Best Montreal Restaurants To Cure The Munchies On 4/20

It's the... ummm... oh ya! Greatest day of the year!
Best Montreal Restaurants To Cure The Munchies On 4/20

Christmas, Diwali, Rosh Hashanah; every denomination/demographic has their holiday. Special days where they celebrate their respective culture, or simply party their faces off. Today, April 20, if you weren't aware, is one such day: 420, the Stoner holiday.

Why 420 (the twentieth day of the fourth month of the year, if you needed it spelled out for you) is designated as the world's day to appreciate all-things-cannabis, is something of a mystery (same goes for why 4:20pm is the time to smoke up). But that doesn't really matter anyway.

Regardless of the reason, scores of stoners will be celebrating cannabis culture today, with Montrealers in particular congregating at Mount Royal to collectively light up. And, as experience has shown us, the more people smoke up, the more the munchies attack.

From noobs to marijuana veterans, the munchies are a fact of stoner life, even though some people get them more intensely than others. Unfortunately, when you're stoned, the act of choosing where to eat gets all that much harder.

Well, weed smokers of Montreal, we've got you covered, with a list of restaurants that serve some of the finest stoner foods in the city. Happy 420 y'all and happy eating.

Joe's Panini

1404 Drummond

Lets start this list with a Montreal stoner-classic, the beloved 24hr eatery that is Joe's Panini. Always open to meet the needs of your munchies, Joe's specializes in panini (as the name suggests) but it is also equipped with everything else a half-baked Montrealer may need, from Gatorade to Oreos to Doritos. Of course, the panini are the stars of the show, and at only $5.50 each, they won't set you back much either (because you're definitely a little strapped for cash since buying that half ounce).



1206 Peel

Any Montreal stoner-food list needs to have some sort of shawarma place on it, and that spot is usually taken by Boustan, for good reason. But let me tell you about something on Shawarmaz's menu that Boustan's unfortunately lacks: the shawarma poutine.

Blending the best aspects of the shawarma and poutine together, the hot mess of deliciousness consists of garlic potatoes, cheese curds, chicken (or beef), and fried onions doused in Shawarmaz's special (and incredibly delicious) gravy. Screw a pita or plate, this is how you need to enjoy a shawarma today.


Burrito Shop

3686B St-Laurent

Few foods can quite meet the needs of a stoner's hunger quite like a burrito. A baby-sized pocket of flavour, burritos will fill you up and simply make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Unfortunately, as many Montrealers know, this city isn't exactly the best place for burritos, but we have a few spots that meet the demands of burrito-hungry citizens. And for stoners, Burrito Shop reigns supreme.

Low-key and unassuming, Burrito Shop boasts a laid-back vibe stoners will truly appreciate. Lacking any of the frills some other, trendier burrito places have (looking at your M4), Burrito Shop may not look pretty, but their burritos sure do. And truly, that's all that really matters.


Poutineville (But Not For Poutine)

1365 Ontario E + 1348 Beaubien E

Now, don't get it twisted here, I'm not suggesting you head to Poutineville on 420 to go order poutine. Not only would that be a bit redundant, but it's altogether uncreative. I mean, nothing against Poutineville's poutine, I just believe there are better poutineries in the city, and on a special stoner-day like today, you should be treating yourself to something a tad bit different. Case in point: the deep fried pickles at Poutineville.

Crispy, tangy, salty, and altogether delicious, fried pickles are the strangest stoner food you need in your life if you haven't tried yet. Of course, if you happen to become entranced by the poutine-fumes at Poutineville and order up some fries, curds, and gravy too, no judgment bro.


Ma Poule Mouillée

969 Rachel E

Think Romados, but a lot better, and you have Ma Poule Mouillée. I know, claiming a Portuguese chicken restaurant is better than the deified Romados sounds blasphemous, but it's true, Ma Poule Mouillée simply serves juicer, crispier, and more tender chicken. If you've yet to experience the taste-gasm that is Ma Poule's epic birds, then today is just the occasion.

If you need thoughts on what to order and you don't feel like a basic chicken plate (which again, is amazing) then I'd suggest Ma Poule's poutine. Combining Portuguese chicken and chorizo with crispy fries, fresh curds, and a succulent gravy, Ma Poule's gigantic poutine is even better than anything you'd get across the street at La Banquise.


Dirty Dogs

25 Mont Royal E

Only four words will convince you as to why you need to head to Dirty Dogs today, or any time you're a little stoned: The Mac & Cheese Poutine. Wait, maybe that's five words. Do ampersands count as a word? I dunno, it's 420 and I'm kinda high, so lets just forget about that minor detail and bask in the awesomeness that is Dirty Dogs' sinful creation.

Fusing two of the world's greatest comfort foods, namely mac 'n cheese and poutine, this Dirty Dogs menu item is truly more delicious than the sum of its parts. Some might say that the Le Mac & Cheese (as it is known on the Mont-Royal resto's menu) is too indulgent, and they're right, but that doesn't make the poutine any less amazing. Besides, calories don't count on 420, because science.

Oh, and Dirty Dogs' hot dogs are pretty good too, in case you're not feeling a poutine.


Miami Deli

3090 Sherbrooke E

There are a few reasons why Miami Deli is actually a stoner mecca. First, the Miami-style beach decor was definitely chosen by someone high on something (and I totally want some). Second, the restaurant is 24hrs, thus able to satiate your hunger any time, 4:20pm and beyond. Third, Miami Deli serves breakfast all day long, the unofficial stoner meal, mainly for the foods involved (cereal, bacon, pancakes, etc.) than the time. Fourth, the rest of the menu is incredibly varied, serving everything from Greek to Chinese dishes, thus allowing you to satisfy your many cravings.

Fifth, and lastly, Miami Deli makes some pretty dope pizza, an iconic stoner food if there ever was one. Using a dough-y, slightly sweet crust, Miami Deli's pizzas are as filling as they are tasty. And with over 20 varieties on the menu, your indecisive stoner mind is in for the best kind of struggle. Plus, Miami Deli totally delivers, allowing you to be totally couch-locked and enjoy a fine pizza, or anything else.

Be warned for all who want the seafood pizza, for while it may be delicious, the 'za is so rich that having even a second slice can be a disaster for your stomach.


La Diperie

68 des Pins

Fortunately for 420 2016 in Montreal, it's actually nice enough out to warrant a delicious frozen treat. For many, that means snacking on a Drumstick or Klondike outside. But for all those sensible enough to get something more delicious (or aren't so high they can't handle ordering something), you definitely need to head to La Diperie today.

Serving up soft serve ice cream (which, for some reason, is always the kind you want when stoned) in an entirely new way, La Diperie is like the Pimp My Ride of soft serve.

Order your size, thenr dip your cone in over 20 different kinds of coating (white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and more) followed up with a sprinkling of topping, and there are tons to choose from.

I know, all those options can be kind of daunting when you're kinda high, but it's not like you're going to make a bad decision when ice cream, chocolate, and candy is involved any way.


Freak Lunchbox

3680 Saint Laurent

As soon as you walk into Freak Lunchbox on Saint Laurent street, you'll feel like a kid in a candy store. Well, to be fair, that's probably because Freak Lunchbox is a candy store, but it's also so stoner-centric that it will bring about feelings of wonder and amazement you only experienced when you were a kid (or the last time you were hella high).

Decked out in vibrant colours with all-things-80s strewn about, Freak Lunchbox is super whimsical, which kind of ensures you won't feel out of place while you're wandering about with red eyes and a huge grin. But while the ambiance is something to behold, the vast array of candies you can find at Freak Lunchbox is the real reason to go.

You'll find every sort of sweet you could ever want (and some you didn't know existed) at the store, just make sure not to load up your bag of goodies too much, because it can be easy to keep on taking candies only to then get slapped with a bill larger than you really intended.


Half Baked At Bar Le Ritz PDB (With Pizza)

179 Jean-Talon W

After you've gorged and gorged (and smoked and smoked), why not end 420 with a classic stoner film at a chilled out bar? You can do exactly that at Bar Le Ritz PDB tonight, as the venue is hosting a screening of Half Baked in commemoration of this special holiday. Pizza will probably be ordered too, if/when the munchies strike again.

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