Best Montreal Seafood Restaurants 2016

See this food and eat it.
Best Montreal Seafood Restaurants 2016

At this stage in the game, I'm pretty sure you all know how much I love seafood. Seriously. I don't necessarily have a favourite "type" of food - if it's amazing, I love it - but seafood comes pretty close. I'll order it any and every chance I get; and no, friends, I don't know why I'm so obsessed with these oceanic delights.

But it doesn't matter why, TBH. All that matters is that I love seafood - and if you're as obsessed with seafood as I am, then I have some awesome news for you. Montreal's seafood restaurant scene? Yeah, it's pretty much amazing. We have tons of awesome places to go get our seafood fix, and I've listed a few for you right here. Read on for Best Montreal Seafood Restaurants 2016.

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1. Notkins

1101 Rue de Bleury

For a seafood lover, this place is seriously paradise. First of all, Notkins gets major points for having a super trendy and fun atmosphere - it's honestly the perfect place to ge together with friends, or maybe for a fun date. Other than their awesome atmosphere, though, Notkins boasts a serious selection of fresh and tasty seafood. Some of their menu samples? Kale and oyster caesar salad, lobster hamburgers, and scallop crudo. Fans of seafood, you need to get yourselves here, ASAP.


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2. Ikanos

112 Rue McGill

This Greek/Mediterranean restaurant is, in a word, amazing. First of all, the decor? Yeah, the decor is absolutely gorgeous - it's classy and trendy, giving Ikanos a beautiful, hip, upscale vibe. And the food? Omg, the food. First of all, the seafood here is amazingly fresh - but other than that, everything is presented in a super unique way. For example, they don't just have scallops; they have scallops seared with a salsa made of apricot and capers - they have a red mullet dish, that also features prosciutto and red wine sauce. It's this twist on traditional seafood dishes makes Ikanos a sure stop for any fan of seafood in Montreal. Or, you know, for any fan of food in general.


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3. Lucille's Oyster Dive

5626 Av de Monkland

If you're looking for a trendy-yet-casual place to grab some amazing seafood, then stop the search. You've found your next fave. Lucille's has been pretty much synonymous with "awesome Montreal seafood" for a while now, and there is one very good reason for this. Their food is pretty much out of this world. Their oysters and PEI mussels are particularly amazing - tasty and so fresh that they basically melt in your mouth - but honestly, there's no going wrong at Lucille's. Everything tastes so good it'll have you shamelessly crying tears of pure joy. (Sidenote: Don't worry if you do weep the tears of someone who's just tasted the best food they've ever tried. No one will judge you for it.)


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4. Chez Delmo

275 Rue Notre-Dame O

Alright, who here loves lobster? Everyone? Did I hear everyone? Great. Because if you're a lover of lobster - and, honestly, who isn't? - then you're going to love Chez Delmo. This Old Montreal restaurant's menu is chalk full of lobster. They've got lobster rolls; lobster salad; Lobster Newberg, Lobster Thermidor, and a whole lot more. And although their lobster dishes are the star of the show, the rest of their seafood is consistently fresh, tasty, and all-around amazing, too - so don't be afraid to explore a little bit. No matter what you take, though, you're bound to have a delicious dish, and a new favourite restaurant.


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5. Ossiano

16977 Route Transcanadienne

The first thing you notice about Ossiano? How gorgeous it is. This West Island restaurant honestly cannot be described in any way other than 'impressive'; and although you might get that first impression due to their opulent decor, it's their food that really drives that point home. Their seafood is particularly amazing, with their tuna tartare being not just super fresh, but seasoned and prepared to perfection, so that it's bursting with flavours and textures that'll make you want to pretty much want to eat nothing else for the rest of your life. Until you try their other seafood dishes. I won't spoil it too much for you, as a night at Ossiano is truly a dining experience - but let me just say that their food is fresh, cooked to perfection, and all-around awesome. Get yourselves there ASAP, and thank me later.


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6. EAT

901 Rue du Square-Victoria

Alright, before I go any further, I need to tell you guys that this restaurant - located in the W Hotel - serves a "Lobster Benedictine" for brunch. Yes. You read that right. A lobster Benedict dish. Are we good? Do you need a minute? No? Okay, great, let's move on. EAT is a relatively new spot in Montreal, but has been making some serious waves for its classy-yet-trendy vibe and unique menu items (like the "Lobster Benedictine"). Their super varied extensive menu places emphasis on quality seafood with a modern twist; many of their amazing dishes are also made for sharing, so make sure you come in a group. (But honestly, if you come with, like, one other person and consume enough meant for four people, nobody will judge you for it).


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7. Ferreira

1446 Rue Peel

Friend, can we talk about the seafood rice casserole dish at Ferreira for a few seconds? Because honestly, this is probably one of the best things I've tried so far - the seafood is fresh and tasty, and goes beautifully with the savoury, yummy rice. Of course, don't worry if you're not a fan of rice, because Ferreira's menu is chalk-full of delicious seafood delights. Some examples? Lobster pappardelle with chourico (!!!), fried calamari (that surpasses my grandmother's own homemade ones, #SorryNonna), and grilled octopus. You need to get yourselves here for your next seafood feast; trust me.


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8. Milos

5357 Av du Parc

This Greek eatery is super popular among Montrealers, and that's mainly due to the fact that the food here is mouthwateringly amazing. First of all, the ingredients used to make Milos' amazing dishes? Yeah, only of the highest quality - so you know that whatever you're eating, it's going to be good, every single time. And trust me when I say that the food here is super, super amazing. Their menu features an extensive seafood list, including octopus, carabinieros, and a raw bar featuring tuna sashimi, which means that no matter what you're in the mood for, they've got something tasty for you at Milos.


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9. Le Filet

219, ave. Mont-Royal Ouest

Can we just take a minute to truly talk about how amazing Le Filet is? This Plateau eatery boasts a seriously upscale and intimate vibe, making it pretty much the perfect spot for a date, or for a little get-together. But although the place itself is fantastic, the seafood is truly the star of Le Filet. Featuring a focused yet varied menu, Le Filet essentially has something for everyone - and everything, from their tuna tartare with nori tempura, to their scampi risotto featuring mascarpone, is cooked to perfection, fresh, and oh-so delicious. All the yums? Yes, friends, all the yums.


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10. Maestro S.V.P.

3615 Boul St-Laurent

True talk, there's a lot of hype in Montreal surrounding Maestro S.V.P.'s oysters. And, friends, in the case, you've totally got to believe the hype. The oysters here are not only incredibly fresh, but they've got a huge variety of different oysters, oyster dishes, oyster ceviche... yeah, I think it's very safe to say that Maestro S.V.P. knows its oysters, and they do an amazing job at serving it up to us Montrealers. But if you're not feeling oysters? No worries. Maestro's menu includes extensive, delicious seafood options - such as platters, shrimp, and scallop, to name a few - which means that this spot's got your back, no matte what.


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