Best Shisha Bars In Montreal

Great places to puff puff pass.
Best Shisha Bars In Montreal

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Had a long day and need to relax? Shisha bars can be the perfect place to go, have some drinks and unwind. Usually, Shisha bars have relaxing music, low lighting and delicious drinks (teas, coffee and alcohol).

The idea is to relax! You can either enjoy your personal time or have good conversations with your friends. 

We have some great Shisha bars in Montreal, recognized by Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS)

Here's a list with the best ones. 

Café Gitana

Café Gitana is very rich in culture. With exotic gastronomy and the warmth of the Mediterranean, Café Gitana is capable of taking you directly to Turkey. The Balkan music in the background and traditional carpets gives the place an even more relaxing vibe. You will also see musical instruments and pictures hanging on the walls, which will make you feel transported in this fascinating region. 

→  2080 Rue Saint-Denis, QC H2X 3K7   (Map) 


Shahrazad is a nice place if you're looking to eat good food and smoke different flavoured shisha. Their casual ambience and late hours, specially during the weekend, is the perfect spot for young people who love Arab cuisine.

→  1242, rue Crescent, QC H3G 2A9 (Map) 

Café Hookah Lounge

Café Hookah Lounge has a cozy ambiance inside and also an outdoor patio seating. Spectacular area of Montreal to meet up with friends and listen to very peaceful invigorating music. Café Hookah Lounge has an unique shisha lounge environment.

→ 1699 St Denis, QC H2X 3K4 (Map) 

Toot Café

Toot Café has fantastic shisha flavors in your choice of either Nakhla or Fakher brand. The smoke is thick and lasts for hours. It's also a very good choice if you're feeling like eating good sandwiches. Although they dont serve alcohol, it's a very good spot to have milkshakes, soft-drinks and juices. Its relaxing ambience is worth giving a try. 

→ 1175 Rue Crescent, QC H3G 2B1 (Map)

Café Al-Dar

Café Al-Dar has a very relaxing ambience, with nice purple couch-benches and comfy chairs. They have very attractive prices, good service and different flavours for shisha. There's no alcohol on the menu. If you're looking for a place where you can eat large portions for a not expensive price, Café Al-Dar is the perfect spot for you. Nothing better than smoking good shisha while having a nice meal.

→ 1221 Mackay St., QC H3G 2H5‎ (Map)

Chez ZaZa

Chez ZaZa is one of the favourite places fo shisha lovers. Its 12$ for basically 4-6 coals makes it look even more attractive. With a very good price and relaxing ambience, Chez ZaZa is highly recommended when it comes to smoking exotic and modern flavours of shisha. They also serve good food and delicious, large teas.

→ 903 Boulevard Décarie, QC H4L 3M3‎ (Map)

Café Restaurant Jounieh

Café Restaurant Jounieh's ambience feels like as if you are eating in an Egyptian cafe while you are still in Montreal. They serve authentic Egyptian food, including delicious kochara and felafel. If you want an alcoholic beverage, it is available but the mint tea is excellent with lots of real mint leaves. The decor is very rustic, like the outdoor cafes in Cairo. Also, there's a whole variety of flavored tobaccos awaiting you! 

→ 595 Boulevard de la Côte-Vertu, QC H4L 1X8 (Map)

Café Sidi Bou

Café Sidi Bou is one of the Shisha bars you would like to go to. With a perfect Middle Eastern ambience and beautiful decoration, Café Sidi Bou will make you feel like you're a Sultan. Different shisha flavours are available.

→ 3583 Rue Jean-Talon Est, QC H2A 1X4 (Map)


Arabesque is a nice little Arabic cafe with a great atmosphere, good food and good shisha. A great place to hang out with friends and relax. This place can be a little more expensive than the other ones, but the shisha and food quality pays off. It's definitely worth checking out!

→ 1241 Rue Guy, QC H3H (Map)

Cigare Club Etcetera

Cigare Club Etcetera is a cool place for students and friends to relax and enjoy some good shisha. Its comfy ambience and good service will make you come back over and over again.

→ 4511 Rue Saint-Denis, QC H2J 2L3(Map)  

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