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Best Montreal Skate Spots

Places to kick flip and grind all over the city.
Best Montreal Skate Spots

Photo cred - Vice

Montreal is full of some pretty fun architecture and (30+) public skate parks. MTLblog reached out to Montreal skating visionaries David Boots and Spoon-Bee Barry Walsh, as well as the folks at Raage Skateshop, for their take on some of the best spots.

In words I’ll plagiarize from Barry Walsh: the best skate spots are the ones that weren't meant for skateboarding in the first place! Natural terrain is where the real creative energy is!

Be careful though, or go at night. At crowded public spots cops often bust skateboarders.

If your favourite spot didn't make the list,  please get at us with your recommendations!

 The Big O

 Peace Park

 Parc Lafontaine

Project 45

 City Hall

Palais Justice

 Place Ville Marie

 Guy-Favreau Complexe

 Viger Ledge

 BYP Skatepark

For more Montreal skate spots, check out these resources.

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