Best Montreal Restaurants To Eat Great Shrimp

The fruit of the sea.
Best Montreal Restaurants To Eat Great Shrimp

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Shrimp, when done right, is quite arguably one of the best types of seafood out there.


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Maestro S.V.P.

3615 Saint Laurent

If you're looking for multiple shrimp options all in one location, Maestro has got you covered. Their menu is riddled with different kinds of shrimp, in both appetizer and entrée form. They have a coconut sauce and horseradish marmalade shrimp, a garlic shrimp with Kenyan green bean risotto and almonds, and a spicy grilled shrimp with piri piri sauce and black garlic. But what you absolutely have to try is their Thai curry shrimp. It's made with vegetables, coconut milk, lemon grass, rice pilaf, and just a hint of ginger, which all leads to one thing: an amazing combination of flavours in your mouth, lighting up your tastebuds.


Comptoir 21

21 Saint Viateur O + 1117 Saint Catherine E + 4844 Wellington

If you weren't already a regular at Comptoir 21, you will be after trying their shrimp. This fish n chips eatery has taken shrimp and given it the fried treatment, and the results are amazing. They'll serve you up a perfectly crispy shrimp tempura, with your choice of fries, salad or poutine. You'll quickly find yourself asking for seconds.


Le Bremner

361 Saint Paul E

For an amazing southern-inspired shrimp dish, you'll need to head on over to Le Bremner in Old Port. They have cornbread with broiled garlic shrimp, served with an étouffée sauce and a spicy cognac butter on the cornbread. There's a mix of sweetness from the bread and spice from the sauce that really compliments each other. The bread itself is made perfectly - dense but not dry - which is just the way good cornbread should be.


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1862 Saint Catherine O

One of the most popular items at this Japanese restaurant is their Shrimp Burger, and food good reason. The shrimp are seasoned perfectly, the spicy mayo gives it a good kick, and the lettuce and rice cracker add in some nice texture. It's definitely a must-try.


Brit & Chips

433 Rue McGill

A British fish n chips place usually isn't the first place you would think of as serving a Tandoori style dish, but Brit & Chips does it, and they do it well. Their Tandoori Popcorn Shrimp, is crispy and has just the right amount of spices. The sad part is that it’s only a side dish, so you’ll most likely find yourself trying to savour it as long as you can.


Le Taj

2077 Stanley

Sat close to the McGill downtown campus, Le Taj is serving up an Indian shrimp dish that never fails to disappoint. They pat their shrimp with corn flour and then sauté it in fresh garlic, coriander, and black pepper. The result is a delicate blend of flavours that have been infused into the flawlessly cooked shrimp.


Chez Delmo

275 Notre Dame

When it comes to presentation, Chez Delmo has got that down pat. Not only is their shrimp cocktail super fresh and tasty, but the jumbo shrimp are served around the stem of an upside down martini glass, which, we've got to admit, looks pretty cool. They also have a shrimp gratin, made with Nantua sauce, rice pilaf, and vegetables, if you're looking for something a bit more savoury.



51 Rue Roy E

Easily one of the best things on the tex-mex menu at Icehouse is their popcorn shrimp. It's generously breaded, fried to perfection, and comes with a delicious sweet sauce that you can smother each bite in. You can order the popcorn shrimp to have by itself, or you can mix things up a bit and get it in a taco.


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Ferreira Cafe

1446 Peel

Ferreira Cafe is a Portugese seafood restaurant that has an amazing shrimp dish that can't be missed. It's made with jumbo shrimp that have been grilled in Senegal piri piri sauce. It's spicy, delicious, and will definitely keep you coming back for more.



5357 Parc

If you want to make your meal all about the shrimp, you can do it at Milos. They have a grilled shrimp appetizer, made with premium quality white gulf shrimp that have been grilled and aromatized with takrai to give it some spice. For a main plate you can get even more white gulf shrimp, but this time they're grilled and served with green salad and house dressing.


Gado Gado

1242 Mackay

If you've ever wanted to try Indonesian food, this family run restaurant is the way to go. On their menu they have Brengkes Udang, which is shrimp with red pepper purée and mangoes, which are then all wrapped in banana leaves and grilled. Super unique, and super delicious.


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