Best Montreal Restaurants That Serve Gourmet Hamburgers

Mindblowing twists on the ultimate comfort food dish.
Best Montreal Restaurants That Serve Gourmet Hamburgers

I don't know about you guys, but I just have to put this out there: for me, nothing beats a juicy, cheesy, delicious hamburger.

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Except, of course, a juicy, cheesey, delicious hamburger... piled high with some seriously awesome ingredients. Montreal has tons of spots that serve up gourmet hamburgers; but a select few truly stand out from the bunch.

Montreal Police Found 2 People Dead In A Plateau Apartment Building

A police spokesperson said the individuals showed signs of violence.

At around 3:15 a.m. on Friday morning, Montreal police received a call about an unconscious person in an apartment building on rue Saint-Urbain and avenue Fairmount. When officers arrived, they found two people dead.

According to SPVM spokesperson Véronique Comtois, the individuals exhibited signs of violence.

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If you're reading this, you probably love brunch as much as I do — which means you know that, as great as it is to revisit Montreal's classic brunch spots weekend after weekend, sometimes you want to shake up your routine. That's where Barranco, a new Peruvian brunch spot in the Plateau–Mont-Royal, comes in.

Barranco just launched its brunch service on September 17 and, as the brunch lover I am, I was there two days later to try it. Between the $30 bottomless mimosa option, the good vibes and the Montreal-meets-Peru concept, anyone looking for something unique and delicious should add this place to their weekend brunch roster.

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Hot weather arriving in Montreal can only mean one thing: ice cream season is upon us. Seriously, there is no better summer activity than exploring the city with ice cream as your guide — checking Montreal ice cream spots off your summer bucket list as you go.

Here are 16 bucket list ice cream spots in the Montreal area that you have to try this summer!

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16 Tattoo Ideas Inspired By Montreal Artists, Based On Your Pandemic Personality Type

How else were you planning on commemorating this wild time?

Tatted-up Quebecers know that when it comes to new ink, the hardest question to answer is, "What should I get next?" With Montreal tattoo artists' waitlists overflowing due to COVID-19 delays, we know you want to book your post-lockdown tat ASAP. We're here to help.

Since tattoos are a reflection of your personality, why not use your pandemic personality to guide the tat that will commemorate this experience? Researcher Dr. Mimi E. Lam from the University of Bergen in Norway recently identified 16 'COVID-19 personality types' to explain how we've all dealt with the virus in our own unique ways — we took 'em and ran with 'em as inspiration. 

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