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Best Montreal Shisha Bars You Should Go To With Your Friends

You will have a 'smoking' good time.

It's summer break and it's time to chill out with your friends and enjoy Montreal. Well, instead of wondering how to relax and chill out, I suggest checking out some of Montreal's finest shisha/hookah bars! Going to a shisha bar is honestly a perfect way to to sit back and enjoy your friends company.

Most shisha bars offer great food, a fun ambience, and of course amazing hookahs! Not only is a shisha bar a great place to go out to with your friends it's also a great place to take a date and to get to know them. Smoking at a shisha bar is honestly a great way to either spend a Sunday night relaxing or to pre/post party on a Friday or Saturday night.

So sit back with your friends and enjoy a nice puff a shisha at one of Montreal's best shisha bars. I can assure you that you will all have a great time. Montreal offers great shisha bars so take time this summer and explore your options.

Go Smoke At E-Shisha Lounge For A Cool Friday

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2125 Rue Crescent

For some modern shisha smoking, with a hipster ambience, I suggest checking out E-Shisha Lounge. They offer nicotine-free, colt-free shisha, and the healthiest meals. It's a great place to go to on a Friday night for fun with friends. It's not too wild but it has a great bar ambience.


Go Smoke At Resto-Cafe Shahrazad For A Social Saturday

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1242 rue crescent

My personal favourite is Resto-Cafe Shahrazad. I strongly suggest Resto-Cafe Shahrazad for a Saturday night pre/post party. The music plays very loud and I love this but if you prefer a quieter night, then keep reading! Resto-Cafe Shahrazad is always filled with students and it gets packed on the weekend. They have games such as Backgammon and it's a great social place. It is supper fun to go to with friends this summer and it only cost 15$.


 Go Smoke At Orienthe Montreal For A Zen Sunday

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For a Zen Sunday after a wild weekend, I suggest checking out Orienthe Montreal. They have tea and shisha that comes from a Moroccan-style pillow lounge. They have calming music and great little finger food. It is the perfect place to chill out with your friends.


Go Smoke At Chez Zaza Montreal For A Cheap Night

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903 Boulevard Décarie

For 12$ shisha with 4-6 coals check out Chez ZaZa. It is a relaxing time with crazy exotic flavours and delightful dishes. They even have a nice little area outside where you can smoke under the stars!

Go Smoke At Café Restaurant Jounieh For Divine Cuisine

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215 Boulevard de la Côte-Vertu, Saint-Laurent

For an authentic Lebanese experience, I suggest checking out Café Restaurant Jounieh. They have superb dishes and great shisha. I highly recommend them for a date this summer or to chill out with your friends.


Go Smoke At Café Gitana For A Cute Date

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2080 Rue Saint-Denis, QC H2X 3K7

If you want to go on a cute date where you can drink and smoke a hookah, then I suggest going to Café Gitana. They have great drinks and fabulous shisha. It has a great ambience reflecting the Turkish culture perfectly. I guarantee that you will have a great chill time here with your date on a Friday night.


Go Smoke At Arabesque For Friday Fun

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1241 Rue Guy, Montréal

Arabesque is a perfect place to loaf out with your friend on a Friday night. This little Arabic Café serves great food and shisha in a perfect ambience for you and your friends this summer. They have great hookahs and even better flavours.


Go Smoke At Wyte For A Smoking Saturday

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378 Boulevard Curé-Labelle, Laval

If you want to go out for a crazy smoking Saturday resto/lounge with a date, then I suggest checking out Wyte. They have Middle Eastern cuisine and fine to dine shisha. You and your party crew will have a blast chatting, partying, and smoking.