Best Montreal Restaurants That Serve Gourmet Hamburgers 2016

There's always time for burgers.
Best Montreal Restaurants That Serve Gourmet Hamburgers 2016

Ah, hamburgers. Is there a more perfect food in existence? Probably not. Hamburgers are great because there's never a bad time to eat one - you can go beast on a hot, juicy bacon burger in the dead of winter, or you can indulge in a fresh, tasty cheeseburger in the middle of summer. Hamburgers are always appropriate, pretty much.

And hamburgers are always delicious, too, no matter how basic. And although there are tons of places in Montreal that serve an amazing hamburger, sometimes, you're craving something a little extra. Sometimes you're craving something you can't even fit into your mouth. Sometimes, friends, you're craving a gourmet hamburger - and, thankfully, Montreal has a bunch of awesome places to get one of these delicious beasts, too.  Don't know where to start? Don't worry. I got you. Read on for Best Montreal Gourmet Hamburger Restaurants 2016.

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1. Le Gourmet Burger

1433 Rue Bishop

I'm going to be completley honest with you: there is not one thing I don't love about Le Gourmet Burger. My absolute favourite thing about this place, though? Their beef burgers, which all feature a thick patty cooked to absolute perfection and totally, decadently juicy. My second favourite thing about this spot is that you can choose pretty much all of your toppings. So if you're feeling a burger with Boursin cheese (!!!), foie gras, and truffle oil, you can totally get that. Go nuts, friends. Let your creative (burger) juices flow.


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2. Burger De Ville

5282 Boul St-Laurent

Okay, who here's a fan of fresh and juicy hamburgers? Everyone? Good. Because at Burger De Ville, that's exactly what you'll be getting. Not only are the burgers at Burger De Ville cooked up fresh and oh-so-flavourful, but they've got a bunch of awesome options for you to choose from - such as their "Black and Blue" blue cheese and pepper burger, or their "Mediterranean", with goat cheese and black pepper mayo. Oh, and the best part? Extra toppings, like pickles and jalapeño peppers, are totally free.


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3. Burger Royal

3820 Boul St-Laurent

When a spot has 20 different hamburgers for you to choose from, you know it's real. And at Burger Royal, it's very, very real. Not only does the menu at this spot boast 20 different types of super unique burgers - with amazing options such as their "Spicy Chiquita", featuring swiss cheese, bacon, honey mustard, and jalapeños, or their "Mark's Creation", which adds a fried banana into the mix - but everything here is super high quality (their meat and poultry is grass-fed, free of hormones and antibiotics, and sourced from Quebec farms) and super, super fresh. And with the added option of replacing your juicy beef patty for savoury, tender chicken? Yeah, the possibilities here are pretty much endless.


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4. Notre-Boeuf-de-Grâce

5732 Rue Sherbrooke O

Awesome, friendly, fun atmosphere? Check. Delicious, fresh hamburgers? Check. A menu full of unique and quirky options? Check. Super fair prices? Yup, you guessed it: Check. Notre-Boeuf-de-Grâce pretty much as it all in terms of a gourmet hamburger place, and when you wrap it all together, do you know what you get? Your new fave spot to nosh on delicious burgers, my friends. Some of their quirky menu options include the "Holy Swiss" burger, which features swiss cheese and caramelized onion, and their "Tropical Temple", which features a juicy chunk of chicken, pineapple, and hot pepper. Hamburger fans, get yourselves here.


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5. Burger Bar

1465 Rue Crescent

If you're searching for some super impressive burgers, stop the search. You've found your place. Boasting some seriously original hamburger combinations, like their famous "Supersonic", which features onion rings and smoked bacon, or their "Jack Daniels BBQ" burger, with - you guessed it - Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, you might find it a little hard to decide what you want to get. Well, don't worry. No matter what you choose, everything is super fresh and flavourful, so you know you're in for a good time. Oh, and bonus points for offering delicious and equally unique bison burgers, too.


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6. Mange-Moi

35 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

This casual Plateau eatery's friendly, inviting vibe makes it pretty much the perfect place to grab a bite with friends. And oh, what a bite it will be. The hamburgers here are consistently amazing: The beef itself is seasoned perfectly so that it's just flavourful enough, without being super overpowering - so you can still taste the fresh and juicy beef. Of course, this delicious slab of meat heaven is sandwiched between two moist, crisp, fluffy hamburger buns and topped with your choice of yummy toppings. And while their hamburgers are amazing, Mange-Moi also deserves a special shoutout for their super delicious poutines.


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7. Jukebox Burgers

11798 Boulevard de Salaberry

This West Island eatery has gotten quite a bit of love from me in the past, but honestly, this place deserves all the shout outs - and especially for its on point hamburgers. First and foremost, the selection here is top notch. First of all, you get to choose your bun - so if you're feeling a honey brown bun? They've got you. Or if you're in the mood for a lettuce wrap? Yup, they've got you there, too. You get to choose your meat, too - my own personal favourite is their thick, juicy beef patty, but all of their patties are seriously amazing. (Also, S/O for carrying some of the most flavourful turkey patties I've ever tried). Oh, and their toppings? Yeah. Talk about awesome. Their burger menu is huge, so there's pretty much something there for everyone, and it offers some seriously amazing choices, such as their "Breakfast Burger" (topped with an egg!) or their "La Bomba", which features ground beef and chorizo. In the end, though, all I can say is this: Jukebox makes one heck of a burger, and you definitely should make the trek to the West to try it out.


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8. Mechant Boeuf

124 Rue Saint Paul O

Friends, what if I told you that you could get a hamburger encased in a chewy, moist chunk of naan bread? Would you cry from sheer excitement/happiness? (You probably wouldn't, but when I heard about this I definitely did, and I cannot find one single shame over that). If you would, then let me tell you where you can find such a delicious thing: At Mechant Boeuf. Their "Skinny" Burger is awesome, featuring the aforementioned naan bread instead of a bun, their signature savoury, tasty beef patty, and - another one of my favourite things in life - a slab of smoked caciocavallo cheese. Of course, if this doesn't sound appetizing to you (we can't all like everything, friends), then don't worry. Mechant Boeuf's menu boasts other burger choices, too, all of which are constantly delicious, tasty, and all-around amazing.


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9. Le Tablier Rouge

1031 Rue Fleury E

If you haven't been to Le Tablier Rouge at this stage in the game, just stop what you're doing and go. Seriously. You need to get there. Already named as one of the best restaurants in Ahuntsic, this spot serves up one seriously legit hamburger - a big part of which is their amazingly fresh, juicy, and tasty beef patty. My personal favourite? Their "Mariné Maison", which features capicollo, pesto, and marinated eggplant; although, honestly, all of their burger options are incredibly delicious, especially when paired with their signature pepperoni chips.


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10. M:Brgr

2025 Rue Drummond

This downtown burger spot is highkey amazing. The atmosphere here is super trendy, casual, and inviting, making it the perfect place for a little get-together with friends, or a date, or... basically anything, tbh. And while their truffle fries are hugely popular (rightfully so; these things are perfectly crunchy and all-around awesome), it's very clear that the real standout here are their hamburgers. The hamburger buns are thick, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, and the perfect bed to their hearty, savoury, yummy beef patties. Of course, they've got tons of different burgers for you to choose from, including a Kobe beef burger (yassss!) featuring foie gras. All the yums? All the yums.


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11. Chez Tousignant

Chez Tousignant

The burgers at Chez Tousignant lie on the fine line between "delicious hamburger bliss" and "delicious gourmet hamburger bliss". The burgers here are delicious, but you won't find anything too out of the ordinary; they serve up cheeseburgers, hamburgers, and their "Tousignant" burger, which comes with a slice of awesome homemade maple ham. What is out of the ordinary, though? The ingredients they use to create these works of art. Everything is homemade and of the highest quality - including the moist, delicious potato hamburger buns. Nothing I say here can really do these burgers justice, friends, so you’ll just have to try these out for yourselves.


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