all the shout outs. Their dish is served up creamy, moist, tender, and super fresh - and with a really interesting, yummy flavour to the sauce. And the best part? It's a buffet. So you can go crazy, friends.


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2. Bombay Choupati

5011 Boulevard des Sources

This West Island Indian spot might be a bit of a trek for some of us - but trust me, it's more than worth the travel time. One bite of their fresh, delicious butter chicken, and you're hooked. It's just that good. This dish is spiced and seasoned to perfection; creamy, tender, and all-around awesome. All the yums? All the yums, friends.


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3. Sana

655 Rue Jarry O

Alright, true talk? You haven't lived until you've tried the butter chicken at Sana. This dish is seriously awesome, with different flavours working together in harmony to give you a deeply complex, delicious dish. Creamy, tasty, sauce meets moist, juicy chunks of chicken? Yeah. I'm totally there for that.


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4. Star Of India

5860 Rue Sherbrooke O | 1806 Rue Ste-Catherine O

Friends, if dreams were made of food, then all dreams would definitely be made of the butter chicken at Star of India. The sauce is super creamy and tasty, with just the right amount of spice - it's not mild, but it won't have you chugging glasses of water with tears in your eyes, either. Although the butter chicken here is awesome, don't let that stop you, friends. Branch out. Go nuts. Everything is awesome here.


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5. Maison Indian Curry House

996 Rue Jean-Talon O

Okay, the butter chicken here? So, so on point. You might notice that this Park-Ex Indian eatery is a little on the crowded side - but, friends, believe me when I say that it's worth braving the crowd for one bite of their scrumptious butter chicken. The chicken is fresh and moist, and the sauce? Omg. Delicious. Creamy, a little on the sweeter side, and flavoured beautifully, this dish is definitely going to be your new fave.


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6. Le Taj

2077 Rue Stanley

This super popular Montreal Indian restaurant has some of the most delicious butter chicken in the city. The sauce is thick, creamy, super decadent, and finished off with just the right amount of spice. It's pretty much the perfect blanket for their tender, juicy chunks of delicious chicken. Of course, Taj offers up some seriously amazing dishes in general - and the best part? They offer an awesome table d'hôte option, so you can indulge, friends.


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7. Maison De Cari Golden

5210 Boul St-Laurent

Honestly, this butter chicken is life, my friends. The chicken is super flavourful and moist, and dunked in their delicious, creamy, perfectly seasoned sauce. And although the butter chicken here is amazing, don't let that stop you from exploring the rest of their menu options - because no matter what you pick, you just no you're in for a good time.


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8. Chand Palace

989 Jean Talon Street West

Alright, it's no secret that Chand Palace is awesome. And so is their butter chicken. First of all, the actual chicken itself is seriously tender and seriously moist - and when you combine it with their slightly sweet, creamy, tangy, delicious sauce, what do you have? You have a match made in heaven, friends. You have a match made in heaven.

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9. Malhi

880 Jarry Ouest

Friends, do you love moist, juicy, tender chicken? Don't answer that. Of course you do. But do you know what's better than perfectly cooked chunks of chicken? Perfectly cooked chunks of chicken smothered in light, creamy, flavourful sauce. And at Malhi, that's exactly what you're in for: Juicy chicken bathed in their delicious, decadent butter chicken sauce.


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10. Ganges

6079 Rue Sherbrooke O

This NDG Indian spot serves up some seriously awesome butter chicken. Seriously - not only is the chicken juicy and tender, and bathed in a delicious, creamy sauce, but it's got a super unique flavour that you might not find in most other butter chicken dishes. Lovers of butter chicken, get yourself here. ASAP.


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