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Best Montreal Restaurants You Need To Go If You’re A #FatVegan

'Sir? You're not using enough vegan cheese on that pizza, sir.'
Best Montreal Restaurants You Need To Go If You’re A #FatVegan

Eating out vegan has never been easier, and since Montreal has among the best plant-based restaurants in North America, it is also more delicious than ever.

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And, as a proud #fatvegan, I give you my list of favourite restaurants when I feel like pigging out. Because, for me, everyday is rest and cheat day.

 L'Gros Luxe Végé

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3807 St-André

With VegNature's cheese and tater tots, their vegan poutine is simply the best. Add to that their fake pulled-pork burger and their mac'n'cheese and you have your next favorite restaurant.


Vegan Rapide

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6206 Sherbrooke Ouest

There's not many things that I love as much as Vegan Rapide's pizza with extra seitan and extra Daiya cheese. Solves every major life crisis.


Café Dei Campi

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1360 Rosemont

Just like Mindy Lahiri, gluten is my favorite food. I love donuts, pies, and cookies so inevitably, this little Italin café is my all-time favorite to get any kind of dough for a late brunch.


57 Cals

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1114 Curé-Labelle

I know, I know, it's not in Montreal, but bear with me, because it is totally worth it. You won't regret it when you'll find yourself eating the best vegan gyro and baklava of your entire life.


Aux Vivres

A photo posted by Aux Vivres (@auxvivres_) on

4631 St-Laurent

Montreal's most famous vegan restaurant needs no presentation. If you haven't yet ordered every item on the menu, I strongly encourage you to do so because everything is simply amazing.


Lola Rosa

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4581 Parc & 545 Milton

Offering the best burger I've ever had in my life as well as the best green curry, Lola Rosa is my go-to place when I crave any kind of comfort food.


Sophie Sucrée

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167 des Pins

I love dessert, so when I went vegan in 2013, this little vintage pastry shop immediately became one of my favorite spots to get cupcakes and brioches before a long walk on the Plateau.


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